2 Pornstars Reveal What Drives Them Wild

intense orgasm tips
Use these intense orgasm tips to get her sexually addicted to you…

Use These Intense Orgasm Tips to Get Girls Completely “Addicted” to You In Bed…

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Hey, it’s Craig, Gotham Club’s founder.

It’s week two of our brand-new series where adult film stars get to answer Gotham Club readers’ most burning sex & relationship-related questions.

Yes, that’s right(!).

We asked pornstars the questions you’ve been dying to have answered…. and they really delivered.

So today, Ember Snow and Ryder Skye are answering a question from Gotham Club readers.

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Ember Snow is a prolific star in the industry, and is known as “America’s porn sweetheart.” 

Ryder Skye is also a prolific star in the industry, and recently released a line of clothing called Slutwear.

And today, Ember and Ryder are answering the following question for you:

What’s your secret to intense orgasms (for both male and female stars)?

Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

Ember Snow:  “It’s not really about me, as much as it is about what the other person is doing to me.  

Once I feel that an orgasm is building, I try to not allow it to peak too quickly.  

The more I hold on to it and allow it to build even more, the steeper the drop is, you know what I mean?

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Ryder Skye: “Intense orgasms. Intense orgasms, specifically. 

Everyone’s so different as far as things specifically intense orgasms, everyone’s very, very different, so it’s hard to pin down one thing. 

I always felt like one of those important things would be to pay attention to the other person. 

I feel like knowing somebody and picking up on their basically how they react to certain things is the best way to get to know somebody really well, sexually. 

(Try eating this sex snack to stay rock hard and give her multiple orgasms.)

The more you pay attention to them, the more you’ll know exactly what to do, and you know, what kind of things the person likes. 

I think that would probably be the best way to learn somebody and to know how to get them off.

intense orgasm tips
After trying out these intense orgasm tips, use this proven technique to get her addicted to you in bed.

Here’s A Step-By-Step Technique I Personally Use to Give Hot Girls EXPLOSIVE “Mega-O’s”…

Alright, so that’s all great advice up there…

… but I know “pay attention to the other person” and “get to know them sexually” might seem a *little* abstract…

… so let me give you something more specific that’s allowed me to give almost every woman I’ve been with EXTREMELY intense orgasms:

It’s this fingering technique I first learned from my good friend, and former lesbian porn director Lawrence.

(His full name is Lawrence Lanoff… feel free to look up some of the videos he directed for “research purposes” if you’ve got a little more time on your hands right now… haha…)

Basically, this is the move he would use when he needed girls to have real orgasms on-camera…

… because it worked better than ANYTHING else (including oral, using giant toys or even deep, forceful penetration) to give girls intense, long-lasting O’s… that leave them shaking almost as if they had a seizure.

(I literally had to ask the first girl I tried this one if she was OK… she nearly fell off my bed!)

I think my favorite part is you DON’T need a giant d*ck to pull this off… just your hands and a few minutes of effort (less than 5 minutes a lot of the time)…

And did I mention sex feels A LOT better after you do this?

(That’s because after climaxing, her muscles will “tighten up” even more around you… it feels f’in great)

Click here right now to see how it’s done. [NSFW Video!]

5 Tips for MAXIMUM Pleasure…

5 Naughty Tips for MAXIMUM Pleasure...
Learn how to spank her for maximum pleasure…

Click Here to Discover 3 Rough Sex Moves She’ll BEG You For Again & Again…

Spanking: childhood punishment, or naughty sexual kink?

The answer is obviously both — but today, we’ll be discussing the latter.

One recent study revealed that spanking is the #1 kinky sex act that women secretly want to try. Seriously — for most women, spanking is a huge turn-on.

But if you’ve never tried it before, how do you start experimenting in a way that won’t scare her away?

A survey of 1,500 Canadian adults found that more than one-third of women had fantasized about being spanked.

Should you just go for it… or is there something more subtle you should try first?

Well, today, I’m going to give you the answer. More specifically, I’m going to show you the 5 keys to incorporating spanking into your sexual routine.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s begin with key number one:

1) Find Your “Baseline”

The first step to experimenting with sexual spanking is to understand why it’s so pleasurable.

First of all, Spanking releases endorphins according to science.

To a woman, the pleasure of being spanked stems from submission — when you’re spanking her, you’re in complete control.

According to Dr. Rebecca Plante, an associate professor in Ithaca College’s Department of Sociology, on why spanking is pleasurable:

You’re talking about this fairly well-protected muscular region of the body that’s right at the base of the spine, where there are quite a bit of nerves, so it’s sensitive.”

But why spanking instead of, say, being tied up?

Well, this is gonna sound kind of strange… but it all goes back to childhood.

Because spanking is one of the first ways most of us are physically punished, it’s commonly associated with being “naughty.”

A lot of what kink and BDSM centers around is this concept of playing with “punishment” — not actual punishment, but conceptual, teasing punishment.

Enter: sexual spanking!

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The first step to experimenting with this kind of spanking is to start slow — you don’t want to hurt her when she’s not expecting it.

Because spanking is such a common sexual fantasy for women, you don’t need to have a full-on conversation before you try it. However, you should start very light & soft.

Maybe lightly tap her bottom when you’re in doggy-style, or grab her butt when she’s on top and try lightly spanking her then.

Use a light, “tapping” pressure at first — it should make a small noise, but it shouldn’t quite be a “smack.”

Which brings me to my next step…

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2) Observe Her Response

Like with any kind of sexual experimentation, communication is going to be the only way that both of you get as much pleasure out of it as you possibly can.

A survey by Lelo found that of people who had experimented with BDSM, spanking & using restraints were tied for the #1 most popular act.

So when you first start experimenting with sexual spanking, it’s important to observe her reaction and go from there.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Did she respond with a noise? Was it positive (like a moan) or negative (like a confused grunt)?
  • Did she start to seem more “into it” after you spanked her?
  • How did her breathing change after you did it?
  • Look up at her — is she biting her lip, or does she look weirded out?

The answers to these questions should help you figure out if she was into it or not.

And if you aren’t sure, you could even ask her, “Did you like that?” Or you could try spanking her a little bit harder to see how she reacts.

So what should you do if she is into it?

Spank her harder! You don’t need to go from 0-60 right away — but if you started with a light tap, spank her a little harder. It’s OK if it makes a little “smacking” noise.

If she’s into it, you’ll know. And from there, it’s time to really start experimenting.

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3) Experiment With Variations

I mentioned earlier that you could begin experimenting with sexual spanking in doggy-style and girl-on-top… but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

According to one recent study by the University of New Brunswick in Canada, younger women are more interested in threesomes than any other previous generation.

If you really want to step outside of the box, then you could try incorporating spanking into sexual roleplay.

What sort of roleplay?

3 SEXY PORNSTARS REVEAL: This Doesn’t Matter During Sex… But THIS Does!”

Start with the most obvious cliche — she’s been a naughty school girl, and you’re her teacher that has to “punish” her.

Have her lay across your lap, and spank her, increasing the pressure each time. Ask her if she’s been bad — she’ll say “Yes,” if she wants you to keep going.

You don’t have to experiment with costumes, but it could be a fun and fresh way to keep things spicy in the bedroom. She could put on a plaid miniskirt, and you could wear a suit, for example.

And remember — she can do the spanking too!

If you think being spanked is something you might enjoy, be honest and upfront with her — a lot of women also secretly want to play the “dominant” role in bed sometimes.

(You can also try eating this kinky pre-sex snack to stay rock hard for hours)

4) Incorporate Toys (Or Don’t)

Sure, your hands can do a great job of spanking… but they don’t have to be the only thing you use.

Of course, you don’t have to dive into the deep end with a cat o’ nine tails whip, but experimenting with a small paddle might not be a bad idea.

The key is to get creative — if you don’t have a paddle, maybe you have a spatula in the kitchen you can use or an old magazine instead.

And from there, if she’s really loving it & you’re properly performing the technique… you can actually spank her into an orgasm. It’s true!

Here’s how:

5 Naughty Tips for MAXIMUM Pleasure...
Discover how to spank her with this kinky twist…

5) Take Her Over the Edge With the “S&M Spank”

“Harder! Harder! I’ve been a bad little girl…” I looked up at Bill with a devilish grin.

And to think, just an hour ago I had introduced him to my boss(!!!) at dinner… What. A. Night.

When we got back to his place, I could tell Bill was feeling a little frisky… so I expected the usual: a few minutes of foreplay, “pretty OK” sex, aaand maybe ice cream in bed for dessert…

Until he said, “Let’s do a little role-playing tonight… I’ll be the teacher & you be the naughty student.”

OMG!!! I had never experimented with role-playing… though I had always wanted to try.

Well, fast-forward 25 minutes… and I’m in pigtails, wearing a plaid miniskirt, laying across his lap… begging him to spank me for as long as I could take it… and loving every. Single. Second.

And by the time he was finished with his “punishment,” I was so turned on that I practically jumped on top of him… and like a good little girl, I pleasured him just the way he liked. 😉

Afterward, laying in bed, my curiosity got the best of me… “Bill, the way you spanked me was soooo f’in hot… but that came out of nowhere!! Where did you get that idea? And when can we do it again?”

Well, he didn’t say one word… he just showed me this video… and I guess the technique is called the “S&M Spank.”

The video also showed two more of these “rough sex” techniques… and after seeing my eyes light up, Bill agreed we could “test” them out that night. 😉 (What a guy.)

Which one of these would you try first?

The S&M Spank for When She’s Been a Naughty Girl…

The “Hot & Heavy Hold” for Ultimate Domination Sex Play…

And My New Fav: The “Goldilocks Choke”… 

P.S. Most guys are too afraid to do this to me… would you?

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on April 1, 2020.]

4 Habits For Lead-Pipe Hard-Ons

age related ed
Keep scrolling for proven age related ED tips

How To Beat Age Related ED & Stay Hard (Even In Stressful Times Or Stuck At Home)…

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Guys, the health and happiness of your bedroom life is more important than you might think—even international organizations believe this! 

I’m not talking about a federation of superheroes, necessarily. Though what do I know, Batman may be personally concerned about your sex life. 

No, I’m talking about the World Health Organization, which has stated that sexual health is an important part of wellbeing and quality of life. 

WARNING: These Shocking “Touch Tricks” Turn Hot Girls On & Make Them Want to Bang Your Brains Out (Don’t Use These Unless You Want Sex Right Away!)…

So what does that mean for men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, or age related ED? 

After all, with each decade of life, another ten percent of men experience this problem. So, for example, when you and your peers hit your fifties, fifty percent of you are probably struggling with age related ED. Yikes! 

That sounds like a really big drag, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sex life. 

There Are Things You Can Do Right NOW That Can Keep You Rock-Hard Well Into Old Age (Without Drugs)…

No, while changes in erections are a normal part of aging, there are actions you can take NOW to prevent yourself from losing it all down there. 

And, if you’re already experiencing age-related sexual health problems, there are things you can do to get your mojo back! 

The truth, gentlemen, is that as soon as you’re over 35, you’re more likely to experience bedroom blues. 

You’re far from alone in suffering from this problem. 

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a real buzz kill, literally. 

INSIDER SECRETS: This All-Natural 5-Food Formula Gives You Rock-Hard Erections (Click For The Recipe)…

Luckily, just for you, I have five scientifically proven methods to protect your boner into the nursing home—and beyond! (Hm…) 

But seriously: first, let’s understand what causes erections to wilt like last summer’s flowers. 

Scientists attribute this problem to three things: 

  1. Narrowing of arteries and decreased circulation 
  2. Decreased sensation 
  3. Lower testosterone levels

Okay, now that we know what causes erectile problems, what are the five things you can start doing right now to prevent these issues? 

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1) Healthy eating 

This sounds obvious, gents, but we all need a reminder sometimes! 

Plus, there are specific reasons why eating a healthy diet helps your sexual health—so you can keep rocking in the bedroom long after your buddies have switched to playing chess on date night. (Boo.) 

So what foods are especially good for sexual health? 

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I’m glad you asked! 

Foods containing antioxidants and nitrates are proven to slow down the aging process. You can find antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as raw nuts and whole grains. 

(By the way, check out this pornstar-developed “sex snack” that helps older stars last for hours…)

These nutrients are converted to important molecules called NO in the blood. 

NO molecules work with mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of your cells, to keep your body young and strong, especially your erections. 

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2) Exercise

This might also sound obvious. But exercise has surprising impacts on testosterone! 

Believe it or not, fat cells produce and store estrogen. 

Hm, is this why women typically have a higher body fat percentage than men, when at a healthy weight? 


TRENDING: If A Younger Woman Does This With Her Body It Means She Wants You Bad (Most Older Guys Totally Miss This!)

So, dudes, if your testosterone is low, think about shedding some extra pounds—or, better yet, converting excess fat to muscle. 

After all, your body is not trying to prepare for a baby. (I hope.) So you can ditch the extra fat! 

Cut down on your fat = cut down on your estrogen = improve your hormone balance in favor of testosterone. 

Now your T can do its job and keep things pumping in the bedroom. 

Exercise also improves your circulation, keeping your arteries supple, so you can keep blood flowing where you need it. Boom! 

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3) Kegel exercises

Kegels—they aren’t just for ladies. 

Maybe you associate kegels with your, um, leaky great aunt Bertha. 

But kegels are really helpful for men’s sexual health. 

Now, while exercise in general is a great way to keep your sex life in tip top shape, here’s a specific exercise you can start doing right away to prevent erection problems from creeping in as you age. 

Believe it or not, there are special muscles around the base of the penis that help keep blood in an erection. 

3 SEXY PORNSTARS REVEAL: This Doesn’t Matter During Sex… But THIS Does!”

So, blood flow might be your problem. But also, keeping blood where it needs to be is essential to having a strong, healthy erection. 

Like all muscles, these special muscles get weaker as men age. But you can keep them strong and healthy if you use them! 

How? Just pretend you’re trying not to pee. Those are the same muscles that keep your erection up and running. 

Hold and squeeze these muscles several times a day for fantastic bedroom results.

age related ed
Don’t miss out on this age related ED solution…

4) Supplements

Yes, supplements can help you have better, stronger, and longer-lasting erections. 

Amazingly, some Brazilian herbs have been proven to help penises thrive.  Huzzah!  

Research shows these plants from the Amazon can help your sexual health: 

  • Ginger
  • Muira puama
  • L-citrulline

Ginger is especially great for your stamina, because it’s high in gingerol… a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.[1] 

(It’s also an amazing immunity-booster… something I think we could ALL use a little more of right now!)

On top of that, ginger has been scientifically proven to boost blood flow… which means when you eat more of it, you may find it’s easier to get it up… 

… stay harder for a hell of a lot longer… 

AND with more free testosterone being delivered where it counts… you’ll likely experience an increase in your libido as well. 

And best of all?

It works even if you’re quarantined at home, sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day. 🙂

So taking a supplement with ginger can do WONDERS for you… 

… but for best results, make sure it has these 4 other libido-and-boner-boosting ingredients in it too:

5 Boner-Boosting Veggies For Thick-As-A-Brick Hard-Ons Hot Girls LOVE…

Learn How To Talk Dirty & Why So Many Women Secretly Love It

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Hey, it’s Glenn Pearce and we’re back again for Ask Glenn Anything questions.

I’m really happy about all the guys who wrote in. There are so many wonderful questions, so let’s get right into it.

Darius is writing in with a pretty interesting question.

Darius says:

What’s up, Glenn? Not going to lie, this is probably a tough one for you. I’m black and I’ve been banging this fine-a** white girl for a few months now.”

Well, good for you.

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We both live in a decent-sized Southern city, and everything was going great until the other night.

I was f***ing her from behind pretty rough, and when I was close to finishing she blurted out the N-word. I was shocked.

Well, I mean, it didn’t make me soft or nothing… but when I was done I made it clear that I was angry and asked her to get the f**k out of here. I don’t know what to do.

On one hand, obviously, this b*tch …”

Okay, now we’re calling her names.

… got problems, and using a slur like that made me p*ssed. On the other, I don’t think I’ve ever had p***y this good. She said she was sorry a bunch of times.

I’m obviously not cool with it, but after a few weeks of thinking about it, I’d definitely f**k her again provided she promises not to say it anymore.

I’ve told my boys about it, mostly black, some not, and they’re split 50/50 on whether I should keep f***ing her or not.

What should I do?”

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Darius, get over yourself, dude.

She’s f***ing you.

She’s clearly not racist, or at least she’s not racist toward you.

THE LATEST: 3 Rough Sex Moves She’ll BEG You for More Of (Even If She’s A “Good Girl”)…

I’ve banged quite a few black chicks, and I’ve had a couple black girls who were very into this … I don’t even know how PC I should be, but she was very into this whole me being the master of her black p***y, and she’d be like:

“Tell me it’s good,” and, you know, “Hit me.” She got really, really into it.

And it wasn’t just this one girl that I’m talking about and thinking about right now, but there were a few that got into this black-white racist sort of dynamic.

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Why You Can Say Nasty & Talk Dirty Things to Her As Long as You Understand This ONE Thing…

And in the moment I was like, “Alright, it’s some weird sexual fantasy,” like she has a fantasy of being a slave to some white master.

Does that make me racist? Does that make her weird? I was like, “No, it’s a f***ing fantasy.”

So yo, maybe your girl had this fantasy of being like, “Oh, I want to be f**ked by this big black guy,” or whatever.

But maybe that was just her fantasy.

Does it make it wrong? I don’t know.

Where do we cross the line here? I mean, you know, who are you to judge somebody?

You’re sitting there, immediately your thing started off, “I’ve been banging this fine-a** white girl,” so you already made the race distinction yourself.

I mean, you know, we’re all equal or whatever you want to talk about… but in the bedroom, I really think you should just have fun with it and go with what she’s doing.

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I mean, yeah, I understand that it could be a sensitive word and maybe you have issues with it. And if that’s really the case, then you know, you could explain it to her.

But I think at this point you should just get over it and not take it so personally. You know?

That’s my advice. Like you said, 50/50 friends are split on it. I’m saying you overreacted.

And who knows?

Maybe you could have a bunch of fun in the bedroom with this dynamic, but that’s just me.

Especially because so many hot girls these days are into that kind of kinky s*it and expect you talk dirty…

talk dirty
After you learn how to talk dirty, try out these kinky tips…

3 More X-Rated Rough Sex Moves That Make Her CRAVE Your Manhood Constantly…

Here’s a fact…

Most women DON’T like vanilla sex.

A recent poll of 1,580 women found that nearly 95% enjoy spanking during sex…

… and a full 70% of women said they wished their partner did it more.

That’s why so many hot girls (especially college-aged girls) get WILDLY turned on by this kind of X-rated dirty talk.

Most women like it a little rough… they’re curious about kinky s*it…

But there’s only one problem:

Even when a woman is down to try stuff like spanking… choking… and getting tied up… you can bet your left testicle she won’t ask you for it.

Most women will never ask a man to take things up a notch in the bedroom, because they’re terrified of seeming slutty.

So if you want to unleash a hot girl’s naughtier side, without making it a whole “conversation”…

In my experience, the best way is to “ease” her into it, using a few rough sex moves that practically ALL women love…

(And that can get her to open up about even kinkier s*it she wants to try..)

Including my personal favorite move, the “S&M Spank,” which you can see how to do right here:

Click here now to see 3 X-rated rough sex moves she’ll BEG you for more of.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on March 30, 2020.]

Testosterone Boosting Foods You May Already Have in Your Kitchen

testosterone boosting foods
Discover the absolute best testosterone boosting foods…

Click Here to Discover 5 All-Natural Foods That Get You Hard-As-Steel FAST (Even If You Haven’t Had an Erection in Years)…

I mean, who doesn’t want to be an unforgettable lover?

If you’re feeling a little lag in the romance department lately, promises of better sexual function might be tempting.

After all, plumbing is plumbing, whether it’s in your nineteenth century brownstone or in your own body.

And sometimes plumbing gets funky and just doesn’t work right.

Short of purchasing weird mystery drugs from who knows where, what’s a guy to do?

BRAND-NEW: This “Raging Bull Secret” That Helps You Last Longer In Bed Is Almost Sold Out (Click Here to Get It!)

Lucky for you, there are natural ways you can boost your testosterone.

You don’t have to harvest rare butterflies from the Amazon and brew wine from their wings.

All you have to do is eat healthy food.

Studies show that certain foods do a great job of naturally boosting testosterone. These foods will boost your overall health, to boot!

1) Ginger

So what are these incredible, testosterone-boosting foods?

Well, lucky for you, they’re all pretty tasty.

For example, one testosterone-boosting food is ginger.

That’s right, good old ginger.

It might look kind of limp and wimpy, lying in that pink, shaved pile next to your sushi.

But ginger is scientifically proven to get you going strong.

Ginger is an age-old remedy that men have been using for centuries to aid in good health and sexual function.

As an added perk, according to scientists, ginger improves your sperm health too.

So what are you waiting for? Join your forefathers and load up on ginger.

If you don’t want to chew on a ginger root every day (which is totally reasonable—they’re pretty, um, stringy) you can take ginger supplements instead.

What else?

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2) Fatty Fish

Fatty fish, such as salmon, is another food that’s great for your testosterone levels.

Sushi is sounding better and better by the minute! 😉

You can also take a fish oil supplement. You can even look for fish oil options that are harvested without hurting the oceans—win, win, win.

What next? More seafood!

INSIDER SECRETS: This All-Natural 5-Food Formula Allows Nearly Any Guy to F**k Like A Pornstar (Click For The Recipe)…

3) Oysters

Oysters are high in zinc, which makes them great for testosterone levels.

Other foods containing zinc are great, too.

You can find zinc in red meat, poultry, shellfish, beans, and nuts.

And, whether you like it or not, vegetables make this list too.

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4) Leafy Greens

Maybe you’re already a big fan of leafy greens.

Either way, loading up your plate with kale is bound to have big payoffs in the bedroom.

A couple other surprises?

THE LATEST: 3 Rough Sex Moves She’ll BEG You for More Of (Even If She’s A “Good Girl”)…

5) Olive Oil

Olive oil and onions are great for testosterone levels, too—and pretty easy to sauté together.

Why not throw in some ginger while you’re at it?

Even if you’re not a chef, you can find all of these foods in the frozen aisle. Or you can try your hand at some creative new recipes!

Here’s an idea:

For your next date night, go out to eat, or cook a fancy meal, using these ingredients.

You’re probably going to get some pretty awesome dessert! 😉

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Why Is More Testosterone Better For Your Sex Life?

If your testosterone seems low, you’re not alone. Studies show that on average, men have lower testosterone today than ever before.

Scientists aren’t totally sure why. It certainly isn’t your fault.

The reasons could be: sitting too much at work…

…eating too much processed food…

…drinking too much alcohol…

…plastics and prescription drugs in our food and water supply, and hormones in our dairy…

…or even that habit some of us have of scrolling on our phones for an hour right before bed…

…causing you to miss out on sleep.

When you boost your testosterone, more than your love life sees the benefits.

What are the other perks of a healthy testosterone level?

Bigger muscles, for one. Which, of course, is likely to lead to more (and better) sex. Who doesn’t want to try those wild standing positions? They require strength and stamina!

Better bone density is another perk of higher testosterone.

I mean, who wants to break a hip during sex?

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 27 Subtle Signs She’s Turned On & DTF Right Now…

Keeping testosterone levels up by eating healthy foods will keep you going strong in the bedroom for many decades.

Fertility, obvious as it might sound, is also related to testosterone levels. Having low testosterone might make it harder for you to start a family.

In this age of technology, where an app seems to exist for almost everything, it’s nice to be able to turn to good old fashioned food.

You know, that stuff that doesn’t need a charger.

But there are some bedroom-boosting foods I haven’t mentioned yet… so let me address those now:

testosterone boosting foods
Boost your testosterone fast with this simple tip…

There’s Something I Didn’t Tell You About These Foods…

These foods can all boost your testosterone…

But one of them, ginger, is especially good for your sex life because it can boost your bloodflow too.

(More bloodflow = more stamina, more energy, and a nice big boost *down there,* where it matters most)

And in fact, when you combine ginger with a few more powerful bloodflow-boosting foods(they’re more exotic, and totally different from the other foods on this list)

It can really send your sex life soaring off the charts.

I’m talking about longer-lasting erections, that feel fuller and more pleasurable…

The ability to get boners “on-command”…

Plus with more blood flowing to your junk, you can blow way bigger and more powerful loads too. 😉

(Which hot girls REALLY love, trust me lol)

Click here to watch a short, free video that shows you the 5 foods that can give you a HUGE boost in bed.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on March 29, 2020.]

How To Attract Young Women With These 3 Interest Tests

How To Attract Young Women & Get Them In Bed Fast (Without Ever Risking Rejection)…

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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

So in this video today, I’m going to show you ways to meet and hook up with younger women.

I’ll show you how younger women are different from women your own age below, along with a few really easy (yet counterintuitive) steps you can follow to get them in bed extremely quickly.

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So with that, let’s get started. 

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First, you need to gauge her level of interest in you. 

Before you make the first move, you need to know whether she likes you or whether she’s not interested in you. 

There are very simple tests to help you feel her out. 

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1) The First One Involves Eye Contact…

One test in particular involves eye contact. 

You basically want to engage in extended eye contact…

… and see if she meets your gaze for an extended amount of time.

If she locks eyes with you, you pretty much know she likes you. 

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2) Here’s Another Simple Test…

Another simple test involves getting physically closer to her whether you’re standing or you’re sitting. 

You get as close to her as you can, maybe almost touching her. 

(By the way, if you do touch her, you can easily turn her on using this simple touch sequence) 

If she’s comfortable, she will not pull away and may even inch close to you as well. 

This is a great sign of interest. 

how to attract young women
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3) Touch Her Like This…

… and if she lets you touch her, or touches you back then that’s a good sign.

This touch technique is the absolute BEST way I know to make hot younger women open up to you…

… turn them on in a completely under-the-radar way…

And even get the girls who seem “cold” to instantly warm up to you… in a way that feels natural, and often gets you laid that same night.

Because the reality is, most younger women DO want to be seduced… just not in an “obvious” way… (after all she doesn’t want to feel like a “sl*t”… or be used just for her body).

And in my experience touching is by far the fastest way to get a woman turned on…

… but a lot of guys simply don’t know how to touch women.

So they just kind of “go for it”… and often end up getting rejected quickly, or even with an embarrassing slap to the face.

Luckily, you don’t have to go shooting in the dark like that!

Instead… use these subtle, under-the-radar touch techniques to turn her on… make her desperate to sleep with you, and get laid while practically eliminating your chance of rejection.

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5 Questions to Keep Virtual Threats from Crashing Your Relationship

Today’s modern couples have fully integrated sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube into their relationship.

In fact, social media is an integral part of the dating ritual, the engagement stage, and everyday married life.  Unfortunately, it is also a factor in relationship break-ups, the open sharing that “it’s complicated,” and the public announcement of a separation or divorce.

Social media connects us with anyone at anytime to do anything anywhere with anybody. From the countless stories we’ve heard from broken-hearted spouses and scorned lovers, most every relationship that was negatively affected by social media-related issues occurred because the couple never discussed their online guard rails or virtual boundaries to protect their relationship.

“The Techlationship Talk” is five basic questions every dating, engaged and married couple should discuss to make sure their virtual activities and technology habits don’t create problems in their real-time relationship. (To help the conversation go a little deeper, we’ve offered some additional scenarios to consider.)

  • Is Anybody Not Acceptable?  Are there real life associations that shouldn’t be a Facebook Friend, Twitter Follower or other online connection: people who are a negative influence; certain family members; exes of any type (including boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-spouses, crushes); co-workers, employees or clients; people not known in real life; current or past porn stars?  (Since “Weinergate,” this last one is now officially on the table for discussion).
  • Is Anytime Off Limits? Mobile technology and free wi-fi makes access to social media sites easy, anytime and anywhere. But is that a good thing? How much time online is too much time? Is it possible to log on too early in the morning or too late at night? What is an acceptable amount of time to be using social media each day?
  • Is Anywhere Out of Bounds? Social media allows people to communicate in a variety of private and public ways. But just because it’s possible, does it make it acceptable?  What about private correspondences through chatting, inbox posts, or direct messaging? Is it OK to send private messages to any online friend, or should these forms of online communication be reserved for certain people? Are there any Groups, forums, private or semi-private online gatherings that are problematic?
  • Is Anything Taboo? What happens online, stays online forever and is accessible anytime by just about anybody, anywhere. So on that note, what is and is not appropriate to share about one another and the relationship? What is and is not acceptable to disclose to others in online communities? Is it OK to flirt online with someone else? Due to a number of recent, high profile stories defending “consenting adults” sharing steamy messages and images online, what would constitute as “cheating?”
  • Is Anyplace Not Allowed? Social networks give 24/7 access to people, brands and information. But, can the online community expect 24/7 access to you in return? When is it not OK to check in on what Facebook friends are doing? Are there social media-free times like dates or family activities?  How about scrolling the News Feed from the bathroom, the bedroom, or the dinner table? What about special events, sacred ceremonies (church, weddings, funerals), or regular gatherings?

The difference between anything happening and nothing happening is that everybody assumes that nobody is doing nothing, when in fact, something is happening and someone is hoping that no one finds out.

The ultimate goal of “The Techlationship Talk” is for couples to openly and honestly talk about where technology and their relationship converge, discuss their social media habits, and share their opinions on how the virtual world and real world collide.

This removes the guesswork for the modern couple, who in this social media age, must find the balance between technology and their relationship, and agree upon mutual guard rails and online boundaries for their relationship.

Now here’s one last question…when will you and your mate have “The Techlationship Talk?”  

Share what’s on your mind! (add your comments below)

Have you had an official or unofficial “Techlationship Talk” in your relationship? Did it work for your relationship? Share what you and your mate agreed to.

What It Takes To Matter

Do you matter? Just you, without the people you love, the resume in your hard drive, the accolades you have framed on your wall, the trophies on your shelf or the selfies in your phone? If you spent your entire life propped on a porch, naked to the world in mind body and soul, would you possess value?

It’s a heavy question and my guess is most of us would argue that basic existence is not enough. That our actions (or inaction) define our value.

The Doing

I’ve never been afraid of death. Never. The fear I favored was that of the “Unaccomplished Life”.  It goes something like this: I came here for a purpose and if I don’t accomplish this Mighty Task my life will be a failure. Basically, it’s a fear that we must discover our life purpose and go about getting it done or our time here is wasted. We don’t fear the gates of hell as much as we fear the life review. Our goal in the end is to have a red checkmark stamped upon our grave as the Angel of Judgment hollers, “Halleluiah human! You did what you came to do.” Our greatest fear is that we have to come back and repeat this same life again until we get ‘er done. Our Hell is reliving the seventh grade, over and over and over again until the Mighty Task is accomplished {shivers}.

I suspect this same fear drives most workaholics. When you have no idea what your Mighty Task is you spend your waking hours in a frantic state of accomplishment. A workaholic’s prayer goes something like this, “God, I know I’m here for a reason but have no idea what it is. If You could get it on my To Do List I promise I will never slack off again.” The typical response to this prayer is silence. So we stay busy and do our best to “make it happen”. The only thing a workaholic knows for sure is that what we accomplish makes us matter.

The Being

If a child is born, takes one breath and dies, did they matter? If a woman spends her life curled up behind a book, never leaving her hermit shell, does she matter? If a CEO builds a fortress of a company and packs the stock holders pockets full of gold but never commits one act of kindness, does she matter? If a man does nothing more than drink himself into a permanent shadow on a city sidewalk, does he matter?

Who sets the bar? Is it different for each us? And when, when, is it enough? How much do we have to do before we feel we matter? I have yet to see a status update or a tweet that read, “Yesterday I finally accomplished enough to matter. I’m officially on downtime for the rest of my life.”

There’s some heavy wisdom out there telling us what matters;

  • In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. ~Buddha
  • Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me. ~Steve Jobs
  • What we really are matters more than what other people think of us. ~Jawaharlal Nehru
  • What matters is what you see. ~Gabourey Sidibe
  • The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. ~Audrey Hepburn
  • The only thing that matters, at the end of a stay on earth, is how well did we love, what was the quality of our love? ~Richard Bach
  • At the end of our lives we all ask, ‘Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?’ ~Brendon Burchard

There it is, the wisdom that’s been driving many of us into a state of frenzied madness. Did you notice how subjective all of these quotes are? It’s up to us to decide when we matter.

The Mattering

Here’s my own bit of wisdom: if we are conscious, we matter. That’s it. That we exist as a coordinated, highly functional, intricate being is all it takes to qualify. Anything above and beyond that is the drama on our stage, the outtakes, the whipped topping, the bonus material.

Can you imagine such an existence?

You exist, “I matter”.

You are born, “I still matter”.

You live, “Yep, that’s me mattering”.

You die, “Still mattering”.

What a fanatical equalizer, an existence with no lacking, no judgment, no precursors, no Mighty Tasks. A life where surviving seventh grade once is more than enough.

Can you imagine?

How To Befriend Your Dragon

I Imagined Her Well

The way her blubbered skin stretched over a fluid spine. How her back had been blackened by basement dust and grim assumptions. Evanescent scales caught the light of my laptop, reflecting the full spectrum of the rainbow before they settled back to a chartreuse. Her bulk was overwhelming, blue whale overwhelming, Hoover Dam overwhelming. Like a disposable camera, my eyes had to chunk her into segments.

Sensing my slim presence, she set her body in motion, disentangling part by part: clawed paws, spiky neck, thorny tail, whip whiskers, soppy nose. The first time we look upon our dragon we see only its lethal parts. Similar to looking down the muzzle of a gun and failing to notice the luminous shine of the cherry wood stock.

Fear masks the beauty of a thing.

My dragon unraveled before me and though I had felt small before I was impotent now.  I was a wee bit of a woman whose middle name was Lynn instead of Courage. I had come to this battle with a laptop, a notebook, and a chai latte for weapons. We humans are impossibly gifted at confusing optimism for wisdom.

I must tell you of her eyes, like orchid light shifting behind smoky soot. Not soulless, but soul daring. Eyes that tighten the chest and hurt the heart.

Looming over my prize, my life dream, she challenged me to take it. Go ahead and try! Circling, she thumped me upside my head with the very tip of her tail. My eyes popped twin waterfalls as my frame shook. I almost ran back up the stairs into the August afternoon sun.


Lesson 1– Once you’ve looked upon your dragon, never turn your back on it again.

I Challenged Her Well

I returned to her almost every day for years until time lost its potency. Sitting on the last step in the dim light of the staircase I fought my dragon. Not in the way of a knight but in the manner of a mouse, stealing one word at a time from beneath my dragon’s vast weight.

She growled, (as every proper dragon should) threatening me with fear-full nonsense. You are incapableungifted and naïve!

I was naïve and have thanked the gods for it!  If I had known how long it takes a mouse to steal a block of cheese I would have given up on my dream for a clean house, a secure job and golf lessons. But I wanted my dream more than I wanted my securityI wanted the risk of getting burned more than I wanted the peace of mediocrity! My first laptop died, then my second and still I continued typing until my knuckles throbbed and my battery fried.

Lesson 2: Determination is the armor your dragon cannot breach.

I Friended Her Well

My dragon nibbled her loose lips as her prize diminished. As I grew more confident she grew restless and alert. Venturing closer, I would swipe entire sentences from beneath her as she huffed her fiery puffs. I no longer heard her guttural warnings over the tapping of my fingers. The violet light in her eyes dimmed against the glow of my screen. I gave up my hard, wooden seat to perch between two, warm claws.

Eventually, the day came when I found her slack tail coiled around the last of my dream. I stood before her, one hand holding my laptop as the other clutched my chai. “I created you when I created my dream. You thought you were the embodiment of my fear, my lack, my uncertainty, my belief that if I fail to realize my dream I am pointless. You’ve lost your power over me because I know now that I am SO much more than every aspiration I will ever have.” She raised her broad snout, blowing a sloppy goo over me. Her tail rose, uncoiling like an overused garden hose to reveal the very meat of my treasure. It was not a finished book, but a true treasure: self-actualization. My dragon was a catalyst. Sometimes our gifts must be horded by another before we see it as a treasure.

I gave my clever dragon a goofy grin, “If it wasn’t for you I’d be one fantastic and utterly miserable golfer by now. I’d be clutching my bitter dreams without the courage to live them out.” I tapped the edge of my laptop against her giving hide, “Thank you, Dragon! When I look upon your slivered teeth I will remember that I am more than the things I aspire to accomplish. When I sit between your shiny claws I will remember who created them and who sustains them.” She nuzzled my laptop, scraping her thorny whiskers over its metal casing in a jarring screech. “You know, once you get past the scorching breath, the freaky eyes and the sour scent, it’s kind of nice to have a dragon lurking in your basement.”

Lesson 3– When you befriend your dragon you gain your true treasure.

Film Quotes That Have Inspired My Personal Dating Life

As a lot of Free Online Blog Spot readers know, I am an insane movie buff and although I love writing about online relationship issues, I love incorporating my passion for love with my love for film.

We all have quotes from films that have inspired us in some kind of way, I can honestly say that some quotes from the big and small screen were some of the best forms of love advice I have ever received before in my life.

Here are a few quotes that have resonated with me and hopefully they can inspire you as well!

 This girl tonight. She’s a handful, you know? Women who look a certain way, they… they need to be managed. It’s true. Your dad ducked out on you, huh? Your mom, she didn’t exactly say, but there’s a kind of… neglect. Gives off a scent. You don’t mind my saying, you got a lot on your shoulders for a kid. The two of you, alone. And your girl… Amy. She’s ripe. I bet there’s a line of guys dying to pluck that. Your mom, too. You don’t see it. Maybe you do, but she’s putting it out. It’s on you to look after them. You up for that, guy? –FRIGHT NIGHT (2011)

This quote from Fright Night resonates with me for two different reasons: One being that it reminded me how I’m a huge nostalgia nut! Hearing Colin Farrell say this quote literally gave me goosebumps, because he had effectively done the character of Jerry Dandridge justice and considering how the original Fright Night is my favorite horror film, it was amazing to be able to feel like I was traveling back in time to when a simpler time in my life.

The second reason why this quote resonates with me is that it verified to me how bad boys can smell daddy issues from a mile away. Women may not know it, but certain men can sense your vulnerabilities and use it to their advantage. I used to be this girl and never understood why I was such a magnet for negative attention.

“I just prefer dating black men. It’s not a prejudice, it’s a preference.”
“Yes, it’s your preference to be prejudice.” –SOMETHING NEW

Being biracial, I have always been taught to love anyone I choose. Unfortunately, I had experienced times where my affections were not received because I was half-black. Even the men I had loved deeply in my life were not as open about their prejudices right off the bat. Although few of them would ever admit it to this very day, it was obvious to me that although it was fine to sleep with a biracial girl, it wasn’t in their best interests to introduce a biracial girl to their friends or family members as their girlfriend. So after watching this movie, I had realized that a lot of people hide their prejudices by simply saying “He or she is not my “type.” It made me realize that anyone who is prejudice is not even worthy of shedding a tear for.

“A lot of bad shit is gonna happen to you. People are not gonna love you back, and if you’re serious about becoming an artist, that’s the first thing you should learn. And, listen, you’re gonna die, okay? Relatively soon, okay? So, that being said, you have nothing to worry about.”-THE HOTTEST STATE

I love Ethan Hawke for his insightful quotes and this one from the movie he first directed really hit me. For a long time, I was always concerned with frivolous shit. If someone broke my heart, my world came crashing down. I would always wonder why me? Why can’t he love me? After years of growing up, I have learned that it’s okay not to be loved by someone you love. It’s okay to be rejected and to accept it in your life because constantly obsessing and worrying about people who simply don’t give a damn about you is pointless. Life is way too short to be worried about things that simply don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

“Just because someone likes the same bizarro crap you do, does not make them your soulmate.” 500 DAYS TO SUMMER

I find it very odd that we instantly think there’s a magnetic attraction to someone simply because they like the same obscure things we do. I had fallen victim to this a few years back. When I first moved to Toronto, I had fallen very hard for a “medium-cute” bartender/actor. He loved Serge Gainsbourg, Roy Ayers and all the soul and funk bands I liked. He was a huge movie buff and enjoyed going to the small theatres to watch indies that no one I ever knew would ever download, let alone spend money on. I instantly thought we were meant to be and then he pulled the rug from right under me. He said I wasn’t his “type” (refer back to the SOMETHING NEW quote) and decided to see a ditzy blonde girl who was 10 years younger than him instead. So it just goes to show you that you can’t always judge hobbies and interests as a clear soulmate indicator.

“Life’s hard. It’s supposed to be. If we didn’t suffer, we’d never learn anything. “-BEFORE SUNSET

I’ll be turning 28 next week and in these 28 years I have been through a lot. Had my heart broken more times than I would like to admit, have been in crazy life and death situations and have lost people that have meant the world to me. Sometimes I used to think there was a giant black cloud over my head (and sometimes I still do) but I realized that my life has and will always be driven by some kind of chaos. My writing only seems to flow during the most stressful times of my life and if I hadn’t gone through the things I had gone through, then I wouldn’t be who I was today. Live and let learn; that’s my motto.

“Only Unfulfilled Love Can Truly Be Romantic.” –VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA

After hearing this quote for the first time, I got misty-eyed. I believed that it was okay to have that on and off love that pops in and out of your life and at least the memory would bring the hope and romance lacking in your life.

“Unrequited love is the perfect romantic construct, it allows two cowardly people to act out a fantasy of love without having to face any real consequences” THE ROMANTICS

This quote made me realize that what I had believed of the last quote was total utter bullshit. I finally understood that having someone pop in and out of your life at their own leisure was not cool, nor was it healthy. Memories are great, as long as you don’t live in the past. Otherwise, they continue to haunt you for years to come and make you chronically unsatisfied with your future romantic prospects. So what if you don’t get closure? Why do we always seek it anyway? Does that make it easier? I understand now that being a hopeless romantic is not conducive to one’s love life. It’s just self-destructive. Be thankful for the memories—plain and simple.

“In my opinion the best thing you can you do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out of your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.”-JUNO

I had a horrible habit of comparing the men in my life to past lovers. However, I can’t say how incredible it feels to be loved by someone who accepts me for all my flaws. (I have plenty!) The person who is meant for you is the person who calls you on your birthday, who is proud to introduce you to their friends and family and who is not afraid of telling you how they feel. Throwing these people out of your life is crazy because as I have finally realized that life is not a movie. One can not expect to be swooped off their feet and live blissfully ever after with the perfect man. Relationships are constant work and if you find someone who is willing to work overtime, then you should always think twice about letting them go.

What are some quotes that have inspired your actions regarding your personal love life?