5 Creative Ways to Turn Your Photos Into Memories

Photographs capture a moment in time. They’re poignant reminders of the people we love, the places we’ve seen, and the memories we’ve made. They also help us document those seemingly mundane everyday moments. 

The years pass in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, your photographs are the only thing you have left to remember those precious times. So, why not immortalize them into beautiful works of art? Forget about dusty old photo albums and check out these five creative ways to turn your photos into memories.

Transform a Photo Into a Painting

If there’s that one photo you absolutely adore, why not turn it into a real-life painting? It’s a lovely way to honor the memory of a loved one or commemorate a special occasion. You could also give it to your significant other as a unique gift. 

There are countless apps and software programs that apply artistic effects to a photo with digital tools. Still, it’s not the same as a real painting. 

If you want a hand-crafted recreation of your photograph, you can commission an artist to do so. As suggested on Instapainting, a photo-turned-painting works well for photo-realism, landscapes, portraits, and customized pieces. 

Keep a Photo Journal

Journaling is an expressive way to record events, feelings, and finer details that you might’ve otherwise forgotten. Combine it with pictures, and you’ve got yourself a magical time machine. 

With a photo journal, you’ll eternalize special memories and take a trip down memory lane whenever you like. It’s also a fantastic way to preserve your family history. You can do it the old-fashioned way by printing pictures regularly and updating your photo journal with memorabilia and jotted-down thoughts.

If you’re more tech-savvy, try using a scrapbooking app or software and turn your digital albums into a hardcover book. Most companies will also let you add your own text.

Make a Slideshow Video

You can use an online program or get an expert to create a slideshow from your favorite albums. A video is a fantastic way to condense a large number of photos into a single montage. Plus, it gives you the creative freedom to add artistic effects, a special song, or other forms of media. You can even put a story-telling twist to it, so it’s more of a mini-movie than a slideshow. 

Get Photo-Printed Items

If you prefer something more sentimental that also compliments your home, then think photo-printed decor. A picture on a throw cushion can be a fun, tongue-in-cheek reminder of a special person or an artistic expression of love. 

A lampshade or lantern covered in a selection of your favorite images is another gorgeous way to preserve memories. You could do this with various other items, but use discernment as some things could just end up looking cheesy.

Create a Collage

If you have a bare wall, why not frame pictures in various sizes to create a statement piece collage? It’s a fun and creative way to preserve moments, but it’ll also compliment your decor.

You could try a central larger picture with smaller ones surrounding or a collection of same-sized portrait and landscape shots for a more geometric look. You can also leverage the color of the wall and frames to create a cohesive work of art. Alternatively, you can use a collage-maker program or app and have it professionally printed on canvas.

Now You Know

Turning your photographs into exquisite memories is a beautiful way to remember the special people and moments in your life. You can transform an image into a painting, keep a photo journal, or make a slideshow. Photo-printed items and a statement piece collage are also lovely options.

Inside the Secret World of a Dominatrix…(You Won’t Believe It)

Inside the Secret World of a Dominatrix...

What Does a Dominatrix Do? Go Behind the Scenes of BDSM… 

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When you hear the word “dominatrix,” what do you see?

A girl dressed in a leather catsuit…?

Maybe she’s holding a whip…?

Or some handcuffs…?

It’s normal to think that being a dominatrix is all about whips, chains, and pain…but this isn’t the whole story!

what does a dominatrix do

Meet the Pornstar And Ex-Dominatrix Who’s Baring It All for You…

I’m Lyra Law, pornstar and ex-Dom…and today I’m gonna show you what being a dominatrix is REALLY like. 😉  (Maybe you read my last article on here about my favorite oral sex technique.)

As a pornstar, I have all different kinds of sex…so I’m no stranger to BDSM. In fact, I first got my start in the industry as a dominatrix!

You might say I jumped into it “head-first”…and I absolutely fell in love with it. And while I’m not a Dom anymore…I still think about it from time to time.

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And what I’ve realized is that most people have NO idea what really goes on in the world of Doms, Subs, and BDSM.

So I want to share with you the 4 biggest misconceptions guys have about what being a dominatrix is really like.

Ready to get started?

Beginning with myth #1:

Myth #1: Men Are Always Doms And Women Are Always Subs

A lot of people assume that men are always the more “dominant” sexual force…this is so not true!

As an ex-Dom, I know firsthand how many women absolutely love being Doms…and how many men only want to be a Sub.

Personally, I love being in control in the bedroom…it makes me feel powerful, which is a huge turn-on.

On top of that, a lot of men are used to being in control of every aspect of their lives…so being a Sub is sort of a “release” for them. It allows them to let everything go, and let someone else (like me) take the reigns for once.

So if you’ve ever fantasized about being completely dominated by a woman…you’re not alone. It’s actually quite common. 🙂

Which brings me to the next common misconception about the world of BDSM…

Myth #2: It’s All About Whips, Chains, And Pain

I won’t lie…whips and chains are absolutely a part of being a dominatrix. So is pain.

But that’s not all there is to it! It’s much more nuanced than that.

As a dominatrix, my job is to pleasure you…but you have to relinquish control before I can do that.

While some guys see whips and chains as the easiest way to relinquish this control…there are other ways.

For example, some guys get off on being my “pet.” They get on all fours and I “walk” them.

I’ve also dressed up as Hitler’s mistress…

Played “doctor…

Used catheters and injections…

And if you think that’s weird, that’s just the tip of the iceberg: One guy even asked to smell my farts once.

Do you see how “relinquishing control” can mean very different things to different people?

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Speaking of people, a lot of guys think that only “weirdos” would go see a dominatrix.

In reality, 99% of my clients are normal, working-class straight men. They’re just looking for a little something “extra.”

They treat women with respect and are 100% sane…I just give them the release they’re looking for. 😉

Myth #3 – The Dom Is In Control

Dominatrix = dominating…right?

OK, yes. But that’s not the whole story.

The Dom and the Sub have a very special relationship — the Dom’s job is ultimately to give the Sub an orgasm, so in reality, the Sub has the power.

While the Dom does handle most of the “action” in bed, the Sub usually calls the shots.

The Sub sets the boundaries and limits — like a safe word — and the Dom can only do what the Sub will allow.

For example, if you see a video of a Dom dripping candle wax onto a Sub, this is something the Sub previously requested. It’s what the Sub wants.

And this relationship requires a lot of trust on both ends. The Sub trusts that the Dom won’t overstep her (or his) boundaries…

And the Dom trusts that the Sub is relinquishing 100% of his (or her) control…not 95%. Not 97%. 100%.

This kind of agreement allows the Dom to take the Sub to a new headspace…I call it the “Sub space.” It’s here where the fun can finally begin. 

Myth #4: You’re Either A Dom Or A Sub…Not Both

I’ve done a lot of work as a Dominatrix…and don’t get me wrong, I f’in love being in charge…

But I also loooove being a Sub.

People who enjoy both roles — being a Dom and a Sub — are what we in the industry call a “Switch.”

A Switch is someone who can “switch” between the two roles, depending on how they’re feeling and the circumstances.

For example, if a guy can’t dominate me in bed every once in a while, I’ll be missing something from my sex life…I need the give and take to be balanced in order to be completely satisfied.

What turns me on most in a guy is someone who’s comfortable with both being in control and relinquishing control…in my personal life, I need somebody who can do both.

So what does a Dom/Sub relationship really look like in the bedroom?

It looks however you want it to look!

What’s great about these roles is that you and your partner can define them any way you please.

If you’re a Dom who’s into bondage, then introduce a short crop (a kind of whip) or maybe a blindfold in the bedroom…start small, and gradually increase the pain.

While I’ll admit I enjoy the more “extreme” sex acts, the Dom/Sub relationship isn’t all about pain.

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There’s a gray area between “vanilla” sex and full-on BDSM…it’s whatever you want it to be. 🙂

Beyond the world of BDSM, there is one more “industry secret” I have to share with you…

It’s about the kind of sex that drives girls like me f’in nuts…the kind of sex she’ll never forget…the kind that gets her borderline “addicted” to you…

Although “addicted” isn’t quite the right word…us girls in the industry call it “c**k drunk.”

Inside the Secret World of a Dominatrix...

How to Get Her “C**K Drunk” on YOU…

“Sounds like someone’s gone c**k drunk!” My co-star Edyn told me…

I had spent the last hour telling her all about my f–k buddy “Burt”…how “full” he felt inside me…how I went down on him for half an hour that morning…mmm, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it…

But “c**k drunk”?? That’s a first. “What the hell does THAT mean?” I asked her…

She gave me a pouty frown…”You didn’t watch my video, did you?”

She had sent it to me that morning…but I was “working”… 😉

She pulled out her phone…”Here, just watch,” she said, pressing play:

The video said:

“If a guy can give me the pleasure I crave…if he can turn me on the way I want…well, I’ll keep coming back to him day after day…and for one reason only: I want his c**k inside me. It’s what I call being ‘c**k drunk’.”

So I WASN’T crazy! All those urges…how I needed his manhood 24/7…thinking about him during EVERY scene at work…the sheet-soaking “night orgasms”…I was just c**k drunk.

I never knew how to put it into words…but you can watch Edyn show you, step-by-step, how to do it here:

Pornstar Edyn Blair: “How to Get Me C**K Drunk on YOU” (Warning: NSFW!)

If You Want to Experiment With “Rough” Sex Or Get Her to Unleash Her Kinkier Side…

… then I’ve got good news:

Universally, almost all women like sex to be at least a LITTLE rough (myself included)…

And there are some rough moves, which are on the safer side, that give women extraordinary pleasure… without really risking going too far.

Deep down, almost all women CRAVE these rough sex moves…

… though because we don’t want to be “judged” or come off as a “sl*t”

… we usually won’t open up about it, until the man takes the initiative and gets a little rough with us first. 😉

Just click the move you want to know more about below:

1) The Dominant Hand-Hold

2) The S&M Spank

3) The Goldilocks Choke

P.S. This is embarrassing to admit, but I came in like 2 minutes the last time a guy did this to me lol… would you try it?

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on February 24, 2021.]

Pornstar Reveals How To Find Out

Hot Pornstar Reveals The 6-Word Question That Unleashes ANY Woman’s “Secret Freak” In Bed…

Is She a Freak in Bed? The Answer Might Surprise You…

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I love men. 

You guys just want to make us women happy in bed…

Give us the kind of orgasms we’ve only dreamed about. The toe curling, world shattering, multiples that start the minute you touch us.

Since I’m a sexologist, men talk with me about sex all the time.  And one question that I hear from a lot of guys is: “Is there something I am doing wrong, in bed?” 

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So today, I went to Dee Siren, a prolific star in the industry.  She describes herself as “a Real Shared Wife, MILF and slut that loves big c*cks.”  

In other words… she’s had a lot of sex.  With a lot of men.

She knows what men do right in bed… (or in a bar bathroom… or back alley…) and what mistakes they’ve made.

Once you know the # tricks she’s about to show you… women will think: “How did he know exactly how to make me come so hard?  And when can I see him again?” 

I asked her: 

“What are some of the biggest mistakes that guys have made in bed with you in the past?”

Here’s what she said… 

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Dee Siren: Biggest mistakes? 

That they aren’t hard! 

That would end it… 

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Definitely aggressive, if they’re aggressive, that’s bad.

Not talking, no communication is bad. 

If they don’t listen, if they don’t communicate wants or needs or something… then there’s just nothing there. 

They just don’t pay attention. 

They’re too into their own needs. 

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Other than that, the biggest thing is if they just make sure that you, as a girl, express what you like and what you don’t like before you even go there.

You can’t expect a guy to know if you like something or you don’t without telling him in the first place. 

A guy should always ask a girl, “Is there anything you don’t like?” 

I mean, don’t be like weird about it and be like, “Hey, I like anal sex, do you,” the first time you meet a girl. 

But if you ask what she doesn’t like, she’ll know you’re a safe guy to experiment with… and you might find out she’s down for some pretty freaky things…

As long as you stay hard long enough to do them…

freak in bed
Is she a freak in bed? Keep scrolling on how to blow her mind in bed…

How To Address The “Hardness Problem”…

Now, like Dee said, one of the biggest mistakes a guy can make in bed is not being hard enough.

Which sucks, because if it just isn’t happening, it’s not like you can just snap your fingers and instantly be hard as a steel beam…

HOWEVER… there are things you can do to ensure you get as hard as humanly possible, every single time. 😉

For example?

Eat your freaking veggies!

There are 5 exotic vegetables in particular which work wonders on your erection health, because each of these has been scientifically proven to boost your blood flow throughout your body (including *down there*)…

Which means the more often you eat them, the harder you’ll get, and the deeper you’ll be able to get inside her (which trust me, she will LOVE).

Plus, I’m guessing you might already have at least one of these veggies in your fridge at home…

(Good night for a salad, eh? lol)…

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Why Women Act Hot And Cold (& How To Turn It All Around)

Why Women Act Hot and Cold… It’s Not You (And How to Change Their Behavior to Hot and Hot)

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I think almost every guy has experienced this:

(I know I have — too many times to count unfortunately lol.)

You meet a hot girl and it seems like it’s going great… and then she slams the brakes.

She’s texting you back flirty texts… and then she goes totally silent for days.  

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Steamy hot and then icy cold.  

Yes, yes yes… and then hell no.

What is going on with her? Is she crazy?

Here’s what I’ve learned…  the whole thing of going hot and then cold is normal behavior for women. 

It’s not you.  

And instead of hating it or resenting it… you should welcome it., you should welcome it…

In this video, I’ll let you in on WHY women behave this way, WHY it’s actually a good thing, and exactly how to turn that behavior around:

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

In today’s video, I want to speak about women going hot and cold. 

It’s a question I get a lot from guys. I think it’s something that frustrates a lot of men, because men typically don’t think in this way or behave in this way. 

However, the whole thing of going hot and then cold and hot and cold is kind of a normal occurrence in female behavior. 

There’s various reasons for that…

Women tend to be more in touch with their feelings, their feelings are also affected by their hormone cycle. 

It’s really important to understand that this is not something wrong with women, it’s not an error in their design. 

And in fact, if you want to connect with women, it’s something that you need to learn how to approve of and engage with. 

How to Get Past the Cycle of Hot and Then Cold

Obviously, women have this on different levels, such as in initial interactions, early dates or when you’re meeting a woman for the first time. 

You know, where at first they seem interested and then they’re totally not interested. 

I’m going to share with you how to overcome that and progress things naturally, instinctively, towards physical intimacy. 

why women act hot and cold
Keep scrolling to find out exactly why women act hot and cold…

I actually discussed this with one of my clients recently, and he provides a great example:

He was with a woman who is more attractive than he’s used to interacting with, and it was going well.

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In an effort to escalate things sexually, he invited her back to his place. He felt that this was the right time and this is what he was feeling. 

However it was pretty early on in their interaction, and I think her mind probably was like, “Whoa, Like, this guy’s invited me back to his place already… like this is kind of weird.” 

So she simply teased him and then pulled back.

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But Because He Knew What to Do, the Night Didn’t End There…

When you make a bold move like that, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable for rejection. 

You’re leaving yourself vulnerable for her making fun of you. 

And the thing that my client did really well, is that he did not get affected. 

He was like, okay, and he carried on. 

A lot of guys, when they get rejected, or they experience coldness from a woman that they’re with, they will make it about them. 

They’ll get butthurt if they think they completely ruined the entire interaction…

They run away. 

They think: “Oh, she didn’t respond positively, I must have done something wrong. I made a wrong move and this interaction is totally ruined.”

That’s not true with women. 

why women act hot and cold

In fact, this is part of the dance in the human mating ritual.

Especially with high self esteem women, women who’ve been hit on a ton since they were young.

Women who are constantly getting attention from men have developed this as a defense mechanism. 

They’re not going to welcome every bit of sexual attention, because they don’t know what the guy is going to do when they let them in. 

They don’t necessarily want to be vulnerable with everyone. 

In Order to Score, You Gotta Take a Shot

In the beginning guys are typically the ones putting themselves out there in a vulnerable situation. 

They can get rejected, they can get hurt or whatever. 

But… everything after she opens up and says she likes him or sleeps with him or puts herself in an emotionally vulnerable situation…

Everything after that is harder for the woman.  Because when she puts herself in a vulnerable situation, she could get physically hurt, as well as emotionally.

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So that going cold sometimes is a very important mechanism for her safety. 

The most important thing when you’re dealing with a woman who is going hot and cold, is to make sure you remember what’s actually happening.

This is what we mean by being grounded. On a mental level, you need to stay grounded in the face of challenge and adversity. 

So check your reality: I am okay. She’s okay. The situation’s okay. 

Just because I made this sexual invitation and it wasn’t met with the outcome that I preferred doesn’t mean anything is ruined. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong. 

It’s totally okay. 

Remember: The Game Isn’t Over (In Fact, It’s Just Getting Started)

Let’s keep the sports analogy going: 

Just because the other team scores (she went cold) doesn’t mean the game is over. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to feel hurt. 

It doesn’t mean that you quit. 

It’s just something that happened. 

You didn’t do anything wrong. 

Maybe this wasn’t the thing she wanted to do at that moment. 

But you can’t be ashamed, because that’s one of the worst things you can do, if what you say isn’t met positively.

You can’t be ashamed of your desire. 

Just because you have a desire doesn’t mean that she has the same desire at the same time. 

But, you should never feel bad about expressing your desire as long as you’re ok with the answer and are not violating any boundaries. 

why women act hot and cold

Hot/Cold Is Good.  Lukewarm/Cold Is Bad.

Women can be hard to read. She’s acting hot. Does she want you? For something to become sexual at some point, somebody has to make an explicit move. 

It could be literally making a statement of intention like, “Hey, I find you attractive,” or “Hey, I want to kiss you.”

Or it might be a physical action that makes it undeniable that that’s your intention: You lean in for a kiss or you touch her in a way that platonic friends don’t touch each other. 

That barrier has to be broken at some point. 

And if she’s going hot and cold and hot and cold, maybe she’s unsure or whatever. 

But it’s important to note, is she actually hot as if she is actually actively engaging back with me? 

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Or is she just tolerating me, because if that’s the case, it might not be hot/cold, it might be lukewarm/cold, in which case, you’re probably in the friendzone. 

But remember, you’re ok, and it’s going to be ok.  You just need to decide how to act next…  

Follow Her Lead… All the Way to the Bedroom

One principle to remember is that if she’s feeling cold, or she’s pulling away… don’t pull at her. 

You’re gonna come off as needy. 

If she’s acting hot again, and you pull away, because you’re trying to make some power game, she’s gonna be like, what the hell? 

Why is this guy punishing me for giving him attention?

She’s gonna lose interest. 

So you always want to be going in the direction that she’s going: 

If she’s hot, make things even hotter. 

If she’s cold, make things a little colder. 

By doing this, you are leading her in the direction that she already wants to go, which shows you’re really paying attention to her feelings. 

It also makes the interaction speed up a little bit because now she’s not the only one driving it.

When she comes in, you’re actually making it come in more. And when she goes out, you’re actually giving her even more space than she needed. 

And that way she always will feel safe, and it’s also a more engaging and interesting way to interact with people. 

Here’s Why Hot & Cold Is Actually a GOOD Thing…

Hot/cold behavior is something that many guys experience with women because it’s totally normal behavior for women. 

There are many reasons why a woman might give you this hot and cold behavior, partly because she’s doing this to protect herself, partly because women are emotionally driven. 

But as a man who dates women, it’s really important to understand this. 

Remember to stay grounded, not go on the ride of going back and forth yourself.

Maintain the reality in your mind that things are okay: I’m just stating my desire, I’m engaging.

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The thing that will make her feel even more comfortable and happy and safe and able to surrender is that when she’s hot, make things even hotter, when she’s cold, make things even colder. 

If you ever go against the grain, she’s just gonna throw things off. 

You want to make sure you’re always leading her in the direction that she’s going because that’s what’s going to lead to physical intimacy.

Don’t forget: Hot & cold is good, because if she wasn’t interested in you at all, she’d be cold & cold and walk away.

The next thing you want, is for her to spend MORE time hot than cold…

why women act hot and cold

3 “Shocking Touches” That Make Her Hot For You…

There is one final “secret weapon” you can use… and when you do it often makes a girl much more “hot” than “cold” for you…

It’s these 3 “Shocking Touches” that are really stealthy… but designed to turn her on quickly.

These “Shocking Touches” work on hot & cold girls because they take them by surprise… make them let their guard down… and force them to show their true level of interest in you.

So if she’s actually interested… then these “Shocking Touches” will make her show her hand really fast.

Just be warned: if she is secretly interested in you… then she’ll often want to hookup with you quickly after using these 3 “Shocking Touches”–like within an hour or two.

You can get all 3 Shocking Touches (and watch them in action) in this short, free video demonstration:

3 “Shocking Touches” That Reveal Her Feelings For You (& Make Her Act on Them)


The #1 Movie That Will Make Her Horny Fast

There’s a Movie That Will Make Her Horny… And You’ll Both Be Naked Before the Popcorn is Gone

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Relationships are tricky.

There are so many steps: meeting a woman, first dates, third dates, keeping things fresh…

Every step of the way is filled with landmines:

Go this direction, and BOOM — she blows up.

Go that direction, KAPOW! your sex life is boring and stale…

What if I told you there’s one movie you can watch with a hot girl that has all the answers?

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Dating… attraction… love… romance… flirting… this movie will brush up on all of those skills.

I make all my clients watch it, almost as a master class in dating.

And the best part…  you can learn so much from watching it alone…

But if you watch it with a woman, she finds it so hot… it’s almost like watching porn… though given that Scarlett Johanson and Penelope Cruz are in it… it’s unfortunately NOT porn. 🙁

Every time I have watched this movie with a woman, we have had sex before the movie ended.

Every. Single. Time.

Watch the video to find out what this movie is… and how it can even help you start the conversation about having a threesome:

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  

Vicky Cristina Barcelona. 

Remember the name of this movie; it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. 

Everyone who comes to my workshop, I make them watch this movie. 

If you want to learn dating, if you want to master your attraction skills, your love skills, your romance skills, or your flirting skills: 

This is the movie to watch.  

movie that will make her horny
Keep scrolling for more details on the #1 movie that will make her horny…

I love this movie, because in this movie, they show two couples going through a romantic journey and you see a complete contrast. 

One couple, who’s all business-y they’re always talking about business. And the dates are boring as hell. 

On the other side, a different couple is enjoying their life. They go out and have picnics, paint together, they do things together, and they have a nice romantic, fun life…. 

On top of that, that is something very interesting you see in that movie, that is Scarlett Johansson’s relationship. You see that her relationship with her ex husband is full of conflict– and then they find a balance when a new person comes into their life. 

So when you watch a movie like this, you start to realize that relationships take place in many different forms. 

There is no one way there is no right or wrong way. 

And your thoughts about how to handle your dealings with women change.  Your expectations about love, relationships, and sex, completely changes. 

It did that for me. And it did that for most of my clients who have watched this movie. 

Make Her Dream About a Threesome… Tonight

Another good thing about this movie is if you are ever dating a woman, and for some reason have stalled, (she likes you but somehow that sexual tension is dying and the sex is not happening) make sure you sit and watch this movie with her. 

It’s happened to me on a few occasions where things have stalled, things were just not going anywhere. We were together not knowing what’s coming next, not knowing what we should do next. 

Every time I watched this movie with them, sex happened before the movie ended. 

movie that will make her horny

And it’s because when you watch this movie, you see so many liberating themes.

The guy approaches a girl and says straightaway, “Let’s go and make love.”

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And then there are amazing love making scenes to a point where it’s almost like porn to women. I have had a woman sitting next to me watching this say:

“What are we watching? This feels like porn…” 

And they get aroused… 

When women watch this movie they experience a mental shift. 

They can change when they start a new relationship, and that a new relationship can happen in many ways. 

So whatever obstacles they had in their mind, whatever objection that was holding them back — it disappears because this movie.

The subject matter of this movie frees them to become more willing to cross the boundaries, to take the chance to try something new…

and your relationship takes off.

Also this is a great movie to watch if you’re someone who wants to explore open relationships, swinging, or threesome. This movie shows you that love does not have to be traditional. 

You can still be with someone, really love them, and explore other possibilities. Bring in other people into the mix, be with other people, and your love can be intact. 

In fact, the movie conveys that often, having other people into the mix can make your relationship come to life and make it much stronger. 

It has many great themes that can help your relationship and any and every aspect that you’re dealing with. 

I highly recommend you watch this movie. 

You’re going to learn a lot about dating & relationships. 

And you can use this to jumpstart your existing relationship. You can watch this movie and it will strengthen your bonds. 

It will help you both open up more relaxed around each other overall, you’re going to benefit in many, many ways. 

movie that will make her horny

If She’s Not Making the First Move… Do THIS to Move Things Forward…

So if for some reason she still seems cold or a little “distant” when you watch this movie… (maybe she’s really tired or had a long day at work for example)…

Try touching her like this ←

Believe it or not… women need “green lights” to keep escalating to sex too.

Like if you’re not pushing forward toward sex… a lot of women think:

“I really want to have sex with him… am I not attractive enough? Why isn’t he going for it?”

Now this isn’t “I wish he’d feel me up and unzip my pants while the opening credits are rolling…”

It takes a little bit of finesse… and often times the most successful touches? Are really kinda “friendly” and “under-the radar”… and not so “overt.”

Well… at least at first. There’s a very specific order of touches that does get a girl really hot-and-bothered… enough to where she’ll unzip you… take you out… and (sometimes) start giving you a hummer within 30 minutes of the movie starting…

So if THAT sounds like something you’re interested in… some very “friendly” touches that turn things really sexual with a hot girl, REALLY fast… I made a free video showing you how to do them right here:

3 “Turn-On Touches” That Result in Fast Sex With Hot Girls

P.S. – Remember how I mentioned that the order of these touches is crucial? Yeah–I’ll show you the correct order and how to do each touch in the video–click here to watch it now…

Most Popular Dating Sites For Christians

Online dating websites are ubiquitous these days; instead of searching for partners at traditional places, people sign up on dating websites and start hunting their perfect dating partner. Online dating websites are very accessible and convenient for users around the globe to interact with like-minded people. If you are searching for a Christian male or female with the same interest, you can signup on the most popular dating sites for Christians. Signing up on online dating websites allows you to have an opportunity to meet individuals across cities who reflect their matched interests virtually and availability. The prime aim of online dating websites is to assist their users with dedication and commitment to match them with their ideal soulmates and dating partners.

Why Online Dating?

Not everyone gets lucky in finding their perfect match, but if you are bold and confident enough, you can quickly introduce yourself to people and plan to meet in person with them. If you are looking for casual hookups and dating, you must ensure you follow all online dating protocols. The prime reason why websites are promoting the culture of online dating is to develop interaction and confidence between Christian males and females so they can understand each other before they meet in person. Online dating is not a walk in the garden; it requires sincerity, determination, and boldness to help you find the best partner. Online dating is a general learning curve for every person, and if you have a partner from a western or far eastern country, you will get to know his or her distinct cultures and traditions.

If you are shy and have public fear, online dating is the best tool to improve yourself. People hesitate and cannot express themselves wholly in front of others, so it is recommended to interact online without being judged by your prospect. No one would be judging you on your mistakes, so it is okay to have an experimental approach while searching for the ideal partner for you. Being shy is okay, but it should not stop you from online flirting and talking. Always try to make an attractive and eye-catching profile, and start by accepting and sending requests living across towns or cities. Once you have verified your profile on a dating website, it is your court; you can smash with the word go or take it slowly. It is recommended to avoid the adrenaline rush and start by responding steadily to avoid any future clashes.

Many Christian dating websites provide user-friendly interphase, where you can quickly post your daily prayers and religious thoughts. Users tend to regularly publish articles and reply in responses regarding an ongoing conversation. So, dating websites produce an overall good outcome where you are free to comment and make new casual friends. Hundreds of users on that website stalk your every post and comment, so always think before posting.

Why Maintain a Good Online Profile?

It is true, connections judge you by your profile and picture, so always upload an attractive and appealing display picture. If you are planning to make a profile with a fake name and bio, then don’t! As people tend to get impressions about bogus profiles and block you instantly, so refrain from having bogus accounts. Always express who you are, and the perfect match would bounce at your landing screen; though it is not that easy, you need some luck to go through with it. Usually, people search for people with the same interests and habits, so it is easy to mingle and interact with them. You can always stalk someone’s profile and then start communicating with him or her. You and your profile are being evaluated from the first conversation and post, so always be sharp and react accordingly.
Like every digitalized communication, online dating has its worth. People living far across towns and cities can date without any hesitations. A little fling can lead to extended skype calls and facetime. As online dating is a digitalized platform and you need to maintain a good online presence as the one stalking you have not met in person yet. According to relevant sources, more than 16,000,000 people are active on a single dating site on average. Your profile is public, and everyone scrolling through would notice your profile’s features, so establish and maintain your online presence. Never discuss your online dating profile in public, as this might dent your professional reputation, keep your online dating credentials discreet from others.

How to Create an Attractive Dating Profile?

Online dating websites are diversified platforms, where people from different faces and colors login and try to interact. To seem attractive to everyone stalking your profile, you need to have a clear proper picture; a selfie might do the trick as it is a perfect close-up picture. Add attractive captions with your bio, which might help you in starting a conversation. Once you start feeling comfortable, upload more images from your gallery on your profile and keep it updated. Always remember to add a peculiar detail about you, which might attract any of your connections or a random stalker. Almost every Christian is residing by the next street, start thinking different and give your profile a unique look. Just don’t focus on photos; at times, people begin by noticing the content describing you. Use concise and to the point paragraphs to represent you and your lifestyle. Avoid cliché arguments and quotes, which might end up being noticed by your followers.

It is your profile; always remember the first impression is the last, and once your profile seems attractive to your future partner, they might initiate the talk by themselves. Online dating sites show the real potential of people getting into serious relationships and conversations. It is crucial to highlight your vision and approach to how you would go during conversations and what you are looking for in your partner. Keep your vision broad and accept invitations from unexpected people, and stay positive.

Does Online Dating Websites Have Secured and Encrypted Platforms?

In this highly saturated and classified internet space, every website has its security standard procedures. Users only register themselves at realistic websites and end to end encryption, where online users’ data is not being monitored or sold to any third-party organization. Online dating platforms are secure; they held up all internet protocols complying with users’ safety and privacy. Internationally recognized dating websites run internal security checks on profiles; if they observe a threat, the member is red-flagged, and the account is removed. To avoid any uncertain risks, you must always verify your profile and use dating websites that are reliable and have mass usage. If any website or agent asks you to pay dollars via online transactions in exchange for protecting your identity, refrain from accessing those websites and contacts. Many online dating websites enable you to monitor visitors viewing your profile; you can maintain a vigilant check and balance and then block suspicious or fake profiles. Many online dating websites have 24/7 chat support representatives, assisting you in situations and answering your query.

How to Stay Secure on Online Dating Websites?

You never know who is actually behind the profile uploaded on the webpage. Do in-depth research about specific dating sites before signing up. Do not fall for ads and fake dating websites, which might dent your data and privacy. Do not throw your contact number to every person you talk to. Take your time, get settled, establish a level of trust and then exchange personal information. Confirm with your partner before scheduling an in-person date, ask them to give a visual on video call before the meeting. Hence, it is easy to identify in public and eliminate all doubts of uncertainty. Do not exploit your social networking usernames; keep all interactions limited to a dating website and its specific chatroom. After a doubtful or fragile meet up with your partner, walk yourself home or prefer public transport, to avoid being tailed. If you meet for the first time with the person you interacted with on an online dating website, keep things simple, don’t try anything fancy, and try to schedule your date in a public space or a public park. 

While chatting with your partner on the website, do not leak any confidential or classified information, talk general, and then self-evaluate yourself. Run multiple checks of the person you are talking to, do not fall for fake profiles, ask for valid identity before involving yourself much. Do not fall for tricks, lose your money; refrain from getting involved in suspicious networks and groups. Usually, people signup using their nicknames, making it difficult for others to check them on other social media platforms. After going through with your partner, set your long term goals and then plan accordingly. You must always remember that your privacy and security are in your own hands, take baby steps towards online dating, and start flourishing yourself. At, times you might feel that odds are not in your favor, but stay consistent; you might find your true soulmate soon.

5 Proven Ways To Turn Her On

make her desperate to meet up

Pre-Attraction: The Technique that Will Make Her Desperate to Meet Up (And How to Get There in 5 Simple Steps…)

Click Here to Discover the “Hookup Blueprint” That Takes  You From First Message to Sex in 3 Simple Steps…

You’ve been chatting online with this really hot girl for a while now…

You’ve managed to walk that tricky line between making sure she knows you like her, without being too eager or coming off as pushy.

Those studies are right: texting has become a big part of escalating your relationship… In fact, it’s been going so well, that it’s tempting to keep your relationship online a little longer…

But here’s why it’s time to meet in person…

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For one thing… Sex.  🙂

For another, the Association For Psychological Science cautions that chatting online for too long before meeting face to face can cause people to develop unreasonable expectations.

So, how do you take your promising online relationship with a hot new girl to the next level? 

Make her desperate to meet you, and make sure your IRL meeting goes well?

Like the kind of “goes well” that ends at your place… With her naked… on your bed… wet and waiting…

You need to establish “pre-attraction.”

Here’s what that is and how to do it, in 5 simple steps:

First, What’s Pre-Attraction?

When you’re chatting online with a potential date, she’s trying to decide whether or not to meet face to face…

She’s chatting with a bunch of guys.  You need to make sure she’s attracted to you before meeting.  Not just likes talking to you, but is attracted to you.

If she’s already attracted, she can’t wait to meet you.

You’re not begging her to meet up… hoping she’ll pick you… like you…

If you’ve done the work, and she’s pre-attracted, she is actually the one pushing for the meeting.  

She’s hoping you like her and that she lives up to YOUR expectations…

These 5 Things Make Her Desperate to Meet Up

What She Doesn’t Get From You Online (Besides *That*…)

Online dating turns both participants into two-dimensional people and removes the in-person interaction that can often help men seal the deal. 

When you’re texting with a Tinder match, she’s missing the added insight into your personality that facial expressions and mannerisms provide. 

Sadly, this may cause her to lose interest before you meet up.

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Luckily, there’s tons of research about female desire and online dating that you can use to get her wet, ready, and thinking about you. 

To have her pre-attracted to you, and ready to act on her desires, as soon as she sets eyes on you.

I’ve done all the research (including the personal research, if you know what I mean…), and narrowed it down to these 5 steps:

Simply follow these steps to ensure that when you meet up IRL, you’ve got a hot woman waiting to jump on your d*ck…

make her desperate to meet up

1) Build Trust

Communicating via electronic messaging can allow people to be a bit more open and vulnerable than they would be otherwise. However, there’s plenty of evidence that people misrepresent themselves in an online environment. 

Enough women have been burned by this (I sure have!) that most of us women now proceed with caution.

If you are chatting online, your potential date will likely be somewhat skeptical of what you say. 

To make yourself appear more trustworthy, throw in a bit of vulnerability to your online chats. 

(Try using one of these proven messages to get her turned on fast.)

My husband makes jokes at his own expense about his too-big ears, or his intelligence when chatting with women he wants to meet. 

It works — women know if he is willing to be honest about something potentially embarrassing, he’s probably honest about other things…

The reward of letting some of your insecurities out, is that she will open up to you as well. 

Being vulnerable will breed a level of intimacy that will make her trust you by the time you can meet up in person.

These 5 Things Make Her Desperate to Meet Up

2) Be Responsive

One of the barriers to online dating is the inability to develop a realistic exchange.

You’re not always talking in real time (which can be a help, while you think of things to say), and you’re not getting that instant feedback and support you get in person.

Now that you know about that potential complication, however, you can work around it. 

Women are more likely to climb into your bed if you make them feel important and heard. 

IS IT TRUE? Does This “Magic Formula” Really Make Girls H*rny?

Ask about her day, let her vent about her mother or her job, and send silly memes to make her smile. Listen to what she has to say, and ask follow up questions. 

If she tells you, she has a stressful day coming up, check-in and ask her how it went. (You can make a note on your phone or set an alarm to remind yourself to text her at the end of that day…)

3) Video Calls Can Be a Bridge

According to research, face to face interactions of at least 20 minutes improve a person’s impression of a potential partner they met online. 

It’s best to initiate some video time within the first three weeks; otherwise this step can have the opposite effect… 

A video call allows a woman to see that you are who you seem to be online. 

I’ve never met a woman who has tried online dating who hasn’t experienced catfishing.  

She’s going to be wary of believing what you text.  So show her early on that you’re who you say you are.

A face-to-face chat can build trust, and when women trust you, they’re more likely to get naked…

make her desperate to meet up

To pitch a video call, let your date know that you find her incredibly engaging and would love to have a chance to see her smile, and an opportunity to make her laugh. 

Give her a range of times that work for a video call and schedule a set length for the first interaction. 

Setting an end time ensures you leave her wanting more, and shows that you respect her time. 

These 5 Things Make Her Desperate to Meet Up

4) Get Her Thinking About Sex… With YOU

Research shows that female desire begins in the brain. When you’re chatting online with a woman, you are in a terrific position to activate her passion. 

Don’t start an interaction with a blatant discussion of sexual preferences. Last week one man I matched with on Tinder sent me a list of all the sex acts he was into, including pegging. 

He received an immediate block. 

However, another man I’ve been chatting with for a couple of weeks is tops on my list for an afternoon delight…

Why? He isn’t afraid to let me know he’s interested, but he never gets blatantly sexual in our conversations.

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I’m not saying you have to avoid all discussion of sex, but it shouldn’t be the bulk of your communication. Igniting female desire involves letting a woman know that you find them both attractive and exciting. 

Once you’ve established a rapport and the woman knows you aren’t a creep, you can send a suggestive or flirty text. 

During a video date, tell her that you’d like to massage her stressed shoulders, or caress her long, lovely legs. 

Research shows that women fantasize about erotic sensations, and if you can get her fantasizing about your touch, in particular, you’ll be one step closer to getting her in your bed…

These 5 Things Make Her Desperate to Meet Up

5) When You Meet Up… Here’s How to Seal the Deal…

If you’ve successfully pre-attracted her… then trust me, women like me are DYING to be touched… in the right way… 

Use these 3 “under the radar” touches to turn her on. 

Not “groped” in a really aggressive way… 

But touched in the RIGHT way… at the RIGHT times…  that keeps me on my toes and turns me on, subtly… with a desire that builds and builds, until all I can think about is taking my clothes off (!)


Me, and literally every other girl on the planet, is dying for a guy who knows how to touch us during casual conversation… in a way that makes us unable to stop thinking about what he’ll do to us in the bedroom.

Because we want to date, we want sex, we want to build a connection, and we want to be touched…

It makes us feel sexy, wanted, and appreciated.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to a guy online… got excited to meet him… got wet thinking about his touch… 

…only to be wildly disappointed because of how clueless he is about touching me.

I’m not alone here. 

MOST women have gone through this, and we all hate it.

So please do us a favor and touch us!

(But in the right way…)

Here’s the right way and right order to touch a girl maximize your chances of hooking up at the end of the date:

How to Charm Through Conversation: Keys to Successful Online Flirting and Even More

Everyone wants to be charming when they converse with persons they like. Unfortunately, many persons are unable to make themselves sound charming in conversation. It has become a much-needed tool consideration all the changes in human socialization seen in the post-pandemic era and the normalization of online dating; it has become imperative to know simple tips that can make anyone look charming when conversing. Charming though the conversation has been used by many renowned leaders over the centuries. While some are naturally successful at it, others have struggled to achieve these skills. You can charm through conversation and naughtydate open for your world of online dating, but if you don’t be yourself, you won’t get the second date.

Start from the conversation as the key to know each other closer

The conversation should be spontaneous and aimed at getting to know each other better. Engage with people with words that connote the gracefulness you stand for. Your comments must intentionally communicate how caring you can be. Do not go about trying to recite some clichés posted on some traffic seeking blogs and desperate authors. Freely give compliments, but never be overtly exaggerated. Always keep it real as much as possible, but never forget to give compliments; it is a great way to set up communication. It is never proper to be all about ourselves when we meet people, instead ask you to learn about them and interact; smartly highlight your similarities. It tells your listener that you are genuinely interested in what they say and want to connect with them.

Share Your Feelings

As humans, we respond emotionally to feelings and can connect emotionally to others. So, to plunge your listeners into your feelings, you must communicate your emotions by being open-minded. It should come as an emotionally bankrupt individual looking for whom to leach on, but as conserve, responsible and fun-filled persons who want to reach out. Learn to bring humor in a non-offensive manner. It is important to recognize individual perspectives on culture, feeling, and way of life. Do not sound vulnerable, reveal too much, or come forth in an emotionally abusive manner. And because of the complexities of effectively communicating with people, we must learn to listen to engage responsibly.

Become a Good Listener

Good listeners make great conversation. Flirters are great at conversations in mind throbbing ways. To delve into the world of professional flirters, you must learn to listen – the act of listening, like flirting if harnessed, makes flirting natural to all who speak with you. As a requisite, you must make deliberate eye contact. And because communication is both verbal and nonverbal, never make listening all about the ears. See what they are not speaking with their mouth, look into the eyes, and let their soul whisper to you. Ask questions, reaffirm what excites you and give real compliments to their achievements.

Be Yourself

Love who you are! Confidence is worth a million. Until you love who you are, appreciate who you are, it will be difficult for people to enjoy you. Rather than making attempts at being someone else, work at improving your real self by selectively developing attributes you need to acquire. Listen, communicate and be humorous.

The art of being charming and flirty are your skills. Like any other skill, it can be learned or improved upon. So, if you have seen yourself failed at it, you can learn the art and be a master by following the simple tips shared below. It would be best if you believe in yourself. While some a naturally charismatic, others must learn the art and be deliberate about been flirty. Furthermore, many armature flitters have translated themselves into professional and well-skilled flirters. Anyone can!


The 5 Worst Ways to Break Up

It’s a fact: we’ve all been dumped.

And anyone who says it doesn’t matter how it happens hasn’t, say, learned a relationship was over when the guy updated his Friendster “Who I Want to Meet” section with qualities you most definitely don’t possess. I know I’m dating myself here, but it’s true. I have never had a knowledge of fine wine or fluency in Spanish—skills that a guy I was dating announced he very much wanted in a woman on a now-abandoned social media site. Even more charming? When I called him to inquire about this update, he flew into a rage and ended things.

After sex, many women can feel like they’re at their most vulnerable. In other words, a post-coital break-up is among the worst ideas that exist.

Of course, he’s not the only guy to dump a gal in a terrible way. But after speaking to a selection of daters, I’ve determined the five worst ways to do the deed. They are:

The Ol’ Cheat-With-Her-Friend

Sure, it sounds like fun, but it’s arguably the most damaging to the psyche of the woman. And yet it goes on. “I was dating a girl who didn’t want to be exclusive with me and so I decided I wanted revenge—or more like I just wanted to be able to provoke some strong emotion out of her,” confesses Jonathan, 26. “Her best friend had always had a crush on me, and she didn’t know that I was seeing her, so I slept with the best friend and then waited for her to break the news.” Result? The first girl reached out, called him every name in the book and demanded to know why he’d done what he had done. “I know it isn’t healthy, but I finally got the emotions that I wanted out of her,” he says now. “Still, it was a terrible thing to do.”

The Post-Sex Sayonara

After sex, many women can feel like they’re at their most vulnerable. In other words, a post-coital break-up is among the worst ideas that exist. Jane, 33, lived to tell the tale. “My boyfriend and I had just had sex and I suddenly found myself telling him I loved him,” she recalls. “He responded, ‘I just don’t feel that way.’ I went, ‘We just had sex! Are you kidding?’ And all he responded with was, ‘I just don’t know what to say.’” Years later, Jane got involved with this guy again—“I really thought I loved him”—and he dumped her yet again. But hey, on the upside, at least it wasn’t after sex!

The Fade-Away

Just sort of ceasing to participate in the relationship is also high on the list of how cowards escape, and I think we’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another. Aaron, 35, just quit returning the phone calls of a girl he’d been dating for a few months “once I got tired of her attitude.” When the girl found out Aaron was seeing someone else, she called him, devastated. “It wasn’t fair to her,” Aaron says now. “And we lived in the same small college town so every time I ran into her—which was all the time—she wanted to talk about it.”

What do these lame lines have in common? They’re still better than the stuff in this story!

The Dump-Her-Because-She-Dumped-You

Breaking up can be a battle of egos, especially when the egos involved are fragile. Rebecca, 36, learned this the hard way when for six months she dated a guy with whom she argued with all the time. “I tried and tried to make it work but then finally sat him down and said, ‘I think you and I both know this just isn’t working,’ ” she says. “He convinced me to keep trying to work things out and promised things would be different. The next day I called him to make a plan and he said, ‘You know, let’s not date anymore.’ I guess he just wanted to be the one to do it?”

The Angry Adios

When a couple is passionate, breaking up, having make-up sex and doing it all over again can be a way of life. But for some, one snap can mean the end. “I went to dinner with a girl I’d been dating for two months and she snapped her fingers at our waiter,” recalls Brian, 28. “When we got to her house afterwards, I said, ‘If you could do that to someone, you have no place around me so please don’t call me again.’ And then I drove off.” While Brian has no regrets—“She deserved it,” he says—as the recipient of an angry rejection (see intro), I still believe it’s better to make the break when you’re not pissed off.

The Dos And Donts Of The E-Lationship

Doing the long-distance thing used to be mad difficult. Even as recently as the mid-20th century, women used to have to get pregnant just to have something to remind them of husbands who had gone off to fight the good fight overseas, while the menfolk were left with naught but faded photos and moonshine-soaked memories to remind them of the female companionship they so desperately craved. These days, trans-zip code lovin’ isn’t necessarily easy, but information superhighways (and real superhighways, for that matter) have made things – in theory – considerably less frustrating. There are, however, some rules of the road that you should review before embarking on this overwhelming and confusing journey.

Don’t: Assume phone calls are the only way to communicate.

All too often, a well-meaning gent misses vital communication opportunities because he assumes that his lady only wants to hear from him when he has time for a two-hour phone call. This is a falsehood. No one has time for two-hour phone calls these days; with BBMing and pinging and txting and carrier pigeons, talking on the phone is for chumps, son. And doesn’t it seem to defeat the purpose of ‘staying in touch’ to ignore someone for weeks simply because you don’t have time for a marathon chatfest (Hint: It does)? In fact, it reminds me of an old chestnut I tend to call upon in these types of situations: “it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.” You might think it doesn’t make sense, but trust me. It does.

The rate of success in long-distance relationships is directly proportional to the level of communication achieved, so if you’re going to rely solely on your land line to sustain your relationship, then you might as well just send a breakup letter by pony express and start looking for a new girlfriend in the personal ads of your local newspaper. Don’t forsake the 1,000 ways to get in touch afforded by modern technology in favor of such an outdated method of communication as bi-weekly phone call. Your paramour doesn’t want to steal your free time, she just wants to hear that (1) you’re alive and (2) she’s on your mind, so in between your lengthier communiqués, shoot her a one-line email whenever you’re thinking about her, text her funny things that happen to you, or, if you must, call her when you know she won’t pick up and leave silly messages. As with most things, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Do: Figure out what her communication preferences are.

Some people don’t even know what Gchat is. (I know, right? It’s ludicrous.) To this end, do not assume that the object of your affection is capable of or interested in engaging in the same types of insta-communication as you are until you’ve actually discussed it. Even if her screen name shows up on your chat list (some people don’t realize they’ve been signed in to AIM since 1997), even if she sometimes responds to your text messages (some people don’t realize they’re being charged $2.75 for every outgoing text they send), and even if she writes on your wall four times in a row (some people only remember the existence of social networking when eavesdropping on their coworkers’ conversations), there is no guarantee that her messaging habits are anywhere in line with your preferences.

Case in point: if you wrongfully assume that she’s a BBM-aholic, then you run the risk of being disappointed when she reads your message and doesn’t respond right away. If, however, you start by casually asking her what she thinks of BBMing, then you might discover that she doesn’t know how to respond without deleting the original message. You then win, because you’ve sussed out some useful information about her, AND you get to teach her something, thereby demonstrating how smart, capable and awesome (read: fuckable) you are.

Don’t: Overdo it with the emoticons.

I pity the fool who punctuates every single sentiment he ever has with a “  ” or a “  ” (especially the latter, as all I can think about when I see it is how doofy the guy on the other end must look, which is not what I’d imagine he wants me thinking while he’s trying to put the moves on me from 3,000 miles away). Or “ :$ ”. Really, who came up with that? What is its purpose on this earth? Emoticons are the internet equivalent of laughing nervously and fiddling with whatever’s in your pockets to avoid looking directly at your date. It makes you look uncomfortable, which in turn makes you undesirable. Lame city, boys.

Now, I will admit that I enjoy a well-placed emoticon, especially when employed in an ironic-yet-sincere fashion, and we all respect the fact that sometimes you just need that happy little smiley to get your point across. Just cut yourself off after, let’s say, three, lest you become that emoti-crazy guy we make fun of to our friends over cosmos.

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