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One fairly recent self-discovery I’ve made is that I have a tendency to be drawn to men with narcissistic personality traits, as many women tend to be.

And men are easily attracted to women with the same traits, or easily overlook them and not register certain traits as red flags.

(Those with such traits tend to be ‘larger than life‘, appear confident, are good storytellers, are histrionic, etc. All very attractive traits…at first.)

I want to start by saying this: in many of the books and articles I’ve read about narcissism, as well as extreme jealousy and related topics, I’ve found myself unsettled with the fact that many paint these conditions, and what the other spouse/ partner should do in response, with a broad stroke. In an ‘all or nothing’ type frame.

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Like with anything in life, there are different levels, or degrees of narcissism. Some forms are far more manageable, and treatable, than others.

For instance, I have known some men & women who seemingly fall in the narcissistic category, but when they’re studied closer, they’re actually just insecure and have an inferiority complex.

That occasionally presents itself with a jealous outburst and attempting to bring the attention and priority back to themselves, in an unconscious test to make sure they can.

Simply put, just as a child would, they test their spouse’s/ partner’s patience and love.

When Your Partner’s Narcissism Becomes a Problem

Then there are far, far worse cases. The cases where the narcissism is so extreme it enters into the classification of the individual being a sociopath:

-Unable to connect with anyone else’s emotions

-Possessing zero empathy for others, and

-Never being able to apologize or recognize their fault in anything.

And, of course, you have everything in between.

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When it comes to narcissism, this can be distinguished a little easier when you analyze the narcissistic personality traits (NPD traits) and then see how many you can safely say a person exhibits on a regular basis.

A Harsh Truth About YOU…

Now, for a little uncomfortable truth:

I think we all, at some points, exhibit some selfish/ narcissistic type behaviors.

Be it because we’re fighting for a promotion at work, or we’re just trying to gain ground in our personal relationships, sometimes we do certain things to help secure our position or strength that seem pretty damn selfish.

And, hey, it isn’t all bad to fight for what you want. I wouldn’t have the business I have today if I hadn’t fought for myself a lot along the way.

My concern is that with the increase of:

1) Entitlement syndrome

2) Instant gratification syndrome, and

3) People being raised to believe they’re perfect just for showing up,

We’re seeing an increase in narcissistic individuals and women/men who have feelings of inferiority when faced with ‘real world’ experiences they’ve never encountered.

Having said that, these tendencies (and narcissism) are something any woman (or man), of any age, can exhibit

How Narcissism Rears Its Ugly Head In Relationships

There is a substantial number of ways in which narcissistic traits can present themselves, as well as to what degree they have negative impact on a relationship, and occasionally in my articles I discuss those.

In fact, I wrote a recent article on the ‘sexual narcissist’ and the five ways it can show up in the bedroom, including the narcissistic partner withholding sex & being more prone to cheating.

For this article, I want to discuss the miraculous web of manipulation & confusion that a person with NPD traits can spin.

For me, looking back, one of the first things that registered to me each time I found myself with a man (or female friend) with NPD traits, was that I “wasn’t understanding” or I “didn’t know where they were coming from” in their opinion.

I would quickly find myself thinking, or telling someone, “they just can’t be reasoned with”…

How A Narcissist Nearly Ruined My Own Life

Let me use this personal example:

Back around 2004-2005, I met an artsy renaissance type man named Foley, who was classy, articulate, worldly, in great physical shape, dressed exceptionally well, sexually amorous, and had made his passions his work.

He was a well-known painter with a studio on his land where fellow artists (all women) came for instruction and to paint, daily.

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We enjoyed each other’s company, attended theater events together, had a shared interest in many genres of music, danced tango together, regularly enjoyed dinner at exceptional restaurants, and had what probably seemed like the perfect bond to most.

Early on, he expressed his desire for me to assist him with his business, help with the marketing of his studio and artwork in various galleries, and to build him a website, etc.

But, very quickly, something became extremely clear to me:

Foley placed his passions & business first.

It Doesn’t End There…

He spun magnificent webs, convincing himself why his clients, time, and work were more important than mine (keep in mind I was running my own developed, demanding business).

If I attempted to try and explain to him that I needed more time for my business (instead of running his errands and taking care of issues he didn’t want to take responsibility for), and that I needed to be investing my money into my business, not his, he accused me of not believing in him and would call me a fraud.

And this was a completely regular, normal event. Often he’d degrade my work, and then inform me that he “only” said whatever he had said because I didn’t support him in his business, no matter how many thousands of dollars, or hours of time, or compliments, I gave him.

Those with narcissistic tendencies are masters at making themselves the victim, as well as manipulating and spinning these complex webs, so you’re soon confused and bewildered, even questioning if you’re really the one at fault.

How To Screen a Woman For Narcissistic Personality Disorder

When dating and screening a potential partner, you want to see her level of being able to “reason” with you:

1) Is she overly sensitive to any self-perceived insult, or does she have an inability to accept constructive criticism? (Most often becoming extremely emotional and blaming you, or whoever, one way or the other.)

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2) Does she ignore your needs & accomplishments, or is she unappreciative of your ideas, suggestions or gifts? Is it all ‘me, me, me’ for her?

3) Is her work, friends, family, stories, etc., always a priority? (With Foley, he told longwinded stories of how intellectual his ancestors were and how well-to-do his family was, and even frequently told stories about the prestige & money his ex-wife’s family had, but on two occasions he referred to my relatives as “casserole-eating peasants”)

4) And do you often find yourself bewildered & confused, not knowing how what you said could have been misunderstood, or how it escalated into a fight, or how what you said could have made her so emotional or angry? Do simple conversations turn into rage-filled temper tantrums or even silent treatments?

Some Parting Words on Narcissists During a Divorce

 Narcissists become particularly shameless during a divorce. They accuse the other spouse of neglecting the children when the reverse is true. They hide their assets long before the formal divorce proceedings begin. And they lie about their net worth so they don’t have to part with alimony or child support.

Some narcissists, both male and female, abandon their families all together and start new lives with more attractive, adoring and compliant partners. Leaving the previous spouse and children in a state of financial and psychological chaos is of no consequence to them. Many narcissists repeat these egregious patterns of behavior throughout their lives without shame or regret.”

           -Linda Martinez-Lewi Ph.D.

 That’s why it’s so important to identify narcissists as quickly as possible: if you keep on thinking “it’s not that bad,” ignoring the warning signs, and otherwise trying to “make it work”…

Over the long haul, things will only become that much worse!

So if you can identify the warning signs I’ve provided early on, and move away from dating these narcissists and toward having solid relationships with healthier, more well-adjusted women, you’ll be far better off going forward.

Trust me, I know.

Just ask Foley.

How To Spot the Signs She’s Truly Interested In YOU…

There’s no denying that there are a lot of narcissistic women out there… and many of them are good at hiding it.

So when you see a woman you’re interested in…

How do you know if she’s a selfish narcissist, or if she’s a woman worth pursuing?

In my experience, it’s best to look for these 3 signs she’s truly interested in you.

Because if you see her do these 3 things around you, it means she has a TRUE desire to get to know you…

And that she’ll be eager to please you, in life and in bed…

Basically, it means that she’ll bend over backward to make you happy (and never the other way around).

But I won’t lie, these signs can be tough to spot…

And as this short, free guide will show you, there are a LOT more of these “interested women” out there than you may realize:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on January 24, 2021.]

What She REALLY Means When She Says She “Only Dates Tall Guys”

tips for short guys

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A lot of guys–my clients, and even guys who just ask me a couple questions in a seminar or out in a bar or lounge–feel that it’s easier for women than men.

“Women are the choosers,” they tell me. Guys have to work at it, while women can just say yes (or stop saying no) to one of the endless offers they’re getting.

A lot of guys feel, for example, that women prefer a taller guy. If you’re 5’5″ or below, that’s a hard stop in your mind. You can’t just be taller, can you?

But what if it doesn’t matter?

Contrary to what most guys today believe… what if a tall guy isn’t really what she wants?

What if YOU are the real chooser?

Why Her Height Preference Isn’t As Real As You Probably Think…

Let’s start by saying that it’s totally true.

If there’s a guy with your personality, masculinity and familiarity with her–in other words she knows him as well or as little as she does you–then yes, taller you is better than shorter you.

Of course, this is only true up to a certain point, which is about 6’ 3” or 6’ 4” for most women.

But it’s not real.

What she thinks of as a preference for a certain height is not as real as she thinks.

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And it’s not as real as you think, either.

Every woman is specific. So every time you think you know what they do as women or why they do what they do as a group… you are probably mistaken.

Liking height is no different.

Find out–for the specific woman you are talking to–what she likes and why.

If the answer sounds like a physical trait, you are probably not listening. Almost certainly, what she likes about height–or anything else–is usually some feeling that it gives her.

Here’s An Example From My Personal Life…

For my tall female friend, for example, a delicate self-esteem means that she feels like if she’s with a guy less than 6’2”, she looks gigantic.

Once you know the feeling she achieves with the trait she’s looking for, you can focus on helping her achieve that feeling while being with you.

For my female friend, one of her best relationships was with a guy who was about her same height.

And that’s because he managed to produce the right feelings despite not fitting the criteria.

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This is always the solution to the impossibles–whether they are looks, height, money, a house by the beach, or a full head of hair.

These types of physical things are never the actually desired thing.

They are rather means goals. They’re the means to an end. There’s a feeling that this physical thing gives her, and that’s the end goal.

How do you let your chubby body, thinning hair, small stature and gaping bank account produce the end goals that she really desires?

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Eventually, your self-acceptance and confidence will many times do the work for you.

Until then, though, let’s give you a plan of action.

What do you say to turn your shortcomings into her desires?

Well, first of all, that’s not what it is.

There’s no magic bullet, and to put it even more accurately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution at this end of the problem.

What do I mean?

I mean that at the beginning, all you know is that she likes height, or money or hair, or whatever.

What you need to know, before you can hope to insert yourself into her fantasy, is why?

How can you find out?

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It’s not as hard as you might think. Often, asking her is enough.

“Oh I love him … because he’s so tall and good-looking!”

“You like a tall guy! Why? What is it about tall guys that you like so much?”

Sometimes, she will just give you an answer that explains everything.

“What do you mean? I feel so protected and safe when those broad shoulders are around me!”

“Ah.. so you like the protected, safe feeling that a tall guy can give you.”

There are a few things that confirmation phrase does for you.


It Doesn’t End There…

First, you are testing the value of her feeling words.

If you remember my conversation on looking for what lights her up, hopefully you have become better and better at paying attention.

Sometimes words will give it to you, and sometimes a direct question will elicit it.

But more often than not, the information comes unexpectedly in response to the conversation you’re having.

And usually the best–and sometimes only–way to find it is by watching her expressions and body language.

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If there’s anything you and a dog or horse and a child and pretty much every human being can usually decipher pretty accurately… it’s when a person is excited, lit up, pleased as punch… positive.

Sometimes you don’t know what did it, but you usually know when she is in that zone.

Her eyes, or smile or posture or movement will usually give it away.

But rather than trying to develop a one-size-fits-all signal, if you just pay attention to people you’ll discover that it’s pretty easy to read and usually difficult to miss.

For each unique person, there’s a “yes,” “no,” and, “maybe” response.

And while you may not know a woman’s individual language, you can usually tell her 3 responses apart.

So what?

So, when you confirm:

“Ah.. so you like the protected, safe feeling that a tall guy can give you.”

You are watching and listening for “yes,” “no,” and, “maybe.”

You are checking to see if she lights up right now when you say those words.

Because when she lights up, that’s your chance to change her mind… and get her in bed.

Here’s how:

tips for short guys

Here’s How to Change Her Mind About You…

Like I said, if you want to get her attracted to you, you need to “dig deeper.”

And by that I mean… ask questions!

Women love talking about themselves after all haha

You might find some roadblocks while trying to dig, women might feel hesitant to tell you why they’re attracted to the kinds of men they’re attracted to…

But that’s OK….

Because there are simple body language tricks you can use to make women easily open up, and tell you every detail about their lives… that you’re interested in.

And the best part is, once you know what she wants… you can use your body language, tonality, facial expressions, and other non-verbal signals to fully change her mind about you… so that she feels you’re the exact type of guy she’s looking for.

(Pro tip: This can make a woman VERY eager to spend time with you, so don’t be surprised if she asks to hang out with you somewhere more private… where things can potentially get sexual)

It’s the perfect way to get women who tell you you’re “not her type”…

And women you might have once thought were “out of your league”:

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How to Get Wet & Wild & Enjoy Every Minute

shower sex
This is an easy way to make a shower fantasy a reality…

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February might be known to many as the month of love, thanks to the fame (and pressure) of Valentine’s Day, but there’s another frisky holiday we think you’ll enjoy: National Shower with a Friend Day.

That’s right, there’s actually a holiday solely dedicated to getting naked and hopping in the shower with someone.

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National Shower with a Friend Day is a real holiday that takes place every year on February 5th.

This amazing holiday is the perfect excuse to sneak in a shower with a friend you’ve been crushing on or to finally take the plunge and explore shower sex with someone special.

To help you prepare for this epic event, we’ll explain the history of this monumental holiday, dive into some of the best benefits of showering with a friend, and walk you through how to have amazing shower sex.

What’s The History Of National Shower with a Friend Day?

Winter can be a pretty long, lonely season. Most of us just want to find someone to help keep us warm.

That’s why this funny and frisky holiday gives everyone – single or committed – something to look forward to:

A warm shower with a friend.

This holiday was established four years ago in 2014, by New Wave Enviro, who encouraged consumers to take showers with their new shower water filtration system.

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This resulted in enstating this quirky holiday encouraging everyone to take more showers together.

Even though the holiday might sound hilarious (and it is), you’ll definitely want to use it to your advantage.

8 Surprising Benefits of Showering Together

Showering might seem like it works better as a solo act, but there are a surprising number of reasons to give it a try with someone else.

If you need a reason to shower with someone (or maybe just some foolproof facts to convince them it’s a good idea), we’ve got plenty.

Here are 8 awesome benefits to showering with someone else.

1) Conserves Water

This is a great way to convince an eco-conscious woman to enjoy a shower with you. Saving water is one of the simplest ways to help the environment.

It’s also a good way to make sure you both get to take a hot shower, before the hot water runs out.

2) Enhances Intimacy

There’s nothing more intimate that showering with someone you love (or lust). The act itself is exciting and thrilling, and can be great for your sex life.

When you shower together, it’s impossible to hide from your partner, making your bond even stronger. Starting the day naked in the shower together can be an intense bonding strategy that will have you thinking about each other all day long.

3) It Will Make Her More Comfortable Being Naked Around You

When you’re in the shower together, you can’t hide. Showering with your partner helps you become more relaxed in your own skin and will make you less self-conscious when you’re naked around your partner.

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To help her get relaxed, offer her plenty of compliments, not just with your mouth, but also with your hands…

4) Makes Cleaning Faster (& Easier)

Four hands are better than two, right? Showering together can make cleaning faster and easier for both of you.

It also allows your partner to clean hard to reach places (and any other places you might want help sudsing up…)

5) Fantastic Foreplay

Touching one another in the shower is extremely sensual and makes for incredible foreplay. If you don’t actually end up having sex in the shower, she’ll likely be ready to go by the time your shower ends.

To really make this benefit work in your favor, be sure to sud her up and give her a deep massage to help relax her, while encouraging touching her.

6) Makes Date Night Easy

Don’t worry about spending hundreds on the perfect date night – it’s all waiting for you in your bathroom. This is especially helpful for busy couples who want to spend the night just relaxing together, but also want to make sure their date nights are special.

Light some candles and turn on sensual music for the perfect date night in the most intimate of settings.

7) Leads To Great Conversations

When you’re naked in front of someone and can’t hide, it’s easier to be honest about pretty much anything. Even if you feel nervous, you’ll generally find yourself revealing more about yourself than you would if you were clothed.

Shower conversations can be pretty great, including revealing crazy secrets or unleashing sexual fantasies.

8) Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Are you stuck in a dull routine when it comes to sex? Showering together is an easy way to get out of your rut without doing anything too extreme.

Shower sex is also a pretty convenient and low stakes way to spice up your sex life, one that she’ll likely love exploring with you.

Is Shower Sex Really Worth The Effort?

With so many concerns and anxieties over shower sex, you might be wondering why so many people get turned on just by the very idea of it.

The reasons all vary, but here are just a few benefits many people feel shower sex offers:

  • The naughty pleasure of getting “dirty” in a place where you normally get clean…
  • The hot experience of watching your partner get all soapy and wet while completely naked…
  • A new place to experiment and try something new with your significant other…
  • An awesome and sexy way to minimize messiness if you two like to have sex while she’s on her period…
  • A fantastic way to get it on and still feel fresh and clean afterward…

Ready to learn the secrets of great shower sex? Here are some expert tips and tricks to finally get it right.

Shower Sex: How To Get Wet & Wild & Enjoy Every Minute
Use these stellar sex moves in the shower for MAX pleasure…

Preparing For Shower Sex: 5 Crucial Keys

This isn’t the sexiest part about shower sex, but understanding the basics is really important for the ultimate hot and steamy session.


First of all, shower sex can be dangerous. Things are slipping and sliding, and if water or soap gets in your eyes, there’s potential for disaster.

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On top of that, sex in the shower is something most people don’t do on a regular basis.

And like anything you don’t do on a regular basis, practice is essential.

So with that in mind, here are 5 important keys to keep in mind before you have sex in the shower:

1) Don’t Use A Condom (Seriously)

Many people don’t realize that condoms and water aren’t a great combination.

In fact, condoms can degrade when they are immersed in water, making that method of birth control pretty pointless.

Not only are condoms prone to falling apart in the shower — they also tend to slip off, which can be pretty dangerous.

So instead of a condom, try using a different means of birth control or STI prevention ahead of time.

2) Lube Is A Must

A lot of guys think shower sex is perfect because it’s an easy way to ensure their girl is wet the entire time.

However, the problem is that water will actually dry out a woman’s natural vaginal lubrication, which can make shower sex not so fun for her.

This is easily solved if you come prepared with a bottle of silicone-based lube to keep her ready to go. Silicone-based lube lasts for a fairly long time when exposed to water, whereas water-based lube will quickly wash away.

We reached out to sex expert Simone Paget, who also added:

Silicone-based lubricants are not only water resistant – they also last longer because they don’t absorb into the skin.”

Using lube will also often make reaching orgasm more likely for her. Especially if you touch her like this.

3) Keep It Safe

Shower sex can be slippery and scary if you don’t prep your shower first.

You’ll want to look for solid handles or bars to hold on to (if needed), such as the shower curtain rod or built-in handles or rods.

Test them out to make sure they’re sturdy before leaning on them with the weight of two people.

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You should also make sure you at least have a bath mat laid down on the tub floor to prevent slipping and sliding.

If you don’t have sturdy grips in your shower, Simone recommends investing in some safe shower grips like these.

Not only are they affordable (and easy to install!), they’ll also provide the extra grip and traction you need in the shower.

4) Buy Water-Resistant Sex Toys

If the two of you love incorporating toys in the bedroom, then make your shower sessions even steamier by adding in some sex toys.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that the toys are waterproof and safe.

And definitely use lube if you’re going to be adding toys into the mix.

In the case of shower sex, it’s also best to keep it small and simple — a clitoral vibrator would work well, for example.

No need to bust out a giant dildo, or something that could slip and fall. This will prevent tripping and the potential for more mess.

5) Prep The Room

Sex in the shower won’t be much fun if either of you is freezing — so make sure your heat is turned up.


Even if the water is nice and steamy, chances are you won’t both be under it at the same time.

Ensuring the air is also warm will keep both of you in the moment, rather than wishing you could wrap yourself in a towel.

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Aside from warming things up, you also want to set the tone.

Whether you’re hoping to surprise her with shower sex or your session is planned, you’ll want to make your bathroom look more sensual than usual.

Set the mood by lighting a few candles and dimming the lights (don’t turn them off — you’ll need to see inside of the shower).

You could also play some hot music to really set a sexy tone.

How To Get Down to Business & Rock Her World Without Getting Hurt

Once you have all the prep work covered, it’s time to get started.

Working up to sex in the shower can be a little different than sex in a bed, so there are a few more things you should keep in mind.

Before you start having sex in the shower, it’s important to work in some foreplay.

So what kind of foreplay should you use before shower sex?

Is it the same as before regular sex?

Here’s what you need to know (and check this out if you want to know more about the kinky foreplay she secretly craves):

1) Get Soapy to Make Her Feel Sexy

You might not think that washing the woman you’re with sounds particularly sexy…

But getting her all lathered up and soapy while you explore her body with your hands can be the ultimate turn-on.

Washing her hair can also help her relax and unwind.

Most guys find it more arousing to have their partner step inside the shower first, so let her in and you can follow. That way, you get to watch her get all hot and wet, and then you can join her. 🙂

2) Have A Plan

You’re likely going to have to play around with different moves to find one that best suits your individual heights.

We’ll get into some of the best sex positions for the shower in a bit, but first, think about the logistics. Things like:

Where you should be standing…

What to hold on to…

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And a safe place to put your feet and hands.

Here’s a pro tip: Don’t ever rest either of your feet on the edge of the bathtub.

It’s a recipe for disaster and is completely unsafe.

Similarly, if a rod or handle does not feel sturdy, don’t grab on to it.

Which brings me to my next point…

3) Tub Sex Is Also OK

When you’re trying to figure out the best positions for shower sex, you might find that your bodies simply aren’t lining up correctly.

That’s OK! Maybe the height difference between you two is too large, or the angles just aren’t feeling right.

Perhaps you almost slipped, and you’re concerned about safety.

So if you’re into it, try sex in the shower by actually sitting down in the tub.

It might not feel like the shower sex you dreamed of, but it will still give you both a new and exciting sexual experience together.

4) Don’t Focus on the Finish Line

Sex in the shower can be a very situational experience.

One time it might be great, and the next, it might feel forced or awkward.

Maybe the water starts to get too cold, or you lose momentum halfway through, for example. (Worried about losing momentum? Try this cool little trick.)

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with using shower sex as an awesome opportunity for foreplay… and then you can continue your romp outside of the shower.

If you feel like you aren’t going to finish, get her all hot and bothered, and then take matters into the bedroom where you can fully enjoy the experience.

5) Don’t Give Up

While it’s OK if you don’t finish, you also shouldn’t give up after 30 seconds.

If you aren’t finding an angle that works well for both of you, just change up the plan.

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For example, oral sex in the shower can be extremely hot and intense — and a lot of fun, too.

Try investing in a cushy bathmat so you can both get the most out of this experience.

From there, it’s time to think about which positions are going to work best for you once you do start having sex.

Shower Sex: How To Get Wet & Wild & Enjoy Every Minute
These positions will make her O hard & fast, without any risk of slippage…

8 Positions Every Guy Should Try in the Shower

Just like in the bedroom, some positions are going to work better than others in the shower.

Some couples might love standing shower sex…

While others might get more out of sitting down…

And others might enjoy different types of sex or masturbation to spice up their shower sex session.

No matter what position you love doing most in bed, there are a few key moves in the shower that will work for almost anyone.

Check out these 8 incredible sex positions that are perfect for shower sex — even if you’ve never tried it before.

1) Doggie Style

This classic shower sex position is pretty basic, but there’s something even more primal and hot about doing it in the shower.

For the best success, have her bend over and hold onto a handle, the shower knobs, or even get down on all fours if that’s more comfortable, and enter her from behind.

You might need to adjust the water a bit so it isn’t splashing in either of your faces while you’re going at it.

Be sure to also hold on to her hips — not just because it’s sexy, but also to help steady her and prevent her from slipping and falling on the ground.

2) Standing Room Only

If you find you two are the perfect height for having sex standing up, then you’re going to love this position.

Have her hold onto a rail, shower door, or grip while standing and enter her from behind.

This is not only hot because you’re pressed against her, but she’s also pressed between you and the wall (or shower door), making the session even more intense.

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If you have plenty of lube and she’s willing, this could even be a great position for trying out anal.

If the height differences are too great, you can still enjoy this move while using your hand to turn her on and rubbing up against her from behind for maximum pleasure.

3) Wet and Wild

If you have a detachable or hand-held shower head (and if you want to wow her, you should invest in one), let your woman hold it and press it up against her clitoris while you enter her from behind.

It can be a little more difficult — even with lube — for some women to reach orgasm in the shower.

But if you have a showerhead offering her pleasant vibrations while you pump away from behind, this move is sure to have her begging for shower sex more often.

4) The Leg Grabber

This position allows the two of you to face each other, though it might require a little bit of practice.

You want her to be pushed up against the wall or shower door, holding onto a rail or grip (as needed) for balance.

Lift one of her legs and bend it while you enter from the front.

Depending on your height, you might need to bend down first to gain entry…

But once you figure out the logistics, this move is a great way to enjoy the closeness of each other’s bodies without worrying too much about slipping.

5) Sit and Squat

To successfully pull off this move, you’ll need to be sitting on the edge of the tub.with your feet in the tub and hands holding onto a firm grip).

Put your feet in the tub and use your hands to hold on with a firm grip.with your feet in the tub and hands holding onto a firm grip).

Have her lower herself on top of you, with her back facing your body, so she’s more or less squatting down on you.

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She’ll also need at least one thing to hold onto, and a shower mat under her feet doesn’t hurt either.

From there, she can enjoy controlling the movements to help both of you reach orgasm together.

Pro tip: Use your free hand to manually stimulate her as she wiggles and squats.

6) Up Close and Personal

This position allows you to better explore each other’s bodies without worrying about the complicated logistics of figuring out who should stand where.

Try facing her or stand with her back to your front, so you can reach around and get her off using only your fingers.

Using your hands to try to bring each other to the brink is a great alternative for couples who can’t find a comfortable or safe way to engage in shower sex — and it’s still totally hot.

Not only will both of you revel in figuring out new ways to turn each other on…

You’ll also learn a lot more about what kinds of subtle movements can really trigger an intense reaction. Like this move, for example — it drives most women wild.

You can also indulge in pleasuring one another while in the shower and easily move to round two into the bedroom (or somewhere else in the house). 😉

7) Down and Dirty

If it’s just  not working while standing up, or if the two of you need a little break, try this:

Sit down on the floor of the tub and have her straddle your lap, facing you, for an intense girl-on-top move.

This position gives her full control over the pace, while also offering you an incredible view.

It’s also a lot safer to do this since you’re able to sit down. Plus, the water offers a change of environment, which always makes sex hotter.

8) On Your Knees

We mentioned earlier that oral sex can be really hot in the shower, and here’s why.

Oral sex is often seen as a “dirtier” form of sex since your mouth is in direct contact with a sexual organ.

Although many couples love having oral sex, some people aren’t as into it or are hesitant about going down on their partners.

Many times, this issue ties back to their thoughts of genitals as “dirty.”

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That’s what makes oral sex in the shower so perfect.

She’ll be able to clean you off or go down on you, knowing that you’re completely clean — and for some women, this is a huge turn-on.

You could even take turns going down on each other.

When it’s her turn for pleasure, have her bend over in front of you, so you can go at it from behind.

And when it’s your turn, have her kneel in front of you (make sure the water isn’t in her eyes) and allow both her tongue and the water pressure to work their magic.

Shower Sex: How To Get Wet & Wild & Enjoy Every Minute
Use these sexy techniques in the shower for increased pleasure…

3 Easy Ways to Spice Up Shower Sex

Do you already feel comfortable having shower sex?

Or maybe you’re just looking for a slightly wilder time in the water?

Either way, there are a definitely a few tricks you can try to step up your shower sex game.

So with that in mind, here are three of the easiest ways for you to spice up shower sex and keep things hot & steamy:

1) Edible Shower Gels

The only thing hotter than eyeing your partner’s slick, wet, naked body in the shower is touching and licking every inch of her.

Edible shower gels are an incredible way to help the woman you’re with get clean while also indulging in a little extra fun.

Try rubbing the gel around some of your favorite spots on your woman:

Her hips…

Her butt…



You get the idea.

From there, tease her as you lick it off of her. She’ll love it — trust me.

Edible gels can also be great for oral sex, although you should always check the produce label to make sure it’s OK to use on sensitive areas.

2) Add Toys to the Mix

Like I mentioned earlier, incorporating sex toys is a great way to really add a new layer of kink into shower sex.

While you likely can’t use toys you already have (unless they’re waterproof), you can find a variety of usable toys online or in local sex stores.

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Remember, you should also only use toys that pair well with silicone-based lube (silicone-based lube can damage some sex toys).

Of course, toys that work well in the shower aren’t limited to traditional vibrators (though these can still be fun!).

Try looking for vibrating sponges and other naughty toys online.

3) Roleplay

Just like when you’re in bed, sex in the shower can be an incredible place to incorporate roleplay.

Perhaps you sneak in on her mid-shower and set the scene from there.

This is a safe, yet super hot way to add some extra spark to the shower sex without increasing the risk of slipping or falling.

You could also try indulging one of her dirty, dark fantasies — like this one, for example.

What If You Just Aren’t “Feeling It”?

Shower sex can be awesome — there’s no denying that.

But at the end of the day, you’re only human. Maybe you had mindblowing shower sex one night, but on another night it’s just not happening.

The water might get too cold or hit one of you at the wrong angle, for example.

TRENDING: 3 Secret “Touch Tricks” That Get Hot Girls Soaking Wet, Naked & On Top of You In Bed!

Or maybe the candles you lit don’t provide enough lighting, and you find yourself fumbling around too much to find a workable position.

So if shower sex isn’t working out, should you give up?

Yes and no.

If it’s not working in the shower, then it’s perfectly fine to step out and take things back to the bedroom — but before you give up, there’s one more special move you should try.

Here’s how it works:

Shower Sex: How To Get Wet & Wild & Enjoy Every Minute
Use this technique to give her an earth shattering orgasm…

Once Things Are Getting Hot & Steamy–How to Take Her Over the Edge…

Have you heard of a woman’s “Deep Spot”?

It’s this small, pea-sized area that’s kiiiinda close to the G-Spot… but it’s actually a lot more sensitive… and it’s really easy to hit during shower sex too.

Just have her lean against the wall while you bend her over… and then penetrate her like this

And usually, after a few minutes (like 5-7 for me lol)… it builds up into an explosive, very X-rated release.

Check out this video to see how to do it–you’re gonna love this (and so will she):

How To Penetrate Her “Deep Spot” & Give Her a Mindblowing Orgasm…

The Bizarre Kinky “Sex” Act That She Might Secretly Want To Try…

kinky sex ideas
These are the best kinky sex moves to try out…

This may shock you a little… but the kinky sex act in question has nothing to do with touching your partner.

Quite the opposite, in fact:

It’s all about touching yourself, while your partner is present.

A poll of over 2,000 people conducted by TENGA (a company that sells sex toys) found that–of the people currently in relationships–a whopping 51% had masturbated with their partner present.

Masturbation is commonly thought of as something you do alone, in private… and in fact, many guys assume their partners prefer if they don’t masturbate with them around.

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So what exactly is going on, and what does it mean?

Well, before I jump into that, let’s dive a little deeper into the numbers.

Of those who had masturbated in front of their partner, 68% said that having their partner watch was “extremely pleasurable.”

On top of that, more than 10% of all people polled said they had touched themselves while talking on the phone or over Skype. So it seems like there are quite a few of us sharing in the solo action.

But why would a woman agree to masturbate in front of you–or watch you masturbate in front of her–in the first place?

3 Sexy Reasons She Might Be Down to Masturbate in Front Of You…

There are a lot of reasons why the woman you’re with might want to masturbate in front of you–and not all of them are obvious.

Other than fulfilling the classic “voyeur” fetish, which may be more of a niche desire than what this study is getting at, there are three key reasons why she might be interested in going solo while you’re watching.

Here’s what they are:

1) She Can Show You What She Likes

The most obvious reason she might want to–or at least be willing to experiment with–touching herself in front of you is so she can show you exactly what she likes.

Because the truth is, even if you’re a “sex god,” and can give her the kind of pleasure most men only dream about… chances are you aren’t going to push her buttons as well as she can push her own.

So this could give her the opportunity to show you how she likes to start building up her physical pleasure… exactly how she wants you to escalate (like, for example, if she prefers more clitoral or vaginal manual stimulation)… and what she likes when she’s on the brink of orgasm.

For a lot of women, speaking up about how they like to be touched can be a point of stress. And that causes a lot of women to be quiet about what they want. As a result, she may not be getting the pleasure she needs to enjoy sex with you.

This gives her an easy, low-pressure, and super-hot solution.

2) It Puts Her In Control (AKA Makes Her Feel Hot)

On top of being able to show you what she likes, the experience of having you watch her without being able to touch her will also give her a new sense of control.

And for a lot of women, this is extremely sexy.


Well, it’s all about the dominant-submissive relationship.

Most women are used to the man taking “control” in the bedroom… which can be really hot! But at times, it can also feel boring.

By allowing her to give herself this kind of pleasure in front of you, without you being able to experience it beyond the visual, she is effectively “teasing” you.

Watching you watch her may, depending on your reaction, cause her to feel her more desired… and that will turn her on more than just about anything else. Trust me.

3) It’s an Easy Way to Spice Things Up

Finally, a woman might be down to touch herself in front of you simply because she hasn’t tried it before.

Most people hear the word “sex,” and instantly think penetration–this presents a new way to experience sex that’s both completely novel and also stimulating.

3 SEXY PORNSTARS REVEAL: This Doesn’t Matter During Sex… But THIS Does!”

“How is it stimulating if I’m just supposed to sit there and watch her?” You may be wondering…

But think about this:

Watching her touch herself in front of you is basically like a free porno–and is probably a lot higher-quality than most of the stuff you’ll find online anyway.

Not to mention, it’s also a great way to ease into even more hardcore kinks, like roleplay, and other BDSM techniques.

Speaking of which…

If you like the idea of this kind of kinky sex… and you’d like to ease into it with the next woman you take home… then you’ve gotta check this out ;-):

Shower Sex: How To Get Wet & Wild & Enjoy Every Minute
Discover the kinky sex move that women are addicted to in bed…

Her #1 Kinky Fantasy (68% of Women Secretly CRAVE This)…

A recent study discovered that over half of women have a dirty little secret….

It’s a naughty sexual fantasy, about what we wish you’d do to us in bed (but are often too afraid to ask for). 😉

That’s right… most women are laying in bed at night… feeling sexually unsatisfied… touching themselves to the thought of a man who REALLY knows how to unleash our “wild side”…

Because the truth is, most guys are too “gentle” with us during sex… which is fine sometimes (like on Valentine’s Day)… however…

A lotta the time, we crave something else entirely… and the guys who can satisfy our secret sexual craving?

They’re the guys we keep coming back to for more… and more…. And *OMG* I’m getting kinda turned on just thinking about it right now lol…

Anyway, I might have to run off to the bathroom for some *alone time* if I keep writing about it ;-)… but this video will show you how to indulge our naughtiest sexual fantasy:

Discover Her #1 Kinky Fantasy & How to Unleash It With the Woman You Want…

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on January 22, 2021.]

5 Ways You Can Be a Better Partner

Relationships are tough, they’re not easy. It definitely takes two to tango, and constant overnight work, to make sure that your relationship with your loved one is working and firing on all cylinders. This is why you will find constant content and material for people who struggle in relationships, that they can read and enlighten themselves about. Books on love or even love quotes all catered to help a struggling lover in their pursuit for an lust and lasting relationship. But those who do often struggle with being able to maintain a powerful and healthy relationship. Which is why you’ve struggled with relationships in the past, this article will show you how you can best avoid any more struggles in the future. Here are 5 ways you can be a better partner. 

#5 – Be Affectionate 

You want to be as affectionate as you can be with your partner. Don’t just dismiss every problem of theirs as them being childish or overbearing. Try to understand where they are coming from. Also, try to solve their problems along with them, and not just impose solutions on to them. Being affectionate will show your partner that you really care about them.

#4 – Be Romantic 

Romance never dies, the person does. Romance is always alive and well, yet it’s the person that refuses to exercise his or her romantic side. As a partner, you want to constantly surprise your partner with a sudden act of romance. Send roses to their work, or take them out to their favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner. There are plenty of ways to be romantic, you should have to decide to do so. 

#3 – Always Communicate With Your Partner 

Keeping healthy and open lines of communication with your partner is key to maintaining a solid and positive relationship with them. Always talk to your partner about what’s bothering you or what’s bothering them. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings with your partner, and expect the same level of communication and even criticism from them. It’s only through constant exchanges of communication and dialogue that your relationship will continue to grow and become stronger and better. Without communication, you risk the entirety of your relationship, so that’s why having that healthy level of communication should be your number one focus. And if you find your partner not being communicative with you, encourage them to do so.

#2 – Keep The Sex Life Exciting 

Relationships aren’t only about emotion and feelings, there are also physical desires and needs to cater to. It is your job as one half of the relationship, to make sure that the level of excitement and attraction is alive and well. Always try to spice up your relationship and opt for the sudden acts of love and affection instead of the regularly scheduled ones. Having a thriving and exciting sex life will only reflect positively on the relationship and make you both happier in the present and in the future.

#1 – Be The Best Version of Yourself 

At the end of the day, who you are as a person is not separate from who you as part of a relationship. That’s why if you truly want to be a better partner, you have to be the best version of yourself as you can be. Work on bettering yourself, before you better yourself as a partner. Be the best version of yourself, the rest of the positives will follow.

Do Pheromones Really Work? | Loveawake.com blog

Pheromone is a Greek word that means transmit and to excite or stimulate. Although pheromones don’t necessarily have a distinctive aroma, they play a very important role in animal behavior. 

There are many creatures on this planet like mice that use chemical signals in an attempt to attract mates. One of the most common examples is when a dog is in heat, she attracts all the other male dogs in her area because of her pheromones. Hunters tend to use pheromones to trap and hunt animals. However, even after in-depth research in pheromone attraction, the science is still unclear on whether or not humans react to each other’s pheromones the same way as some animals do. 

A professor from the University of Columbia states that human beings don’t possess the same functioning vomeronasal organ which is what animals have to find pheromones secreted by a different animal of the same species. However, scientists do believe that smells can play a major role in attraction in people. 

Will wearing a Pheromone Cologne help you Attract Women?

In more recent times synthetic pheromones are used in colognes and perfumes to attract the opposite sex. You have probably come across advertisements online, tv, or in magazines for pheromone perfumes or sprays that promise you that you will be more attractive if you use them. The thought that this liquid will make you God’s gift to others is almost irresistible. So, you might be thinking, is this just an advertising trick to force you to purchase these products, or do they actually work? 

The majority of women claim that they are attracted to men that shower at least once a day, who are well-groomed, and wear cologne without overdoing it. Most ladies tend to have a keen sense of smell and a nice masculine scent could prove to be the key when getting them to feel attracted to a man. Purchasing a decent bottle of quality cologne might turn out to be a great investment when attempting to attract a female. If she is special, don’t just buy a cheap bottle of deodorant, purchasing a well-known brand with good reviews will help. Many shops will have a sample bottle available so that you can test the product before you buy. If you are new to buying colognes, perhaps ask one of the store’s employees for advice. Putting cologne on each morning will help you change your overall image and can also help boost your self-esteem. 

What is the Most Common use for Pheromones?

The most common use of pheromones is to prompt sexual behavior. 

Many believe that during the fertile stage of a lady, strong hormones called copulin pheromones attract males. When a male inhales this scent through his nose, they feel a sexual desire towards that female. Some people believe that these pheromones help improve women’s confidence and others feel that it makes them feel young. 

An Israeli neurologist recently published a study that proved that men’s testosterone and sexual arousal levels dropped when a glass containing a woman’s tears was placed under their noses. These tears showed that the chances of lovemaking were highly unlikely. 

Do all Scientists Agree that Pheromones Work?

Every scientist agrees that lots of creatures use pheromones to help them attract a sexual partner. However, it is an ongoing debate about whether or not humans rely on pheromones to help them attract the opposite sex as animals do. Most scientists say that pheromones are vital and that humans have a scent detector in our nasal cavity. 

Synthetic Pheromones in Sprays, Perfumes, and Colognes 

For years companies have incorporated pheromones into deodorants, sprays, colognes, and perfumes that are readily available. Some of these products use highly potent amounts of pheromones that are designed to boost sexual attraction between males and females. These products are separated into three categories. For men, women, and homosexuals. 

Before purchasing cologne or perfume, perhaps understanding the different types of compounds might help. There are four different types of pheromones, three of which are secreted to men, while women only have one. Each pheromone starts with the word ‘’andro’’  which originated from Greek that means ‘’masculine’’. 

  • Androstenone: This is the pheromone that causes women to feel aroused. Too much of this molecule can make people around you feel intimidated, so don’t overdo it too much if you want women to feel attracted to you. If you are in the dating scene at the moment, androstenone is probably your best bet as it stimulates feelings of dominance and assertiveness. 
  • Androsterone: This has also been referred to as the ‘’respect’’ pheromone. It makes others perceive you as an older, more mature person.
  • Androstadienone: This molecule is found in most colognes that is aimed at people who are in a long term, serious relationship. It is supposed to give your partner feelings of safety, comfort, and intimacy. 
  • Androstenol: For people who are new to wearing colognes, this might be the best option. It will make people perceive you as a fun, outing individual. It gives the effect that you are a friendly person and people will feel that you are easily approachable. It also helps encourage feelings of sexual attraction.

There are lots of reviews online available that can help guide you in choosing the best perfume or cologne that suits you. 


Although lots of experts are still on the fence on whether pheromones work or not, there has been growing evidence suggesting that these excreted chemicals do play a part in the way people perceive other people. There has been a long list of experiments that prove that sex pheromones trigger the brain to make people feel aroused.

Unfortunately, pheromone perfumes and colognes are not magic love potions that will help you get every person you meet wanting to sleep with you. Of course, advertising agencies exaggerate the way these products will affect your love life, but at the end of the day, that’s their job. The perfume and cologne business is a multi-trillion dollar industry and there is lots of competition out there. A lot of these products will help you attract others, however, don’t expect them to completely change your love life!


My 3-Step “Get Laid Gameplan”

Click Here to Discover the Subtle 3-Touch Sequence That Gets Her Soaking Wet, Naked & On Top of You In Bed…

I meet a lot of great guys in my line of work.

They’re interesting, they’ve got great ideas, and they’re a pleasure to spend time with… but yeah, sometimes they struggle with women.

It’s a common problem.

Because the truth is, you can be the greatest man in the world–but if you’re not putting yourself out there and regularly trying to meet girls… then odds are you might struggle once you actually try to do it.

So that’s what I want to tackle today.

Hi, I’m David Dupree, and as part of my new series, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions related to sex and dating.

And today, I want to show you the truth about getting back in the saddle and getting laid–what works, what doesn’t, and how to easily get laid, even if it’s been “a while.”

WARNING: These Shocking “Touch Tricks” Turn Hot Girls On & Make Them Want to Bang Your Brains Out (Don’t Use These Unless You Want Sex Right Away!)…

Because honestly, if you follow the right steps… and get some practice under your belt…

… then it’s a LOT easier than you may realize.

So let’s get started!

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

I got a question from Stuart.

He says:

Hey David, after watching a bunch of your videos, I’m committed to change. I want to be a better man. The kind of man who like you can seduce women the world over, but I honestly don’t know where to start.

I’m pretty shy, a little overweight right now, and I’m in my late 40s. What are two to three things that I can do right now that you would suggest for me to do if I’m striking out with women?”

Thank you Stuart, and I appreciate the question. And for everybody else, including Stuart, remember that I have a value bomb at the end of this video, so stay until the end.

3 Ways to Instantly Attract More Women (And Improve Yourself in The Process)…

You don’t just want to find a girl. You want to improve the type of person you are.

A lot of the exercises I give you are designed to work right now, to give you something right now.

In other words, these tips get words coming out of your mouth, but they also get you out of your head.

For example, the three step sentence generator also gives you the habit of being out of your head when you’re meeting a new woman.

In the same way, most of the tips I give you… I trick you into thinking they’re about something to be interesting right now, and to get a girl right now.

But in reality, every trick I gave you is really about being a more interesting, a fuller, a more complete and a more attractive guy.

Because that’s the type of guy I like to coach.

So, most of the tips I give you are about being that type of guy.

And here’s some of the stuff that I’ve given you recently that I want to show you how those things connect you to being that type of guy.

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1) Read Short Poems

One is I gave you my method for improving your tonality by reading … by using short poems.

What that does is it makes your right now conversation stronger, deeper, more resonant.

What it also does is make your language image-filled, so it sounds more interesting.

But that image-filled language also makes you think that way.

Think in images, thinking stronger, think deeper, more inspiring things.

It also makes you connect to deeper and better things. Because when you are reading good poetry, not weak things but good poetry, you are always reading the same … It’s really about 102 strong topics that are important.

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What you’ll find is, although it seems like there are so many different subjects in the world, there aren’t really.

When you are listening to or talking to people who are talking about something that was extremely interesting… it’s not random.

For example, a good book that lasted a long time.

That book is not about something random. It’s about one of a limited number of very trenchant, always valuable topics. An example is love is always valuable.

And that doesn’t mean go research love. What it means is just read things of high quality and what will come out of that is the habits of valuable subject matter.

The easiest way to develop that is, you will find there are things and in a lot of my coaching I hit on all of those things. I focus on them because I want you to become that type of person.

2) Develop Passions in Your Life

Another thing I told you recently is to develop passions in your life. Find things that you already like, don’t know much about and to go take a class.

Go dive a little deeper. When you do those things–things that you like a lot but don’t spend a lot of time in–they connect to something either that thing, the thing itself.

For example, let’s say it’s art.

Art is a big subject.

Painting is under an umbrella that is a very big subject that will always have value.

And that is art. And in fact, art connects to and is under a bigger subject that will always have meaning and will always be a deep rail subject, which is beauty.

Which is the form. Form and substance and what things mean to us.

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As you dip your toe into one of those areas that is already interesting to you, it will invigorate your personality.

It will start to develop you toward that person. Find those things and dig in. But when you do, don’t just follow it in terms of what you like.

3) How To Become the Most Interesting Man in The Room…

As you pursue your passions, you will find when your mind starts to open your conversations will be different, it will show it.

It’s almost like you’ve taught yourself that people I don’t know or understand still have things to show me.

You’ve taught yourself that little tip that when you’re talking to real people, they will feel it.

Not hear it, not hear in your words, they will feel it. They will somehow recognize that there’s more than this person. This person’s deep.

Your life will enrich and grow, and that growing, that’s where you meet people.

That’s where you become that type of person that everybody around is like, “This guy …”

I was at a party recently and so many people came up to me and said, and what they liked, but what they always say to me is:

“The most interesting man in the room.” And I of course love it, it’s flattering. It makes me feel good.

But it’s not a random compliment. It is the same one they all give, because they all connect to that thing.

And so when this inevitably starts happening to you… here’s how to turn that level of interest into something sexual:

advice for shy guys

This, Above All Else, Will Get You Laid Tonight…


You can’t smooth talk your way into a woman’s bed.

Even the sweetest, smoothest, most James Bond-like line you can think of has a teeny tiny effect on a woman… when compared to other much more important factors.

Like touch for example.

In my opinion, touch is BY FAR the most effective tool you have at your disposal to get her ready, willing, and overly excited to take her panties off.

And from what I’ve seen and experienced… when you know how and when to touch women right… getting laid becomes a sure thing.

Especially if you’re shy or introverted, this is the absolute best way I know to get hot girls naked and on top of you in bed:

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Work-Life Balance: Online Dating For the Harmony of Personal Life and its Impact on Your Career Plan

The key to a happy and – free life is a work-life balance – but what is work-life balance, and how do you achieve it?

Finding and Maintaining a Work-Life Balance for a Stress-Free Life

Unfortunately, most of us have to work – and our jobs and careers are often the biggest cause of stress in our adult lives. Quitting when things get rough isn’t an option for most of us – but maintaining a work-life balance can be the best way to keep stress levels at bay, both at home and in the office.

Work-life Balance: What is it?

As humans, we struggle to balance our lives and careers. Our home life often affects our behavior and attitudes and work, and vice versa. Not having a balance between work and your home life can quickly strain both areas and make you feel like you never have a break.

Leaving your problems at the door both when you arrive at the office and when you arrive at home can make a huge difference in helping you not to feel overwhelmed and helping you maintain a balance.

Impacts on your Career

Not only do we all make bad decisions when we’re stressed, we also react out of character, can become snappy and irritable, and not be very pleasant to be around. It affects not only your relationships at home but can quickly impact your relationships with colleagues, senior staff, and even other business connections.

Appearing angry or stressed at work not only reduces your productivity and damages your relationships with colleagues, and makes you less likely to get that promotion or bonus from your boss. Having a balance will help you enjoy both your home and work life again and overall improve your relationships and increase your options.

Build Personal Life Online to Save Time

Many people – especially men and women with demanding careers – struggle to make time for a personal life out of work. Meaning all your socializing happens with people you work with, or not at all. Online dating and chat rooms are a great way to meet new people and maintain a healthy social life without putting more pressure on yourself to find the time to go out and do it in person.

Online dating is one way of building a personal life without spending too much time, and that naughty online dating opens an opportunity to meet people with similar interests from your home and office. You need to understand your goals and control your time. Online dating can take place from the comfort of your own home, on your daily commute, or even on your lunch break at your desk.

Tips for Creating the Work-Life Balance

There are plenty of ways to help maintain a healthy work-life balance, but these tips are a great place.

  •         Delegate When You Need To

Don’t try to take too much on at work – you’ll increase your stress levels, and it’ll be even harder to complete. Most bosses would prefer you delegate your work then you produce something under par or late. Don’t be afraid to ask your team – that is why you work in one.

  •         Set Personal Goals and Business Goals

Set yourself a list of goals for both your home and work life. Things like:

  •         Always taking a lunch break outside the office to break up your day
  •         Limiting your time talking about work at home to 20 minutes
  •         Not checking work emails at home or over the weekend
  •         Not checking personal messages or taking personal calls throughout the workday
  •         Love What You Do

As they say, you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do. If you hate your job, you will never enjoy it and it will only increase your stress and overall unhappiness as you spend the majority of your waking hours in the office – instead of slugging away at something you hate, look for a job that you love and want to get out of bed for every morning.

The View of Religion on Online Dating

Online dating is becoming more common and normalized in the present day. With over half of all people thinking that dating sites are useful, there are more people flocking to dating websites than ever before. However, people that follow a religious faith have another matter on the mind: what does religion think of online dating? We’re here to provide some answers on what to expect from religious leaders when it comes to their approval or disapproval of online dating.

Is it Normal to Use Dating Sites?

First things first, it’s important to think about the normalcy of using dating sites. Are you out of the ordinary for wanting to find a partner by using the internet? According to data from various studies: no. With the massive changes to the world of online dating, it’s easier than ever to meet people that share your common interests and more by going online. Millions of people have met online and even used dating sites to find the people that they have eventually married.

Dating sites are just the next step of relationships. They help people find partners that are closer to them and more accessible through the internet. There is nothing inherently wrong with online dating, something that religious leaders discuss at length in the form of the question: Is online dating a gateway to sin?

Do They Push People Towards Sin?

Dating sites are innocent on their own. They are powerless without someone logging into them, making a profile, and meeting people. That being said, there are dating sites that are geared towards relationships that aren’t designed to end in marriage, and religious leaders might take exception to those.

Yet, the majority of dating websites are just around to facilitate safe, inexpensive, and local dating between people that would not otherwise be able to have such experiences. Thus, the sites don’t push people towards sin. While it might make people more capable of acting in a certain manner, it’s important to remember that their motivations matter. A person who wants to be promiscuous has that feeling within their heart; the dating site isn’t making them do anything they wouldn’t do given the chance in person. Even the most explicit sites aren’t going to do anything if there are not people that have the desire to use them on their own.

Influence of Religion on Dating Sites

Religious people used to balk at the idea of dating sites. They thought that they were a pathway to sin and that it wasn’t a proper way for people to meet. However, now there are dating sites that are completely dedicated to religious people and helping them find partners. These dating websites are very unique and serve an important function in the modern day.

First off, the websites are designed to serve people from specific religions. That means you can find someone as a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. These sites filtered on https://maturedatingsites.co.uk/best-free-christian-dating-sites/ with a special approach that make it easy to ensure that you can find someone that has the features you need in a partner with the religion as an afterthought.

That’s not to say that you can only find people for religious dating and relationships on the specialty websites. There are plenty of websites that give you the tools to find people that are from your particular religious background while supporting your relationship of choice. That way, you can decide which elements of your life are the most important.

To reiterate the answer: religions do have some influence on dating sites. Religious people decided to make an individual place for them to date, and other sites followed suit to capture their interest.

More than half of us believe that heading online is a good way to find a partner`. Not only has online dating been normalized for most people, but it’s also something that can be in line with religious beliefs. After all, it’s not the sites that are finding a partner for you; you’re meeting your own date based on your criteria. So long as you are holding to your religion, most religions don’t have an issue with online dating. Date with confidence when it comes to finding singles that are religious like you!

Love in the Time of Lockdown


The arena of dating, love, and sex, as most of us know, has been dramatically modified by the coronavirus epidemic, thus the need to observe physical distance among ourselves.

Physical Isolation is Not Social Isolation.

Different people may be affected by lockdown than others, like those whose conditions are already separated due to physical or health matters. Again, if you cannot access the internet or don’t have an idea of digital communication mediums. Using this dating services or other social networks, you could find more comfortable like-minded people and start a conversation online. Modern communication platforms offer opportunities for people to be social during the COVID – 19 crisis. However, you still need to interact using readily available methods like making telephone calls or just smiling or waving to people you see moving around to improve connection with individuals who may be experiencing loneliness and seclusion without these modern systems.

Here are some things you can do to stay connected that prevents social isolation:

  • Have your video party- you don’t have to be in the same room to have a meal or watch Netflix with your friends and family. With technology, you can link up with friends and family and have some good time.
  • Observe your regular routine and don’t change it; for example, if you usually take breakfast at 8, continue doing so.
  • Take an online course by registering for free classes that can guarantee you a certificate, strengthening your resume.
  • Enjoy the sunshine and work out if possible – It’s still acceptable to go for a walk in the park or nearby areas during this pandemic. Only observe time and keep distance.

A Dating Site is a Place to Meet Your Soulmate

You can find love anywhere, including online dating sites. What happens when you find your soulmate, and how can you predict this magic moment through an online medium? Nevertheless, regardless of how beautiful online dating may appear, do not hold on to communication in actual life. After two to three weeks of online communication, you can start talking on the phone, then communicate over a camera and meet physically.  Dating sites enable two people to conquer the fear that stops them from connecting in ordinary life and retains the reality that may arise from online dating.

New Technology to Date

VR dating is not only about finding someone new, but it’s where you can connect with your long-term girlfriend of five years. Like any other couple, you people can send text messages and meet on video chat. But after putting on your VR headsets, the long-distance disappears. You can get 360-degrees video and audio and take control of the entire environment. You can adopt the vTime feature, share photos of your travels, capture your hotel room’s image, and be part of the photograph.

From Conversation to the First Date

Here are some ideas for first dates during this pandemic;

  • Watch movies using Netflix Party – If you’ve been on quarantine and have not attempted a Netflix party, this is the right time. It is a browser extension that enables you and your date to watch movies concurrently and discuss its details in your browser. Also, a movie choice speaks more about a person.
  • Take online classes together – There are plenty of digital classes available – from pasta making to mixology. Select a class that you’ve always admired to undertake and let you and your date sign up together. Or, if you’re perfect at a specific skill, use this chance to teach your date through a video call.
  • Work out online together – Sweating during a workout is a perfect way to increase your heartbeat with your date. Most gyms have transitioned online, so check local studios for their programs. Again, there are thousands of free classes on youtube.

If you’re at home and have plenty of time and are thinking It’s time to find love. Identify whether you’re seeking love because you have plenty of time, or you desire it because you want to.

Are Negative Attitudes Blocking Your Seductiveness?


What’s absolutely necessary in becoming a seductive person is weeding out any negative attitudes you carry that are roadblocks to possessing, harnessing and exuding your sexual energy. Seductive sexual energy is free flowing. It’s electric and magnetic and you are the conduit.

If the conduit is blocked, the energy’s not flowing and neither is the seduction.

Do you carry anger, fear or resentment toward the opposite sex? Do you blame men for past hurts that YOU won’t let go of? Are you controlling, needy, and insecure or untrusting?

All of these qualities are cancerous to the inner peace and balance required for seduction. No matter how well you imagine that you are hiding them, you’ll give off negative vibes that men will sense causing them to loose interest in you.

I cringe when I hear statements like:

  • “Men are jerks”
  • “Men only want one thing”
  • “Men are pigs”
  • “Can’t live with them…”
  • “Men are stupid”

Men may have done hurtful things to you but at some point you have to Let Go and Get On.

You’ll never hope to seduce men if you don’t even like them, think of them as the opponent and are always on guard for them to screw up so you can validate your own self defeating prophecy.

I’m tired of the way the media perpetuates this attitude by portraying men as either bumbling incompetent idiots or a crass, obnoxious perpetrators.

Honorable, respectful men of integrity are out there. Many, many of them and they are looking for you.

Perhaps you point that negative finger toward yourself:

  • Are you insecure with your body, education, or social status?
  • Do you think if you are not a ten, or possess centerfold breasts you don’t stand a chance against the other women?
  • Are you obsessed with your weight or fat ankles?
  • Do you tell yourself that you could ‘Never be as sexy as her’?

Listen up – What one woman does so can another.

Sexy is as Sexy BELIEVES.

Perception = Reality
What we choose to think about any thing becomes our reality. And likewise, what we think and believe about ourselves, others will believe about us.

Stop wallowing in negativity and form a plan to change the things about yourself or your circumstances that you can change and accept the things that you cannot.

Seduction is playful, free and mysterious. It is disarming and enchanting.

It’s sexual intensity that is always visible just under the surface but of course always unbeknownst to the seductress. Poor dear, she couldn’t help it if she tried.

But with emotional or psychological roadblocks in the way, you will never allow yourself the vulnerability that makes you truly seductive, soft and serene.

Ultimately WHO YOU ARE determines the seductive, sexual energy that passes through you.

It’s time to let go of the negative and take down the roadblocks!