Here’s How You Will Improve Your Confidence Today


Right now, I want you to go look in the mirror and say to yourself “This is the moment, right now, that I’m going to change my life for the better.” Eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind. Nevermind what happened to you yesterday. Forget about all the failures and struggles that you went through. Live right here and right now in the moment. The key here to remember is that you can’t change the past unless you have a time machine; and in that case, bring me along so I can enjoy a bit of history firsthand instead of just reading it in a book. Who knows, maybe we can catch a play in the theater with Abraham Lincoln. The important thing to realize is that the future is yours to shape, because the future is the only thing that you can shape.

Of course you won’t be able to shape your future in a positive way if your head is all messed up and you view yourself in a negative way. Everybody on this planet is important, and no matter how insignificant they may feel at times, can make a positive impact on others and the advancement of our society. The problem is that you create these negative images in your head about yourself, and after a while you actually start to believe them as if they were true. But where do these negative images come from in the first place?

You Carry Extra Baggage From When You Were Growing Up

Somewhere along the time when you were growing up, someone picked on you or called you a name such as “hey ugly” or “you’re stupid.” Even though you tell yourself these negative things don’t bother you anymore, the truth is they still do. It’s time to put all those childish memories behind you and remember that you’re not in elementary school anymore. You’re a man now and things have now changed. Not only are you more mature, but the people you know now aren’t kids anymore and are less likely to say such childish things to you.

Girls Turned You Down

When you were younger and less social and clueless about dating, maybe a girl or two turned you down. She may have even embarrassed you in front of all her friends only to laugh in your face afterward. This does cause emotional scars, but you have to remember that these were girls, not women, and you’re a man now. Most likely you now dress better, look better, have better communication skills and women look at you when you aren’t paying attention. Yes, women do stare at men. They just do it in a more discreet manner than most men do.

You Think You Know What Women Want

Just because you heard a few women talking about how they want tall guys or guys that are rich, you automatically assume that all women want the same. That’s like saying all women like bologna sandwiches with mayonnaise in it. Like men, women have different tastes when it comes to selecting a mate. Look around sometime, and you will notice that there are a lot of different women with lots of different types of men, many who don’t even closely resemble the male model look that you assume all women get all googly eyed and pass out over. You’re a man so show some confidence and you will notice a huge change immediately from that alone.

The Media Says You Have To Look Perfect

I know, you see tons of men getting liposuction, hair transplants, laser hair removal and even fake muscle transplants. The fact is that nobody is perfect, and a lot of women are not happy with their bodies, either, even the ones who look almost perfect. People – no matter how much they get, whether money or corrective surgery to make themselves perfect – can never get enough. There’s a difference between making yourself look better with exercise and dressing better, and getting to be an extreme fanatic that corrects imaginary faults.

Dating Experts Tell You The Wrong Advice

Many dating experts will tell you “just be yourself” or “just be a nice guy.” This is all great advice IF you understand that you have to first improve yourself so that your bad qualities won’t sneak out when you are being yourself, and won’t be a door mat when you’re being nice. A nice guy holds doors for women or gives sincere compliments. This is the opposite of a weak guy who begs women for dates or lets women abuse him while he tries to buy her affection with drinks. You can still be nice, but have a backbone already.

You Have Nothing On Your Mind But Dating

Have you ever seen the guy who goes out for a drink and ends up standing against the wall all night staring at the women but never talking to any of them? These are called wall flowers and they go out with the sole purpose of meeting women instead of having a good time. Don’t be this type of guy. Go out and socialize. Make new friends. Go out and try new things. Pick up a new a hobby. Learn something new and interesting. The reason why women don’t want to date these types of guys is that they don’t have anything fun and interesting to talk about. Instead they sit there staring at the women like a lion drooling over a raw piece of meat. This creeps women out and even scares them. Be the fun, sociable guy that has interesting and fun things to talk about and women will automatically start to like you more.

Negativity Is Your Calling

In the past, maybe you tried to pass a school test and failed, or to start a business and it failed, leaving you in bankrupcy. Now whenever you’re faced with a new challenge or trying to accomplish a new goal, you automatically assume that history is going to repeat itself. What you tend to forget is that before you probably tried to tackle a new challenge or reach a huge goal without first attaining the proper knowledge or having the right plan in place. With these proper tools, you will still be taking a risk but instead a calculated risk. Without risk there is no reward, especially when it comes to meeting women and dating.

At first change it will be difficult, but with persistence and determination there is no obstacle that is too tough for you to overcome. It’s all about stepping out of those comfort zones that make you feel safe like that favorite blanket you had while growing up. Once you leave these comfort zones, you can then truly start to challenge and push yourself and learn from your mistakes. Failing can either be seen as losing, or one more learning experience that will only get you that much closer to achieving your goals. So stay positive, and remember that I’m always right there standing by your side supporting you, even though you can’t see me, pushing you that much closer to happiness and accomplishing your goals. And don’t forget to keep me updated, because I love hearing about how much I’ve helped you achieve true happiness.

How to “Tease” Her Into Making the First Move — Gotham Club

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Discover Everything You Need to Know About Going in for the Kiss–Will She Make the First Move?

Your first kiss with a woman can either make or break a relationship… and because of that, it’s important to know:

  • If she wants to kiss you…
  • When she wants to kiss you…
  • And exactly how she wants to be kissed…

But there are so many moving parts — it can feel downright impossible to know all of the answers at any one given time.

So in today’s video, with the help of my hot Instagram model friend, I’m going to show you how to use dominant body language to capture any woman’s interest…

And even get her making the first move…

Never Get Rejected: A Guide to Making The First Move

Watch the video above to find out…

Never Get Rejected: A Guide to Making The First Move

In this video, my Instagram model friend reveals how to get her to make the first move, plus:

  • A step-by-step method to confidently go for that first kiss without EVER risking rejection…
  • The single most important way to tease her to turn her on fast
  • How to easily create the sexual “tension” every woman secretly craves
  • Why saying THIS playful 3-word sentence will show her your irresistible dominance...
  • My secret to getting her to make the first move in 5 minutes or LESS...
Never Get Rejected: A Guide to Making The First Move

Make A Sexual Move If… AND ONLY IF You See These 3 Signs:

Sign #1: Her feet are pointed at the “Arousal Angle.” A woman’s feet will tell you a lot about how she feels toward you… Here’s the exact angle to look for.

Sign #2: She touches you here. This one’s a dead giveaway — if she touches you in this “non-sexual” spot, it’s her discreet way of saying she wants to kiss you.

Sign #3: She gives you her “Sex Eyes.” When she wants you to take her home, throw her down on your bed and ravage her… Her eyes will look like this.

Spotting these signs is often the difference between guys who get sex whenever they want… and guys who go home alone and wonder, “What went wrong???”

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Montezumas Secret Supplement Reviews: An Honest Product Review

Montezuma’s Secret Supplement Review: My Results After 2 Weeks

I Took the Montezuma’s Secret Supplement Every Day for 2 Weeks, And Here’s What I Discovered…

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So, what is Montezuma’s Secret?

Montezuma’s Secret is an all-natural supplement that helps men get more sexual energy, get longer-lasting harder erections and shoot bigger loads.

This ancient Aztec king took the fruit concoction that’s in Montezuma’s Secret to keep up his performance with 13 women who were a fraction of his age. These women were the hottest young maidens around… because he was the king. Duh!

And he was so virile, even in his seventies, that he was legendary for how hard he could get his penis.

I’m a healthy 25-year old male and I don’t have problems with my erections. But I started to wonder what would happen if I gave myself a boost like this king had.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think much would happen, because I felt like I didn’t need that much from it.

Something did happen though.

The First Thing I Noticed…

This is one amazing benefit that I think isn’t talked about enough…

Montezuma’s Secret makes you shoot huge loads. It comes out harder and faster. And it just doesn’t stop.

I’ll be honest. I’m a bit spacey sometimes. 

I started taking Montezuma’s Secret for the first two days and forgot about it. On the third day I orgasmed and got a bit freaked out. I was in shock, wondering why I had cum so much at once.

It was about twice as much as I usually spurt out. 

I hadn’t taken a big long break from sex or anything like that. But that was the only difference.

By the third day, I was shooting noticeably massive loads.

My erections are noticeably firmer — but the biggest benefits are shooting massive loads and having more energy.

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I get up at 4 am every morning. And sometimes by the time you have a chance to hook up, it’s 11 pm or midnight. 

Normally I’m tired by that time, and it’s hard to keep up the sexual energy.

Sure, I’m young, but that’s a loooooong day.

Not in the past couple weeks. I’ve had the energy to come at women like a sexual beast.

So all of this made me wonder…

Montezuma’s Secret Supplement Review: My Results After 2 Weeks

What’s the Secret in Montezuma’s Secret?

Panax Ginseng Extract — Panax ginseng is used in many supplements to support your immune system. It can keep you from getting sick, help you feel healthy and stay virile. (That’s what’s important here!)

Maca Root — An edible plant from South America. A great source of fiber. Increases libido and makes men more fertile. Also a mood booster and reduces prostate size.

Organic Cacao Bean — Densely packed with calcium, magnesium, iron and antioxidants. Used to help with depression and low energy. Great for keeping up sexual energy.

Epimedium Aerial Plant — (AKA “horny goat weed”) This is a natural aphrodisiac that has been used for centuries. You can find it in most sexual health products.

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Proprietary Firming Flavonoid Blend — A group of plant metabolites that provide health benefits through cells signaling new pathways and creating antioxidants.

Pine Bark Extract — This is used in many mind enhancing supplements. It increases bloodflow, which helps you think faster. It also increases bloodflow and helps you out in the bedroom.

Japanese Knotweed Root — Builds and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. You need healthy cardio to have lots of hot sex.

Cabbage Leaf — Reduces inflammation and boosts vitamin C.

Bilberry Leaf — Reduces swelling and inflammation. Helps cholesterol.

The Concoction of 5 Fruits — This is where most of the power behind this supplement comes from. It’s the 5 fruits in combination with each other that make this worth taking. They produce more sperm for you and help you get hard erections…

Montezuma’s Secret Supplement Review: My Results After 2 Weeks

How Do All These Ingredients Work?

All of these ingredients are stacked one on top of the other to promote healthy bloodflow. Getting your bloodflow up is the key to maintaining erections.

Because your body is now working around the clock and blood is flowing, you have more energy. 

Your body goes into overdrive producing testosterone and producing more sperm than usual. (I can attest to that…)

All of this gives you a magnetizing sexual energy.

Montezuma’s Secret Supplement Review: My Results After 2 Weeks

My Results After 2 Weeks: 2 Noticeable Improvements

In my honest opinion, it gives me a firmer erection. 

I’m not sure if it gives me a longer lasting erection because I haven’t tested that.

I haven’t found a woman who needs me to go for that long. I’m not sure how long I could maintain my erection before and after taking Montezuma’s Secret. There’s no way for me to judge…

But I do know this.

There are two main benefits I’ve noticed (so far):

  1. I am shooting massive loads. It’s actually quite impressive. I would normally shoot two or three ropes. Now it is more like five.
  2. I have more energy than before, which means I will definitely keep taking it. I am always looking for ways to have more energy.

I’m very interested in whether or not it can give older men their erections back. If it does, I might have to keep some bottles in storage just in case they sell out…

The only “con” I can think of?

Montezuma’s Secret is only available direct from the manufacturer.

While this means you know that the ingredients are top-notch… and you’re getting the absolute lowest price possible…

It also means that they sell out from time-to-time.

So if staying as hard as you want… 

Having endless energy in bed…

And shooting monster “porn-actor-like” loads sounds good to you…

You can see if Montezuma’s Secret is currently available here: 

[VID] Is Montezuma’s Secret Currently In Stock?

(P.S. The story behind how Montezuma’s Secret came to be is f’in crazy… check out this amazing story right here…)

Why Some Men Get More Second Dates Than Others (Insider Advice)

The #1 Thing You Have to Do to Get a Second Date (Shocking!)

These Second Date Tips Set You Up for MAX Sexual Success…

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A lot of guys in our community ask me for second date tips. It usually goes something like:

“Glenn, the first date seemed to go SO well… but then she stopped responding, and a second date never happened. Why do women do this?”

I get it — this can be one of the most frustrating things for a guy. (Especially if you shelled out $$$ on the first date!)

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So today, I want to explain exactly why women do this, and how to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce–and as part of my ongoing series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering all of your most difficult, burning questions that keep you up at night.

And today, I’m answering this one:

“What are some of the biggest reasons guys don’t get second dates?”

Catch the Full Video Transcript Below…

Hey, it’s Glenn, and today I’m gonna tell you the reasons why guys don’t get second dates.

The biggest reason why guys don’t get second dates is because, well, the first date “sucked” for her.

But what exactly does it mean for a first date to “suck” to a woman?

It could mean that there wasn’t enough trust…

Or maybe there wasn’t enough rapport…

Not enough excitement…

No connection…

These are just a few of the reasons why girls say “no” to second dates.

However, that’s not the most important one.

The #1 Thing You Have to Do to Get a Second Date (Shocking!)

The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Second Dates

A lot of guys are like, “Hey, I had a first date with a girl and now I’m texting her, but she’s not getting back to me.”

Or they’ll say, “She’s being a little aloof, like she’s leading me on. What text can I send her to get a second date?”

And here’s the truth:

If these things are happening, there’s probably no text you can send to get a second date.

And here’s why:

The biggest reason guys don’t get second dates is because they didn’t sleep with the girl on the first date.

The #1 Thing You Have to Do to Get a Second Date (Shocking!)

But What About the “Wait 3 Dates” Rule?

The absolute easiest way to land a second date, or to get a girl to text you after a first date, is to have sex with her on the first date.

If you have sex with her on the first date, there’s probably a 90% chance that she’ll text you and will keep texting you.

It’s very rare that you sleep with a girl on a first date and don’t ever get a second date. Especially today, more and more women are throwing that silly “wait 3 dates” rule out the window.

And that’s because she wants to know if you’re sexually compatible before she actually agrees to “date” you.

So if you want to improve your chances of getting second dates, make sure you try and sleep with her on the first date.

BRAND-NEW: 3 Secret “Touch Tricks” That Get Hot Girls Soaking Wet, Naked & On Top of You In Bed!

It doesn’t mean spending money… and it doesn’t mean trying extra hard.

It just means having a first date that “wows” her. That matters.

Being interesting…

Projecting confidence…

Connecting with her…

Touching her…


And having sex!

That’s how you get a second date.

And if you aren’t totally sure how to get her back to your place on the first date… well then, my friend, just keep reading ;-):

The #1 Thing You Have to Do to Get a Second Date (Shocking!)

Like I said, the easiest way to get a second date is to sleep with her on the first date.


If you think she might be a “wait 3 dates” kind of girl… or you just aren’t quite sure how to get her back to your place… then I’ve got something really cool to show you.

It’s been helping a lot of guys in our community get sex on the first date…(which, as you may have guessed, means they’re getting WAY more second dates too)… and it goes a little something like this:

When you’re about halfway through the date (like during dinner, but before the check arrives)… pick out something she’s wearing… a necklace, bracelet, hair clip, whatever…

…then tell her you like it (My personal go-to is, “That looks really pretty on you”)… and then you reach over, and touch it like this.


Well, this kind of skin-to-skin contact turns her on, very quickly (3-5 minutes in my experience)…

…and as this arousal intensifies throughout the night… eventually, all she’ll be able to think about is going back to your place for an evening of hot, wild sex. Yeah buddy!!!

(You’ll know it’s working when you see her do this with her legs, or this with her hair. Those are HUGE giveaways she wants you bad.)

Anyway, this trick is the first thing we show quieter, more “introverted” guys in our community… because the magic is in the touch… NOT your words.

Here’s how it’s done:

Discover The “Trick” That’s Been Helping Shy, Introverted Guys in Our Community Get WAY More Second Dates…

Craig’s Challenge — Update Your Dating Profile

Craig’s Challenge — Update Your Dating Profile

Update Your Dating Profile… And Get Laid as Soon as This Weekend…

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Hey there… it’s Craig. And I’ve got a brand new feature for you. Every Friday, I’m going to issue a new challenge for you for the weekend. If you execute and learn from them faithfully, I guarantee you’ll soon be swimming in hotties…

Dating apps aren’t a trend — they’re here to stay. A significant minority of couples (20%) meet on dating sites, according to eHarmony.

For men this can be a struggle. 

For starters, there are more men than women on these apps. 

According to that same survey, dating apps are 52.4% men and 47.6% women, which means competition is fierce.

That’s this week’s challenge:

Make sure your profile is on point.

Let’s ditch the fish photo and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Looking for the best dating apps to meet up with horny girls? Find 3 here.

Step 1: Be Positive

Women hate negative guys. 

They want to be with someone who already has their sh*t together, enjoys life, and wants to bring a woman along for the ride.

Make women want to be a part of your life by being positive and upbeat.

Step 2: Don’t Include Your Deal Breakers

This is super common and idk why. People love including a giant list of their deal-breakers on their online profile. 


It makes you seem petty and closed-minded.

Craig’s Challenge — Update Your Dating Profile

Step 3: Pick Photos Wisely

Seriously get rid of the fish photo. I’m not kidding.

Pick pictures of yourself that are well-lit, avoid selfies and too many group pictures.

Go with one portrait shot — just you posing for a picture like at an event or something. Dress nicely.

One should be an action shot. If you have any fun and interesting hobbies like ice skating, snowboarding, or sailing, include one of those. 

Pictures of you with your pets are a big hit with the ladies too, you can include one of those as a little bit of catnip (no pun intended).

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Step 4: Use Spell Check

I use a Grammarly extension on my phone and computer. It’s awesome. Would recommend.

Women get turned off by bad spelling and unintelligent guys, so even if you’re not exactly Shakespeare, you can still put your best foot forward on your profile.

Step 5: Be Honest

Don’t lie about your age, use 10 year old photos, or lie about your job or income. Be truthful, even if you jazz it up a bit.

Speaking of age, if you’re want to know how to meet hot younger women on dating apps, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Craig’s Challenge — Update Your Dating Profile

How To Get Online Girls To Come Over

Lately, there have been TONS of lonely and h0rny girls wanting to come over.

I spoke about this with my good buddy the other day, and he thought I was simply full of sh*t.

And I get it.  Conventional wisdom will tell you that most people are staying home right now…

But since emotions are running so high, it’s been really easy for me to get girls to skip the first date, and come over to get some action.

Girls are lonely, desperate for company, craving male attention, and most importantly…h0rny as f*ck!

One of my girl buddies even said the other day, “Dude, I can f*ck my rampant rabbit all day, and it’s great. But nothing makes me come as much as the feeling of a guy hard inside me.” 

As a matter of fact a few days ago I was talking to a girl on Tinder while having breakfast…

And she was naked in my bed by dinner time. 

I knew from the very start she was looking to get some action… so I made sure to lay it on SUPER thick…

How did I know she was aching for some “D”?

Simple… I sent her a funny opening line (which admittingly was a bit cheesy…) and she responded: “You know… I usually go for manlier men.”

Now… to me that’s a sign telling me she’s aching to have my junk in her mouth (lol)… when some other guys would get annoyed or even angry.

You see… she’s not insulting me, she’s testing me. 

If a girl tests you, it means she wants some action… she just has to know that you’re worthy of her time first.

The second I read that message, I knew I had to flip the script on her. 

I agreed and exaggerated, and didn’t take her message personally.

Soon she went from being sassy… to being slutty and sending me some downright DIRTY texts. 

Later that day we were in bed, breathing heavy, laying in a puddle of our own sweat… all because I realized she was testing me, and I knew how to flip the script.

Click here right now and discover how to flip the script on a girl, and get her so wet she’ll want to rip your clothes off and ride you like a rodeo cowgirl.

4 Simple Steps to Shoot Bigger Loads That Hot Girls Go CRAZY For…

How To Shoot Bigger Loads That Feel More Pleasurable For You (And Impress the Hell Out of Every Girl You Take Home)…

Click Here to Discover 5 All-Natural Foods That Allow Nearly Any Man to Blow Bigger & More Pleasurable Loads…

Do you remember the Diet Coke and Mentos challenge?

Basically, if you drop some Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke… it explodes aaaaall over the place.

It’s pretty impressive to see in person — and it works because of science.

And while I’m not saying your d*ck is like a bottle of Diet Coke… what I am saying is that if you want to blow bigger loads, there are some scientifically proven secrets you can use to explode like a bottle of Diet Coke that’s just had some Mentos dropped in it.

Hi, I’m Ruwando, and as part of my ongoing series, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions related to sex and virility.

BRAND-NEW: 25 Scientifically Proven Sex Hacks for More Pleasure, More Orgasms & A Raging Sex Drive!

And today, I want to show you the truth about shooting bigger loads that feel better for you…

What works, what doesn’t, and how to easily blow monster loads most guys don’t even realize are possible.

Because honestly, if you follow the right steps… and get some practice under your belt…

… then it’s a LOT easier than you may realize.

So let’s get started!

4 Steps to Shooting a Bigger Load That Will Double Her Pleasure

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Hey, Ruwando here with Gotham Club.

And in this video we’re going to talk about how to shoot bigger loads.

Now, I’m going to start by saying if you’ve seen me talk about ejaculation elsewhere on the internet, I do think it’s useful for men to learn how to control their ejaculation and not ejaculate repeatedly and often.

4 Steps to Shooting a Bigger Load That Will Double Her Pleasure

However, coming is fun, and sometimes there are going to be cases where, whatever the reason, because it’s fun, because it appeals to you, you want to have a big load.

And that’s totally cool.

I just want to say that it’s not the end all be all, and there are other things you can do with your ejaculation than just have a big load.

That said, here are some tools to have a bigger load.

4 Steps to Shooting a Bigger Load That Will Double Her Pleasure

1) The “Obvious” First Step…

So, the first thing, it might be a little obvious, but if you save your come… if you don’t come all the time, you’ll actually have a bigger load.

I mean we know this, right?

A lot of guys have this habit that they’ve developed since puberty where they think they need to ejaculate every single day.

And I’d first say that no you don’t. Learn how to control your arousal.

There are many benefits to that in terms of lasting longer, feeling bigger, better orgasms.

INSIDER SECRETS: This All-Natural 5-Food Formula Gives You Rock-Hard Erections (Click For The Recipe)…

And yes, this other thing, you’ll have bigger loads if you don’t come all the time. It should be self-explanatory. You’re saving up your ammunition, you’re not wasting it every day.

If you’ve ever gone a few days while allowing yourself to be aroused, but not actually ejaculating, you’ll notice that your loads are quite large.

I make a point to not ejaculate more than a couple of times a week at most–sometimes only a couple of times a month.

And my loads are pretty big, simply because of that. I’m just saving up, there’s no magic to it.

shoot bigger loads

I will say if you’re worried that you’re going to come too fast by doing this, there are a bunch of things you can learn.

You can check out other videos, or you can learn to maintain your arousal so that you can last a long time without coming. And then when you save up your come for that time you do ejaculate, it will be huge.

2) Exercise (But Not How You Think)

So, the next piece of this is if you want to shoot far–like having that monster load is actually how far you shoot–there are a couple of things you can do.

The first thing is working out your PC muscle.

So, doing these flexes, where you squeeze the muscles down there in your pelvic floor.

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If you don’t know what a PC muscle is… when you’re peeing, if you want to stop the stream halfway, that muscle you squeeze is your PC muscle.

It’s actually a few muscles, not just your PC muscles–but we don’t want to get into anatomy. That muscle group is what we want to work out.

So, if you practice squeezing and releasing, contracting that muscle… you can make it stronger, because that’s the same muscle group that’ll have you … it has your d*ck move when you’re ejaculating and that shooting motion.

And that’ll allow you to shoot further.

4 Steps to Shooting a Bigger Load That Will Double Her Pleasure

3) If You Want Monster Loads That Hit The Ceiling…

And one more trick that you can do is when you’re about to come, if you squeeze that same muscle preemptively, if you squeeze it really hard… you’ll feel a lot of pressure build up.

You’ll feel it to the point where it almost can hurt.

Don’t go that far, but when you really squeeze and you finally let it burst through, that pressure buildup will let your first and second shot shoot particularly far.

SPECIAL: 27 “Sex Signs” Girls Give Off When They’re DTF…

So, if you’re pulling out and you want to hit the ceiling or something, and do something impressive… like spray the body, I don’t know.

If you really squeeze, you’ll notice that first and second propulsion will go pretty far.

It’s just you’re building up a lot of pressure and it’s forcing itself out. It’s kind of like kinking a water hose if you will.

Which brings me to my last tip for monster loads… and it’s also the most important:

4 Steps to Shooting a Bigger Load That Will Double Her Pleasure

4) Eat Right

You probably saw this one coming… but there are certain foods that give you bigger loads too.

For example, celery.

When you eat celery, it relaxes the walls of your blood vessels, and allows a lot more blood to flow *down there.*

And when you have more blood flowing to your junk, you’re gonna blow bigger loads.

As a matter of fact, the famous pornstar Peter North insists on eating celery before every shoot… just to get the biggest “monster loads” possible.

Another food that can give you bigger loads?


Ginseng increases sperm and prostate fluid production… (because when you come it’s not just sperm, it’s the fluid from your prostate that gives your load its volume)…

And ginseng is also part of this “bloodflow-boosting” dish you can eat for bigger loads too.

I first read about this 5-ingredient dish when I was Googling what male pornstars eat for bigger loads…

Like I said, Peter North eats celery… and the pornstar Dave Cummings eats this exotic combination of 5 foods.

(Dave is also like 74 years old… and he swears this dish is what allows him to get hard, stay hard, and blow enormous loads… even well into his old age.)

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how long I spent looking for this recipe haha…

But I finally found it, and here it is:

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How To Spot Them In 3 Steps

Gotham Gold Picks -- How to Spot the Girls Who F**k like P0rnstars…

How to Easily Tell Which Girls Are Good in Bed… Plus Sex in Space and More…

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1. How Do Pornstars Last So Long? 7 tips from actual adult actors…(#2 is really surprising…)

2. Why Beard-Baiting Is the Latest Dating App Trend and apparently it’s the key to more matches… and why iso-mating is the new way to date…

3. 7 Unexpected Signs She’s Mind-Blowing in Bed. You’ll want to know how you can tell if she’s secretly kinky and down to do ANYTHING…

4. Nipple Play: How to Suck, Lick & Bite Her for MAXIMUM Pleasure

5. New evidence suggests that getting blasted with shockwaves can make your erections stronger!

6. Can humans have sex in space? Find out why being in orbit can cause “erections so intense they’re almost painful…”

Gotham Gold Picks -- How to Spot the Girls Who F**k like P0rnstars…

How to Spot the Girls Who Want Your Nuts In Their Mouths…

There’s one thing you should ALWAYS be looking at when you’re talking to women, if you want to know whether she likes you or not.

It’s her feet…

No… this isn’t my way of telling you that I love sucking on toes.

There’s something that women do with their feet (which they can’t really control, for the most part) that indicates if they’re into you or not. 

Women are constantly dropping subtle unconscious signs if they’re into you. 

Most of these signs are pretty easy to spot IF (and only if) you know what you’re looking for. 

But this foot indicator is the one I ALWAYS look for.

Knowing how to read a girl’s body is more important than ever in 2020!

Especially now everyone is wearing a mask in public. It’s not always easy to read a girl, and see if she’s into you. 
This is why being able to read body language is so important.

Plus… knowing if a chick is into you or not essentially 100% eliminates your chances of getting rejected…

Click here right now to discover the subtle body language cues that women are into you or not ←

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7 Mistakes Most Men Make

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

How to Increase Testosterone… The Lowest Effort and Most Effective Method to Boost “T” Instantly…

Click Here to Discover 5 All-Natural Foods That Allow Nearly Any Guy to Last Longer In Bed (Even If You Haven’t Had an Erection in Years)…

If you’ve ever been curious about why men put on muscle more easily than women, have a wealth of facial and body hair, and think about sex 19 times per day (on average)… 

The answer is one simple word: testosterone. 

Testosterone has been in the news almost daily lately, so it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about it…

Most recently, there have been studies about whether Covid can deplete testosterone (maybe), if higher testosterone correlates with a likelihood of cheating (probably), and even a brand new test your “T” level at home kit

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Since it can drive your sex drive AND plays a factor in men’s overall health, it’s good to understand the facts of what testosterone is, signs that your testosterone levels are low…

And the best (all natural) ways to give your testosterone levels a healthy boost…

how to increase testosterone

Testosterone Facts (And Only the Facts…)

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is mainly produced in the testes. It is more abundant in men than in women and is responsible for masculine traits, whether that be access to the baritone range, a robust mustache, a lean and muscular build, or an extremely high sex drive. 

Everything that you think of when you hear the word “manly” is dictated by testosterone levels…

Testosterone hangs out in your bloodstream and begins to increase during adolescence. The amount of testosterone a man’s body produces is most likely to peak between ages 20 and 30 and then begins to taper off.

But don’t worry–there are ways to naturally boost testosterone, coming up a little later in this article…

how to increase testosterone

What are Signs of Low Testosterone In Men?

It is possible for testosterone levels to drop below normal, and there are signs of it you can watch for. 

A drop in testosterone could be caused by a medical condition, medication, dietary changes, lifestyle, or simply aging. 

When testosterone levels drop, you might start to notice yourself losing some of your masculine traits. You may see yourself put on weight, lose muscle mass, and even develop fatty tissue in your chest. 

Sometimes the sign is as subtle as fatigue. If you find yourself having low energy or brain fog, those could be signs of a change in your testosterone levels.

You might also experience a drop in mood and an increase in anxiety. Low testosterone can result in mood swings, irritability, and aggression. 

WARNING: These Shocking “Touch Tricks” Turn Hot Girls On & Make Them Want to Bang Your Brains Out (Don’t Use These Unless You Want Sex Right Away!)…

One reason that women sometimes get moody before their monthly cycle is that their testosterone drops during this time. If you have low testosterone, you’re experiencing a similar crash that women face every month. (So have a little sympathy for the ladies…)

There is no doubt that low testosterone takes a toll on your physical and mental health, not to mention confidence and sex life. 

This hormone is deeply tied into the systems of the body and mind, and it is important to keep it in balance. 

how to increase testosterone

How Does Low testosterone Affect Sex Drive In Men?

One of the most common and easily recognizable signs of low testosterone is a decline in sex drive and sexual performance. 

Testosterone is nature’s failsafe baby-maker. It drives you to want to have sex pretty much ALL the time. It leads you think about sex, plan to have sex, and of course, actually have sex. 

So if sex starts to take a backseat in your life, you find yourself thinking about it less, or having trouble getting aroused, it could be due to low testosterone…

how to increase testosterone
These are all natural ways on how to increase testosterone

Likewise, if you have trouble with maintaining an erection, are not as hard as usual, are finishing too early, or are not finishing at all, low testosterone may very well be your issue. 

This is especially common for men who are in their early 40’s and beyond, since testosterone sees a natural decline at this point in life. 

No need to panic — there are interventions you can try to boost testosterone naturally, including quite a few that you can start today with no risk of side effects. 

Read on to find out which of these all natural efforts are most effective…

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Exercise for Better Testosterone Levels

One of the best ways to naturally boost testosterone is to make sure you are getting regular exercise. Exercise helps all of your body’s systems function better by moving fluids around, getting your heart pumping, and flushing out accumulated toxins through your sweat. 

What exercise, specifically? A combination of cardio and strength training will help you to drop off extra weight, build muscle, and restore testosterone levels. 

Plus, it will boost your mood and your confidence, so there is really nothing to lose… except excess weight…

You can start just by adding in a bit of exercise each week, and gradually work your way up to more as you build strength and stamina (and yes, that stamina will translate to the bedroom).

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For cardio the easiest thing you can do is go for a walk. Even a daily 20-minute walk can make a difference. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you could also go for a run. 

Swimming, biking, and hiking are also great options that you can do alone. If you’re into team sports, soccer, lacrosse, and flag football will help you get cardio while getting in your socialization quota for the day as well. 

The most straightforward way to approach strength training would be to lift weights, but you can also do bodyweight exercises or even yard work. As long as you are lifting heavy things, you are strength training.

how to increase testosterone
Don’t miss these tips on how to increase testosterone below…

If there is a gym nearby that you can join (and is open), paying a monthly fee could be just the motivation you need to actually get your workouts in. 

Just be sure not to over-exercise, which can also be a cause of low testosterone. There are a variety of apps that can help you track your exercise, and it doesn’t hurt to plan your workout schedule a week ahead of time. 

You might also consider getting an accountability buddy to make sure you stay committed…

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Boosting Testosterone Levels

Another way to naturally boost testosterone levels is to increase the amount of vitamin D you are getting. You can do this by laying out in the sun, taking a vitamin, or drinking a whole lot of milk. 

In addition to being good for your testosterone levels, vitamin D is great for bones, immune system, and even brain health. If you suspect you may be deficient, it would be a good idea to take it in a capsule form, which you can find at most grocery and drug stores.

Iron, an essential mineral for human health, may also support testosterone production. You can increase your iron levels with supplements, red meat, or dark leafy greens. This mineral is also important for muscle repair, so it is a major win-win. Iron is also available as a supplement in most stores. 

You might consider taking a multivitamin, just to make sure there is nothing important you’re missing.

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

3 Lifestyle Tips for Increasing Testosterone

Your daily lifestyle is directly related to your testosterone levels. How you treat your body, and what you put in your body will affect your hormones. 

To naturally restore testosterone levels, you might need to consider making some adjustments to your everyday routines and habits: 

1) Reduce Substances

Drinking alcohol is one habit to cut back on if you suspect you have low testosterone levels. Alcohol can cause cell damage and mess with hormone signaling. 

You don’t need to become a Prohibitionist, but do try to limit yourself to a couple drinks per day. Alcohol may act a bit like an aphrodisiac at first, but after a certain point, it will actually kill your libido…

Tobacco is another substance that is best kept to a minimum if you’re trying to restore testosterone levels. 

Using recreational drugs can also be the culprit of low testosterone. Even marijuana, which is well known for its health benefits, can actually be detrimental to your sex life, especially when overused. 

There are many resources to support you if you need to cut back on substances. Reach out to your local or online communities if you’re looking for support in cutting back on substances.

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2) Get Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night

Getting enough sleep is also essential for healthy testosterone levels. Your body does important work while you are sleeping, and if you’re not getting your eight hours each night, you are liable to see problems in many areas of your health. 

Studies have found that cutting back on sleep could very well be linked with a drop in testosterone levels. 

Set an evening timer to make sure you get to the bedroom with enough time for romance AND to fall asleep before it’s too late. 

Try to avoid looking at screens an hour before bed, and if you can, ditch any afternoon caffeine, since that can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. 

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3) Eat a Healthy Diet

If you’ve been leaning on the fast food and sweet treats recently, you might want to reconsider what you’re putting in your body. 

Fried, fatty, and sugary foods are not your friend when it comes to a healthy sex life…

Not only do these foods mess with your hormones, but they also tend to leave you feeling foggy and uninterested in sex. 

Add an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. The less processed your foods, the better (hint: shop around the perimeter of the grocery store, and avoid the aisles). 

Load up on leafy greens, citrus, tubers, mushrooms, and anything else that looks intriguing to you. Most vegetables can be easily chopped and thrown into a stir fry or a salad–you don’t need any special cooking skills to eat health. 

And no, you don’t have to give up fats or sugars. Just increase the quality of the fats and sugars you eat… For example, avocado instead of cream cheese, or blueberries instead of a candy bar. 

It’s definitely worth it — not only can this boost your testosterone levels, but it’s also likely to make you shed a few pounds.

There’s also no need to eat bland food. Incorporate spices like curry powder, black pepper, and cinnamon into your meals to make them more interesting. Use fresh and dried herbs like basil, cilantro, oregano, and thyme to bring any dish to life. Garlic, onions, and ginger also offer a ton of flavor at very little cost and with minimal effort.

You don’t have to eat a perfectly clean diet to support testosterone levels. Aim for about 80% of your diet to be made up of fresh, whole foods. 

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Natural Supplements to Boost Testosterone

You might also consider taking supplements to help boost testosterone: 

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that is thought to help give testosterone levels a boost by increasing follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, which is essential for testosterone production. 

Tribulis terrestris is a natural herb that comes from the Mediterranean. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Numerous studies on both people and animals have shown its ability to increase sex drive and testosterone levels. Some people also use it to improve athletic performance and to aid circulation.

Fenugreek is another herb that could be useful for boosting testosterone levels, possibly by preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which is the primary female sex hormone. Science shows that it may hold the key to increasing testosterone naturally. 

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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone that already occurs naturally in your body. It is important for keeping testosterone and estrogen in balance and has been widely used to boost testosterone levels. It could also be useful for combating depression and boosting your mood. 

Several studies have found that 50-100 mg of DHEA per day can boost testosterone levels by up to 20% when compared to a placebo.

Ashwagandha can also be used as a supplement to increase testosterone levels. A study on this herb, which has been used in ancient Indian medicine, showed that it might improve sperm quality, decrease anxiety, and boost the chances of impregnating a partner. 

Another study showed benefits to exercise performance, weight loss, and testosterone levels, and it may also be beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and immune-booster. 

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Can You Boost Testosterone?

Low testosterone is not at all uncommon, and can affect men even in their 20’s. No matter how old you are, low testosterone can take a toll on your health, your happiness, and your sex life. 

If you have noticed a decrease in sex drive, masculine traits, energy levels, and mood, low testosterone may just be the culprit. 

Luckily, there are many natural ways to boost testosterone. You don’t have to try anything invasive or dangerous, although you should make an appointment with your doctor to be sure there is nothing seriously wrong.

But if you’ve just noticed that a few things are “off,” try out the recommendations outlined in this article. These are safe approaches to increasing testosterone levels naturally, and many of them will also benefit other aspects of your health. 

Remember, consistency is key. Don’t expect to do all the healthy things for one day and see change right away. It can take months for effects to start to take hold. Have patience, and keep at it. These tips should reignite your sex drive, restore your energy levels, and have you feeling like yourself again. 

Want to know the single most important thing about boosting your testosterone?

how to increase testosterone
Learn how to increase testosterone below…

The Lowest Effort and Most Effective Method for Boosting “T” Levels

So, let’s say you’ve upped your exercise regime, started taking vitamins and supplements, made those lifestyle changes… and your “T” levels are going up.

You could be the freakish test tube baby that mixes The Rock and Jason Statham’s DNA, with more testosterone than any man on the planet…

But… it won’t mean squat if all that “T” isn’t going to the right places…and the way it gets to the right places is… with good blood flow.

High levels of Testosterone + Poor blood flow = Muscle weakness, low sex drive, limp d*ck and more! 

The key to making sure your testosterone is working for you (and is being used effectively) by simply boosting your blood flow.

Because blood flow is the one thing most guys overlook…

Until you get that blood (and “T”) going where it needs to go… your sex drive is going to stay low…

Your noodle is going to be soggy…

And if you do get hard?

You’re probably not gonna last as long as you (and your girl) want…

BUT these 5 veggiesor fruits, if you like the sweeter side of things — will boost your blood flow and get you as hard as a rock… as often as you want.

(Maybe even more often than you want… you might randomly start getting awkward erections like you used to in high school… that’s how effective this combo of foods are…)

Click here right now to discover what these exotic foods are… how they work… how much of each to eat… and where to get them:

How To Get Laid When Women Play “Hard To Get”

when women play hard to get

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Laid When Women Play Hard To Get — And How to Keep Her Coming Back For More & More…

Click Here to Discover the Secret to Sleeping With Hot Girls Who Play Hard to Get By “Rewriting Her Rules”…

I’d like to clarify something pretty serious that a lot of people–both men and women–seem to be confused about.

Women often complain that men only want sex. (Only?! Sex is pretty good, am I right?)

Meanwhile, men feel as though women are offering sex–but what they really want is financial security. They just want to get married and “settle down.”

Well, the truth is, both of these things are true.

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However, it’s not nearly as bad as it seems.

I’m going to show you how these two truths cause women to play “hard to get,” and what you can do to seduce a woman who does this to you.

First, we’re going to talk about what women really want in the bedroom:

When It Comes to Sex, What Do Women REALLY Want?

I hear this all the time when my female clients talk about the guy they’re dating:

He doesn’t talk to me. He opens up with his best friend–who is a girl–but he doesn’t share with me like that! I think he likes her. I mean it’s obvious that he doesn’t like me that way.”

Meanwhile, men are also very frustrated. Many guys tell me:

She’s so full of it! I know she wants me. Is she just teasing me? She drops hints and acts like she’s getting turned on, and then she stops me and turns away…”

So what gives?

The truth is, it’s not what he thinks… and it’s not what she thinks either.

It’s more about what men and women want.

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We talk about what men want in a physical way–because guys operate with the physical, and feel connected to the physical.

We talk about what women want, on the other hand, with emotional words. And that’s because emotional words are the language and medium that women use most often.

At the end of the day, both men and women want connection. They want to open up, and yes, that means sex too.

So what stops a woman from getting into bed with you… even when you know she wants to?

The #1 Thing That Stops Women From Getting Sexual…

When men and women get sexual with each other, it means that the man recognizes her physical connection to him–and the woman recognizes her emotional connection to him.

And for this to happen, the woman has to let go of her physical walls, and the man has to let go of his emotional walls.

This is what stops a woman from getting sexual:

When the man doesn’t “open up” to her emotionally.

Trust me–most women are not trying to grow old with cobwebs under their belts.

They want to feel the passionate excitement inside them, and the growing heat that starts there and spreads all over her body.

They want to explode!

But in order for this to happen, both the man and the woman have to give something up.

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It Doesn’t End There…

Now, “giving up” makes it sound as though it’s not desirable–but it is.

Let me explain it from a woman’s perspective:

She wants him to get the sex out of her (or “into her,” haha)–but until he “teases” it out, she feels like she’s trying to hold back, or to resist.

Meanwhile, the man wants to open up emotionally, but he feels as though he shouldn’t.

He’s been socialized to hide his emotions–just like the woman has been socialized to hide her sensuality.

And when both the man and the woman are able to overcome these societal forces, then true connection is made, and sex happens.

Here’s a very important note to mention:

One of the changes in modern times is that it is far more socially acceptable for a woman to express her physical desire, than it is for a man to emotionally “open up.” Even today, this is still the case.

Back to the point, though. Most men know that, even when women want sex, the man has to approach it indirectly. He has to “sneak” it out of her.

That’s seduction, isn’t it?

Why, then, is it not as clear to modern women that they also have to “sneak” the emotional vulnerability out of the guy?

They instead complain that he doesn’t share–that he doesn’t open up.

This isn’t fair, but it’s a truth of modern society.

And there’s one big way to get around it:

How To Get Her to Say “Yes” to Sex Every Time…

If you want a woman to open up her legs to you, then you have to open up your emotions to her.

Obviously, sex doesn’t happen just because you open up to her, or she opens up to you–long before this happens, she wants it. Then seduction happens.

Most guys have experienced the feeling after sharing that:

Wow, I was talking too much. I don’t know what made me say all that!”

This is what happens when you are truly vulnerable with a woman.

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It just happened, and it is natural, but–like good sex–it is a natural thing that has been neglected.

So how exactly do you get to this point in the seduction process?

The point where you can open up to her in the way she needs in order to sleep with you?

That’s what I want to show you next:

when women play hard to get

This Free “Secret Tool” Can Make Almost ANY Woman Want Sex With You…

By now, I’ve shown you WHY women need you to open up before they say “yes” to sex… but I haven’t shown you HOW to do it.

And this is the tricky part for most guys… because for most of us, it just doesn’t feel natural. Plain and simple.

So that’s why I want to show you this free “secret tool,” which serves two major purposes:

1) It opens you up to a woman in a “natural” way, so she feels a stronger connection to you… (AKA “sexual chemistry”)… and:

2) It turns her on over the course of the evening (can lead to fast sex).

What’s amazing is that this “secret tool” was developed by a very famous university psychologist… who wanted a way to “fast track” an interaction to sex…

…and when he paired students off to use it, a lot of them ended up sleeping together, and even falling in love.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a limited number of copies of this “secret tool”… so here’s where you can go to get yours for free (while it lasts):

Discover The FREE “Secret Tool” That Makes Her Want Sex With You FAST…

P.S. This “secret tool” can make a woman want sex very fast… so if you want to “seal the deal” with her, then I highly recommend you check this out.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 21, 2020.]

This “F Word” Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You…

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...

How to Take a Girl Home the Same Night…

Click Here to Discover 5 All-Natural Foods That Get You Hard-As-Steel FAST (Even If You Haven’t Had an Erection in Years)…

Have you ever been on a date where things are going well, and you want to know how to take a girl home the same night you meet her for a hot night of passionate sex…

but she’s mentioned to you a few times that she never sleeps with a guy on the first date?

And because of what she’s previously told you about her sexual habits, you decide to wait until the 2nd or 3rd date to sleep with her?

Only to realize that there isn’t going to be another date because she just stopped responding to you?

Or maybe you’re on the date, and things aren’t going so well, but you still have the urge to take her home to have sex with her.

While you’re on this date you’re trying to figure out if you should try for sex or not and for whatever reason you convince yourself of, you don’t try…

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What about this scenario: Have you found yourself kissing a woman on a date, having the time of your life, and when you try to take her or go back to her place she says “No” or “That’s a bad idea” or “Why, so you can have sex with me?”

And later that night when you’re home alone, you’re kicking yourself for not having tried harder?

Sound Familiar?

I can’t speak for you but I certainly have been in all of these situations in the past and many more just like them.

When I think about it now, I can’t believe how many opportunities for sex I have missed.

It makes me cringe just thinking about them as I write this… All the dates I’ve been on that haven’t led to sex…it just drives me crazy.

But I don’t miss those opportunities anymore, and when you’re done reading this…

You’ll never miss out on a chance at sex with a hot woman again:

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...

What Was the Same About All of These “Near Misses?” The “F” Word…

Why did this happen to me, and why does this happen to you?


Think about it for a moment. In any of the situations I described above, if you had absolutely zero fear about going for it, do you think you would have tried and tried harder despite what she was saying or doing to lead to believe otherwise?

You’re damn right you would have tried! Not only that, if she was giving you some resistance to going home with you, you would have tried even harder if fear weren’t a factor.

Maybe it was the fear of her thinking you just wanted sex. Maybe it was your fear that if you tried harder, she’d never speak with you again for being too aggressive.

Or possibly it was you believing she wouldn’t sleep with you because the date wasn’t going so well.

Regardless of the reasons you gave yourself for not trying, it all boils down to fear and fearing the repercussions of your actions and diligence.

Fear alone was holding you back and fear is the biggest reason why men don’t get laid!

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Given

I have a saying that I use with many of my students:


Women expect and WANT men to try and seduce them. All women actually find it very sexy when a man goes after what he wants and doesn’t shy away from it, especially if “it” is sex.

Also, it turns women on to be desired. After all, they spend the majority of their lives trying to become more desirable. Don’t believe me? Take one look in a woman’s closet or make-up bag.

With women there is typically only a small window of opportunity in which she will allow herself to be seduced by you, and it’s up to you to capitalize on it. Miss that window and it’s game-over/friend zone!

Women have a highly tuned screening mechanism backed by massive amounts of real life experience for picking suitable sexual partners. If you pass her screening mechanisms, than you’re in. The quicker you can do this the better.

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Once you’re in, you need to sleep with her as fast as possible before you disqualify yourself. Before she decides to revoke your invitation, so to speak.

All of my dates these days are no longer than 2 to 3 hours long. If we are not on the way to her place or mine within that time frame, chances are I will not (my choice, not hers) go on a second date with her.

“Why? But isn’t that too quick?”

No, it’s not.

I’ve been on hundreds of dates, so I have an abnormal amount of experience with women. I only want to be with women who are comfortable with sex, and who I’m compatible with.

Not just that, since I’ve been on so many dates that lead to sex, I know how to overcome any and all objections she may give me. Plus in the back of my mind, I know that 95% of women will go home with a man after just a few hours.

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...
Take her home the same night using these simple tips below…

What to Do With Her Excuses…

Like I mentioned above, women may give you some excuses for why they shouldn’t home with you. Here’s how you should handle them.

What I’m about to share with you is from my very own arsenal. It’s proven 100% effective, and tested by myself and hundreds of my students!

If you suggest going back to your place and she says, “We really shouldn’t…”

You simply say, “You’re right, we shouldn’t. We’d probably have sex, and you’re gonna fall in love with me, and that’s not what I’m looking for right now!”

Then proceed to take her home!

If she says, “Why, so you can have sex with me?”

Say, “Whoa…stop thinking about sex, pervert! I just wanna talk some more and show you (whatever it is that you can show her at your place).”

I’ve actually told a woman that I wanted to show her my toaster oven and she was like, “Oh ok, cool.” And I took her home.

What if she says, “That would be a bad idea”?

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The only reason why a woman would say this is because she knows that she’ll have sex with you if she goes home with you, 100% guaranteed! If you hear this, you’re in!

In this situation, just agree and make it funny, “Yeah…It’s probably a really, really bad idea. You’re probably going to keep me up way past my bedtime” and just proceed to take her home.

If she mentions, “I never sleep with guys on the first date,” or that she needs to go on 3 or more dates to sleep with a guy…

She’s full of it! You can almost guarantee this woman will go home with you and then tell you after you’ve had sex with her that she, “never does this sort of thing.” If you hear these words, take her home that night! Remember, you never look bad for trying BUT you may look bad for not trying!

The key to all of the above is to do this fearlessly. Be unapologetic about your sexual desires. Women who go out on dates with you want you to seduce them. They’re literally rooting for you. Women need the man to lead them to the bedroom in a masculine and dominant way.

If you want a guaranteed second date, sleep with her on the first date. If you want to make sure she doesn’t start flaking on you after the first date, you better take a girl home that same night. Women usually don’t flake on men they sleep with.

Become fearless on your dates and watch the magic happen and the panties come off!

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...
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How to Be the “Best She’s Ever Had”

Once you’ve gotten her back to your place, congrats! You’re most of the way there!

But I want to stress one thing that’s really important.

If you don’t want it to be an awkward one-night stand… and you want to keep a girl around for some casual fun, or even as a girlfriend…

You’re gonna want to give her a sexual experience she’ll NEVER forget.

“F her good and she’ll stick around as long as you want”–I say it so often because it’s true!

And if you want to give her the kinds of pleasurable, “addictive orgasms” that’ll keep her around…

You should know all 3 different powerful orgasms a woman can have.

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I want to give her “tingling” clitoral orgasms

I want to give her out-of-control “g spot” orgasms

I want to give her addictive “deep spot” orgasms

And if you’re feeling really adventurous… here are some of my advanced orgasm secrets that few men know