Sutton Spinney Project
The Parish Council has been granted ownership of the waste ground opposite the church by the Land Registry, and it was decided to name this area as Sutton Spinney.
Sutton Spinney - Nature Garden
During the land adoption process it was noticed that a large Beech tree on the site was affected by a fungus (Meripilius Giganteus) which indicated that the tree was dying and in a dangerous condition.

Work was carried out on Thursday the 11th December 2011 to remove some 7 tons of diseased parts of affected trees, the costs being met from a number of residents within the Parish providing non-interest bearing loans totalling 1,350. Pictures of the operation to remove the affected timber can be viewed
Following the above, maintenance work has been carried out to remove brambles and prune back the branches which were overhanging the lane and church parking area. Some bird nesting boxes have now been positioned on the plot, and further work will be conducted to tidy up the area and plant wild flowers.
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