Virtual Cheating: A New Form of Infidelity, Self-deception, or Relief?

The probability that a person can cheat on a partner, depending on the duration of the relationship, varies between 40 and 70%. But, today, people are increasingly choosing to keep in touch through websites and chat apps instead of real dates, thanks to which a new form of infidelity has begun to spread rapidly.

There is a whole industry of sites like Ladadate that are full of Slavic women and that serve people who have regular real partners but are looking for virtual relationships. Moreover, statistics show that 69% of men and 47% of women surveyed do not consider online affairs to be cheating and a threat to their monogamous relationships. Let us take a look at some aspects of this rapidly gaining popularity phenomenon.

1.  Acquaintances Without Dating

On the Internet, you can find numerous stories about virtual romances with people who are attractive and pleasant until the moment when it comes to a real date. After that, they disappear. Among these online lovers, a significant proportion of people with long-term family experience and children, as well as unmarried people who are behind their regular partners’ back when they are asleep or absent, are in a distant relationship with someone else through apps. They are not going to develop their connections further than the Internet, but they do not want to do without them.

texting man

2.  The Place of an Online Affair in Real Relationships

Most people would consider it cheating, but not John Portmann, assistant professor at the University of Virginia and author of In Defense of Lust. He says virtual relationships can be helpful. He sees these new types of infidelity as a safety valve in traditional monogamous relationships. They can be compared to the birth control pill that prevents unwanted pregnancies. Only in this case, virtual betrayal insures against real infidelity or divorce.

In his essay Conversation Isn’t Cheating, Portmann argues that if we assume that extramarital affairs no longer exist in real life, and sex outside of someone’s relationship is just a high-tech flirtation that promotes healthy sexual release, then it is comparable to erotic literature. Why not give such infidelity a place in a monogamous relationship? It preserves sexual exclusivity for a real partner and requires a titanic power of imagination for a virtual one.

3.  Honesty is the Best Policy

While the Internet has blurred the line between loyalty and infidelity, old-fashioned prim honesty wins. If you really need someone besides a real person with whom you would like to flirt on the Internet, discuss this with your regular partner. If you stick to certain boundaries, you may get permission, and your better half may want to do the same. But above all, be honest.

4.  Software Flirt

Since 2016, several major tech companies have introduced bot platforms that are being touted as a new frontier in our interaction with services on the Internet. According to roboticist David Levy, we are at the beginning of a new sexual revolution, in which intelligent machines will bear us romantic company online. He believes that in a few years, there will be sexual bots that have complex intelligence, including encyclopedic knowledge and a whole range of emotions.

In any case, it is up to you to decide if virtual flirting is cheating or not.

7 Reasons You Keep Failing In Love

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the wrong men who just treat you bad and disrespect you? Have you ever been in a toxic relationship which destroyed your self-esteem and self-value? Yet, you didn’t see it while you were in the midst of such a bad relationship with your partner.

This blindness left you feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Why wouldn’t it? You are an intelligent woman who has built a successful career, and on the outside, it looks like you have everything going great for you. Why can’t you see the reality just for some stupid reasons?

It is Time For Some Hot Truth

The key reason you keep repeating this egregiously painful pattern in your love life is that YOU are treating YOU bad and disrespecting YOU. What happens is you just keep attracting a mirrored relationship that you have with yourself into your love life. The success that you have accomplished in your career or other areas of your life has nothing to do with it.

You having money in a bank account is not indicative or a reflection of an amazingly intimate and nurturing relationship with yourself. The reason as to why your ex was abusive, never paid attention to you, disregarded your needs, or cheated on you is because you have been doing it all to yourself. He was just a reflection of the relationship that you have with yourself.

Career as a Band-Aid

Quite on the contrary, having success in other areas of your life makes it all so confusing for you to navigate through your love life. In your career, you don’t need to be as vulnerable as you have to be in your love life. Although, if you want to have a passionate and respectful relationship. But here is the secret, the only way for you to have and create a fantastic relationship or marriage is to date yourself for a little bit.

What I see happening in so many women’s’ lives is that they’re so afraid of loneliness that they are in a constant need of a man. They want this man to be capable enough to make them feel complete, desired, feminine or loved.

Stop Chasing The Secret That Doesn’t Exist

There are no shortcuts to building a healthy relationship with a man. You need to feel your own self. Feel the inner girl stuck inside you, who is crying for attention and love from you. But, what you have been doing instead is chasing that attention from men. Although, you should know that it doesn’t work this way. It is because of this reason that you still feel so empty. The person who can give it all to that little girl inside of you is no one else but YOU and ONLY YOU.

Women keep jumping from one relationship to another without taking the time to date themselves, without taking the time to heal and feel the pain. You use your new relationship as a Band-Aid to suppress the feeling of your broken heart. You also cover the pain from childhood trauma that you had experienced, which was triggered by a breakup or divorce.

Are You Whoring Your Love?

Dating is great if you come from a place of abundance, where you love another person because you have an excess of love from loving yourself. No one tells you about the two places from which most people from their love life: marriage or intimate relationships. Let us use half full or empty glass of bubbles as a metaphor.

A first position is a place of abundance. Your glass is full. You take the time to love, accept and trust yourself. Finally, you have so much of self-love that it starts spilling out of the glass. This is where you decide to share it with another person by creating a relationship where you give, celebrate and grow. Unfortunately, this is not how 99% of us build our love lives.

Deep Dive Into Reality of Love Life

The second and more frequent position that most people set off from to build their relationship is scarcity. Your glass is half full. Instead of filling it yourself, you want a man to fill your empty glass for you. You need a man to feel complete, desired and wanted. It is because of your desire to feel complete; you start a relationship.

As a result, you make your intimate relationship a place to take. It turns out as a business venture, rather than being a spiritual and sacred union of two souls. Being in such a weak position, we start whoring for love. Although, by behaving in this manner, you will never feel worthy, loved and alive enough.

If you are in the second position, then you will probably start dating. You will stay in a wrong relationship simply because you are too afraid to be alone. It is exacerbated by the fact that time is flying and almost half of your life is gone now. You are probably even more afraid to stay alone than ever before. Finally, you start living in a constant state of fear and loneliness. A state in which no success in your career will ever compensate for the loss that you bear.

As a result, you start facing many consequences, which are obviously quite painful: broken heart, breakup, divorce, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and ongoing emotional trauma.

Top Reasons You Can’t Let Go Of Your Past

Divorce or heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences we’ll ever go through. What perpetuates this pain is getting stuck in the past when your life is actually moving on. Today, I’ll be sharing the top 3 reasons women can’t let go of the past after a heartbreak.

Pushing Him or Hurting Yourself?

This is a big one. When a heartbreak comes out of the blue, you can’t help but turn into a dragon, who opens her mouth and it’s only fire that comes out. When we’re filled with “he’s wrong/I’m right” anger, it can be all too easy to fall down the slippery slope of holding on to that anger and unforgiveness as a tool for vengeance. Or if you’re going through a divorce, writing to your lawyer every single minute can turn into a bill, which equivalents to a brand-new Range Rover.


Get clear on your motivation before you go the route of punishing your ex and slow death for yourself.

When I worked with Jennifer, she didn’t care about anything in her first year of marriage. But it was like an oxygen for her to make sure that John shared her pain. She was on the mission to not make his life easy. Through our work together, she realised the detrimental impact the revenge had on HER happiness. She was trapping herself in the cage.

Looking back, she regrets allowing her emotions to dictate so many decisions. One day she told me, “I believed that I was stretching out the divorce to punish Jonh. I didn’t want him to get off the hook so easily. But I was really punishing and hurting myself. He’d moved on.

Bad-Mouthing Yourself or Your Ex?

Sarah was furious to hear that David asked for a divorce after his affair came out. She couldn’t think straight. She wanted to destroy everything and everyone because of the injustice and unfairness she felt. All she could see was that he was abandoning her and their two kids for someone else.

As soon as daughters started splitting their time between their mom’s and dad’s home, Sarah couldn’t help but interrogate the girls every time they got back from the dad’s. Sarah took on a role of communicating the anger and resentment she couldn’t express to David to the girls. One night when Sarah was pouring her anger out on girls, they started to cry. They said, “I’m sorry mom, but I don’t know how to answer your questions anymore. Either way I’m wrong.”


Sarah learned the importance of not bad-mouthing her kid’s father. Because it drags the pain with you. What might be an angry outburst in the beginning of the breakup can turn into a lifelong pattern of not letting go.

Remind yourself not to burden your kids or friends with the details of what had happened over and over again. You completely have the right to share what needs to be shared but don’t talk about the other woman. Now it’s the time to focus on yourself, not on other women.

When Reasons For Leaving Aren’t Good Enough

Haven’t we all been there? When heartbreak comes from nowhere, you can’t help but look for the reasons inside because the real reason doesn’t sound good enough to break the relationship. You still want to save your marriage. At some point, you realise that you’ve been doing everything for everyone – helping everyone out.

A few years later you discover that everything is on your shoulders: the house, the kids, the garden, and family panning…. you’re exhausted. But instead of seeing the situation for what it is, you start blaming others for not appreciating the things or self-sacrifice you did for them.

No one will give you a medal for not loving yourself. The world is filled with women who initially started to put everyone else before themselves only to find themselves doing everything and running on empty. If you have hard times dealing with guilt when taking time for yourself, then read this about self-love.


You let everyone need something from you. Now it’s time to do something for you. Now it’s time to learn the value of asking for help. Reach out to me to help you get the life and love you want faster and less painful. You’ll quickly discover that if you turn to professionals like myself you’ll get to the bottom of things faster.

Seeking professional support during early months of your divorce or breakup makes it possible for you to help your kids, nurture your business, and be a better friend in ways you could never have alone.

Now that you’ve got a deep insight into what’s been holding you back, let me know what aha moments you had. Plus, share what stopped you from realizing all of that on your own? What fears?

The fear of facing reality will go away if you have a professional to guide you to the HOW.

The best advice is to seek the best advice. Don’t rely on your best friends to help you. Seek professional help. It’ll save you tears, time in pain, sleepless nights, and bottles of wine.

How To Stop Being People Pleaser & Love Yourself?

Have you ever felt being taken for granted or taken advantage of in your intimate relationships, sex life, marriage, work or friendships? Do you ever find yourself giving and giving, and then when it’s your time to ask for a small favour those TAKERS disappear. Then, you can’t help but start feeling alone in spite of having friends, spouse, partner or coworkers. You are not alone trying to be a people pleaser.

When you keep attracting TAKERS into your life, you can’t help but feel LONELY in this world full of people. This stops now. The time has come for you to stop being a people pleaser.

It starts with loving and respecting yourself first. Can you do that? Self-love is a foundation for any relationship you will ever have in your life. Therefore, the step #1 to stop being a people pleaser and doormat is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Step 1. Take the Responsibility

I know you might be wondering how can you take the responsibility for people who take you for granted and use you. Even the way you word the question puts you in a position of powerlessness. You need to change it. You can waste years, months or days blaming people for the way your life turned out or for what you can’t do in your life, but it will not take you anywhere.

In fact, the only person you won’t be able to change would be them and the only person getting affected will be you. You will make your life totally miserable in this entire exercise. This pattern will force you to seek people’s approval even more and that is why you shall start practicing self-love by loving yourself more. It is a baby step process but goes a long way.

Once you have claimed responsibility over your life and choices you make in your life, it’s time to move on to the second step to stop being a people pleaser.

Step 2. What Are You Doing That Attracts Them into Your Life?

Its a cliche saying, but it doesn’t takes away a valuable lesson it has to offer. They say it takes two to tango. Isn’t it true in this case as well? Try to look at your love relationship from a distance. Observe yourself and note down your behaviour as if you were watching a movie. By removing emotions from a situation, you can see it for what it is and decipher patterns that you fall into, which sabotage healthy relationships.

You are teaching people how to interact with you.

It is because of this reason that the practice of self-love and loving yourself helps you stop being people pleasers. Love thyself, before you love someone else. If you don’t respect yourself and don’t take time off when you need it then you shouldn’t expect people to do that for you, towards you. Do you give yourself the time when your health calls for it, or when your energy levels are depleting down!

What are Your Signals to Invite Interaction?

I used to be the greatest GIVER of all

I remember myself giving and giving in my personal relationships, but when my time came to ask for a puny favour – my friends or collaborators disappeared. It felt lonely, to say the least. I was blaming people for being pathological takers and their sense of entitlement.

I Realized Everyone is Not that Bad

So, I stopped and started pondering what could be the reason behind such a behaviour. It took a lot of bravery to do an introspection and take responsibility for my contribution towards my own relationships.

An AHA Moment of My Life

One day, I realised that I was training people to take advantage of me, although not all of them, but still too many. I figured out that I would meet normal people who cared about me and then train them to become the real TAKERS.

Today, I am going to share these patterns with you. Don’t forget to ask yourself and see if they resonate with you.

Tip 1: Do Not Avoid Questions, Face Them

As a registered sex therapist, marriage counsellor and self-love coach, I am naturally gifted with the art of asking questions. It imparts me the guidelines to help people open new doors of opportunities for themselves, but I failed when tried to answer the same questions for myself. I thought my problems didn’t matter. May be, other people had their own problems, or no one cared about what I had to say.  So, I was avoiding questions and directing the conversation to a speaker when a question was posed to me. I was very good at it.

Tip 2: Listen Quietly, Contribute to Conversation

What makes any conversation great and resourceful is the contribution made from all the participants. Have you ever had a conversation where it was so organic that both of you contributed equally to the conversation and the next thing you know – it has been 3 hours. Time flew by and you didn’t even realized.

When all you do is listen quietly, you turn a conversation into a monologue. Of course, there are deep issues behind adopting this behaviour. Maybe, you thought that your story was not worthy of being told, or you had nothing to offer to the conversation. Fear of not being good enough gets you even here. When you get afraid to say something, thinking that it may make you appear stupid or uneducated, and you let your fear dictate your choice of actions.

Tip 3: Don’t Always Say “I’m Good”, Express Your Feelings

Oh, boy! I was one of those people once. Whenever someone asked me how I was doing, the answer was always “GREAT!” What could naturally happen when you use “great” 365 days a year, even when it is just the opposite of what is actually happening into your life?

3 Little Things That’ll Dramatically Improve Your Bond with Your Partner

Improving your bond with your partner should not only be on an emotional level but also on a neurological level. Because you don’t always feel emotionally connected with your partner. Sometimes you need to take a conscious step towards bringing yourself closer to your lover. This is why you need to target your heart as well as your head. This way you can dramatically improve the level of closeness and connection in your relationship.

Emotional Flooding to Spark Intimacy

Our brain is wired to focus on the negative. So it’s natural for the couple to forget about the good times that they’ve shared together. Doing “positive memories flooding” experience activates dopamine and oxytocin that rekindle the intimate bond between partners.

Improving the bond with your partner

Take turns to share your three positive memories of the relationship. Make it a weekly habit. The more you train your brain to recall the positives, the easier it will become each time.

Ultimately, what we’re teaching the brain to do here is to rewire neuropathways into making closeness and intimacy your everyday experiences.

This exercise has been so powerful for my clients that in some cases it helped people save their marriage and dissolved their desire to ask for a divorce.

Seducing Your Partner’s Brain 

Another way you can strengthen your relationship regardless of your busy business schedule is to physically relive your positive memories. Visit those memorable places you’ve been to before.

It can be the place where you first met, had a romantic and sexy dinner, had great sex, where you spent your first anniversary or had a passionate kiss while on your everyday walk.

When There is Too Much Distance Between You

What some couples find challenging is to access the positive memories especially when the relationship hasn’t been that great. Some anger or frustration and emotional abuse have built up, which might make it difficult to do an Emotional Flooding experiences right away.

This is why it would be best to start with seducing your brain first into thinking positively.

Imagine going to the restaurant where you’d had an amazing date before. You can’t help but be reminded of that passionate date night experience. The next thing you’ll realize your partner and you’ll talk about that memory while also being present there physically.

Romantic Getaway to Reignite Intimacy

Working with a lot of successful business professionals and being one myself, I know the destructive power stress can have on your sex life and emotional intimacy.

This is why it becomes beneficial to spend some time away from work or other things that’s been keeping your attention away from each other. This shouldn’t be the main way you rekindle your intimacy in your relationship, but it’s a great start.

Finding your way back to each other

Ideally, you want to be able to flood yourself with positive memories to find each other again, but you have to start somewhere. Having a romantic getaway will be your gradual start towards making your relationship stress proof.

Some time alone together will help you both remember the way you felt about each other then. Once you’ll have this starting point you can take it to the next level by first seducing your partner’s brain and then doing an emotional flooding exercise.

I know sometimes it feels like you’ve drifted too far away from your partner. The guilt and shame around it prevent you from connecting with the person you love the most.

Get Men Accept You as You Are

When you’ve experienced a sense of helpless, no control, and powerlessness that comes from being in an abusive and toxic relationship, you know the feeling you get inside you once you get yourself out of it. The feeling of NO MORE and NEVER AGAIN. Your whole soul makes a commitment to never get into a relationship where you’re taken for granted, where you’re controlled by a man, or where you have no voice to make a decision.

With that commitment, another problem tends to show up. You start noticing that men you’re dating right now want to change you. They feel intimidated by your new success and independence. You can’t help but wonder how to get them to accept you for who you are.

I want to help you find this answer. It won’t be the answer you’re expecting, but it’ll give you a new perspective to see the reality for what it is. Because over 7 years I’ve seen successful women repeat the same pattern again and again after they come out of a nasty divorce with a narcissist.

They’re so scared of getting into the same helpless position again that after the divorce they jump into another extreme of independence and control. No matter what they try, they still end up in a wrong relationship where men either disappear or don’t connect on an intimate level. So why can’t women find the right way to solve their presenting problem?

Focusing on a wrong problem, or not a problem at all

One of the core reasons why we can’t solve a problem is because we’re not dealing with the actual problem. I know it sounds counterintuitive but it’s so true. We do so because facing the real problem would mean feeling the real pain that comes with it. As a way to avoid it, we come up with surface problems that feel lighter. But this approach is so detrimental to our happiness for a few reasons:

It’s not painful enough

We’ll do more to avoid pain than experience pleasure. The surface problem tends to not be emotional and painful enough to take the necessary action. For instance, “I want to get men to accept me for who I am” is not as powerful and serious as “The pain I experienced in my previous marriage instilled so much fear in me that I keep pushing away men anytime I feel out of control.”

No place for motivation

With the surface problem, we blame men for not appreciating us. It’s their problem, not ours. Let them do the work. We’re perfectly fine. Plus, the formulation of the problem doesn’t create enough urgency to take action and do something about it.

They don’t trust me

They don’t trust me not as in trusting my ability to help them, but rather because they see their problem differently. When I start showing the connection between their broken marriage, unhealed post-divorce trauma, and the present, they just don’t understand it. They dismiss it. They don’t hear it. This is why perception is a key in facing the real cause of pain in life, especially when dealing with divorce or breakup.

Finding the solution when nothing worked

So if you’re struggling to find a way to get men to accept you for who you are, then I’m inviting you to reflect back and see if you’re facing the truth. Because there is a reason why they find you intimidating. I know denial can be tempting because it’s just another way to not feel the pain that is so excruciating.

But the truth is just because you numbed your pain it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It is. It shows up differently. In this case, it shows up as a problem of you not being in a loving relationship. You not being able to meet the man who loves you and respects what you have to offer to a relationship.

Stop being so hard on yourself for a wrong reason

Be honest with yourself because the truth will set you free. The first step to making a change is realizing that you were focusing on the wrong problem. Once the realization is here, you’ve already made the first step.

Don’t judge yourself for not seeing it right away. Don’t use this opportunity for growth as another chance to be hard on yourself and feel shame and guilt because of it. Rather celebrate it. You’re one step closer to where you want to be.

Finding strength to heal post-divorce trauma

The next step is to accept that you can’t deal with this on your own. You can’t. Not because you’re not strong enough or you’re weak. But rather because YOU’RE STRONG and WISE enough to know better the next time. To know better this time. I’m here for you. You’re hungry for change and healing because you’re here on my website, reading this post. It means the time has come. Cease the moment. Don’t let time run away from you.

5 Signs Your Breakup Was for Good or Bad

divorce pain

Breakups hurt. I thought I’d grow older and it won’t hurt as bad only to find out that the heartbreak pain doesn’t decrease with age. It hurt when I was fourteen as much as it did later in my life. I also see it from working with women who’re healing or going through a divorce. When the pain is overwhelming it’s extremely hard to see the positive lessons that breakup gives you. But they’re there if you really want to see them. Here’re the 7 signs your breakup was for the best.

1.Your Worst Fears Come True

The tipping point for many people is the realization that their relationships are bringing out the worst in them and their partners. You start turning into your parents, who might have been fighting all of your childhood. One day you made yourself a promise to NEVER become them, yet you catch yourself in a relationship that isn’t far from what you’ve been trying to escape.

Instead of losing yourself in self-doubt or self-criticism, give yourself a huge hug for letting go of something that didn’t serve you. You’re the maker of your life. That breakup gave you an opportunity to find yourself again.

2.The Bad Times Outweigh The Good Ones

How many times were you giving this relationship a second chance? You were hoping that it’ll work out. You even went to couples therapy. You tried to compromise, understand each other’s point of view, and make it work. But one night you were taken by surprise – by a wave of realization that the silence and the distance between you two have been growing wider and more painful.

The pain starts to overpower and erase the good memories. Even dining out with your friends becomes an unpleasant experience because you see what you’re missing on. When you know in your heart that the bad has become the new norm for your relationship, then it’s a sign that leaving the relationship was the right choice. Bear in mind that RIGHT doesn’t necessarily mean PAINLESS. 

3.Nothing You Tried Is Making Things Better

A client of mine, Laura, couldn’t any longer deny that something was missing in her marriage. She found herself staying late at her demanding business, dental practice, all while resenting her husband.

During those nights at the office, she would recall everything that they tried to save their marriage. Therapy and heart-to-heart conversations hadn’t changed things. Compromising and trying to become “better” persons also didn’t help.

It actually only made Laura forget who she truly was. It got to the point where even a light breath of her husband made her crazy.

When in your heart you know that you’ve tried everything you could without sacrificing your self-value and self-esteem, then give yourself permission to face the reality. Sometimes relationships don’t work out. If on your way of trying to save a relationship you realize that you’ve lost yourself than the divorce is the gift you give yourself.

4.The Movie You Don’t Want Your Kids To See

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from women that they stayed in a relationship because of the kids. Because they didn’t want to hurt them by going through a divorce. But it’s not fair to blame a 5-year-old for your decision to stay in a relationship that is torture.

When you’re letting your children see the fights, the distance, the coldness, and that neglect, it’s far from setting a good example for your children, isn’t it? It’s not even an ok example. It’s a BAD example. Your fear makes your children pay for the lack of your action.

Your kids are seeing you – THEIR ROLE MODEL – being mistreated or mistreating their father, devalued, emotionally abused or neglected. Instead of worrying about hurting them, you need to realize that you’re ALREADY hurting them. You worry should be that they’ll seek out this type of relationship when they grow up.

5.Repeating The History

When you catch yourself in a relationship that is just a replica of the toxic relationships you were surrounded by when growing up, you know that leaving that relationship is the life-changing step.

Why? Because when you’re treated a certain way that is abusive and disrespectful right from an early age, you get immune to it. When you get immune to it, you think that the way you’re treated is OK. But it’s not.

Your work becomes about unlearning thinking that you were supposed to be treated this way. Otherwise, I see the most successful women become hopeless and depressed about the relationship.

The #1 Reason Most Guys Fail Miserably with Women

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When most men approach an attractive woman that they want to go out on a date with, they’re totally clueless what to do.

This can cause you to overthink the situation.

Which triggers the worst (and least appropriate) psychological response imaginable.

Fight or flight.

When men get nervous, our caveman brains kick in. 

It assumes that we must be nervous because there’s a predator nearby.

This makes our brain produce adrenaline like crazy, with predictable consequences.

Shaky hands.

Trembling voice.

A complete inability to hold a casual conversation.

But this week I’m going to show you how to avoid this nervous response.

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In the video above, I show you my proven techniques that I’ve used with my clients for years to help them overcome this fear.

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The #1 Reason Most Guys Fail Miserably with Women

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The #1 Reason Most Guys Fail Miserably with Women

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The #1 Reason Most Guys Fail Miserably with Women

Flirting Without Words

Once you’re good and relaxed… you’re ready to interact with a hot girl you see. 

Notice I don’t say “talk”… “interact” is a much better word… since talking isn’t going to get you anywhere fast. 

In fact talking is the LEAST important part of flirting, because non-verbal communication makes up an astounding 93% of communication. 

This ESPECIALLY rings true if you’re trying to turn her on…

Think about it, you think she’s going to get wet from a funny joke you make? No!

Instead of talking to turn her on and get her to like you… it’s all about how you touch her.

Don’t worry! There’s nothing creepy or Jeffery Epstein about this at all. It’s so subtle she’ll barely notice you’ve touched her at all.

And if you know this 3-step touch sequence I’ve personally tested to bang over 400 hot girls… then it makes it so that you can talk about the weather… 

Or a TV show… 

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College Girl Reveals the #1 Way to Ask Her Out (Perfect for Older Guys)

how to meet girls in college

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College is a wonderfully strange place.

As a girl who’s currently in college, I’ve realized a few things over the years.

First, college campuses have become a sort of “safe zone” for students to feel comfortable meeting new people without the pressure of the “bar scene” or the awkwardness of meeting on the street.

And this might surprise you, but in my experience… I actually want more guys to approach me!

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Just walking part of the way to class with me is enough for me to know if I want something more.

(I don’t tell many people this, but I’ve even taken the longer way to my classes just to pass by a couple more guys.)

Of course, there’s always a chance I won’t be interested if you talk to me — but you might be surprised what you find out if you try.

Plus, if I like and respect you as a person, then I’ll definitely be telling my cute, single friends about you later. 🙂

So today, I’m going to show you exactly how to meet and ask out college girls, without ever risking rejection.

The #1 Key to Approaching College Girls Without Scaring Them Away

The key to truly piquing my interest, or the interest of any college girl, is to be confident without being too assertive.

There’s a fine line between bold and forceful, and it’s important to straddle it with care.

Now, there are definitely some gray areas when it comes to the signs that a woman is into you, but Gotham Club expert David Dupree has recently revealed a foolproof way to let a woman know you’re interested without being overly aggressive.

So keep reading, because I’m about to show you the 3-step “formula” to ask out a college girl that will maximize your chances of success.

1) Use Your Surroundings to Your Advantage

As you probably already know, to start any good conversation, you need an opener.

Your opening line should be non-threatening and even innocent so that the girl on the receiving end feels comfortable continuing the conversation with you.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to do this on a college campus. The trick is to take advantage of your environment.

Most campuses have important artifacts on campus that are specific to the university’s history — these artifacts are scattered all over the campus. It can be anything from a statue…

To a commemorative bench…

Or even a tree.

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Pick one, and remember it.

If you can’t find any artifacts, look around at the buildings. Find a map and locate a relatively obscure building — keep the name of the building in mind.

And here’s what to do next:

2) Ask a Question & Walk Away (Seriously)

Yes, you read that right — you’re going to walk away.

But first, you need to establish a simple connection.

This is where it’s important to use your blind confidence — simply walk up to her with your “artifact” or building in mind, and ask her:

“Hey, do you know where [name of artifact/building] is?”

You don’t need to lead with your name or have any sort of formal introduction. Just play it safe and ask the question — it does all the work for you.

And because this is a casual, first-time interaction, it’s important not to take it too seriously.

Approach her with a smile and stand up tall — because you’re not actually asking her on a date, there’s zero pressure on you to perform.

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I repeat: you are not asking her on a date. Keep this in mind.

You’re just a normal guy, talking to a normal girl.

This opening line works because it allows her to sympathize with you. Everyone has been in this position before: Lost and having to ask random people for directions. Chances are she’ll be willing to at least help you out (if not introduce herself to you).

So what next?

After she tells you where to go, this is your cue to walk away.

It Doesn’t End There…

Even if you keep talking to her, keep walking.

This works because it’s strategic — you’re getting out of your head, and you’re presenting yourself as a non-threat to her.

It might sound counterintuitive, but trust me. As a college girl, this is the best thing you can do to maximize your odds of success.

So after you ask a few girls where something is, your next step is to find a place to sit down.

Make sure this is an area of constant traffic. Here are a few good examples:

  • A local coffee shop…
  • The library…
  • A courtyard…
  • In the grass…

Wherever — when you find it, pop a squat.

Sooner or later, the woman you talked to earlier will be likely to pass by, while you are already in the perfect spot for her to notice you.

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If she sees you, she’ll recognize you as the man she helped. This gives her all the more reason to approach you. 🙂

And now you can have that meaningful conversation you probably expected to have earlier.

Doing this works, because only the girls who actually want to know more about you will approach you here. It’s a win/win.

3) Don’t Give Up

Now that you’ve started getting the hang of the technique, it’s time to perfect it. And as with anything, practice makes perfect!

What’s great about this process is that, unlike with other methods, it’s 100% risk-free. You give the choice completely to the woman, so she won’t see you as “forward” or “aggressive.”

Because of this, you are free to practice without fear of failure.

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College Girl Reveals the #1 Way to Ask Her Out (Perfect For Older Guys)

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And I’m not the only one — all my girlfriends agree… most college-age guys just don’t know how to sexually satisfy us. Almost like they just don’t care.

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