3 Major Downsides of Testosterone Replacement (Plus A Safer Alternative)

testosterone replacement

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Well, gentlemen, I’m guessing I’m not the first to give you this news:

Testosterone levels are dropping.

Scientists have discovered that men today have lower testosterone than men of the same age decades in the past.

This is bad for everyone’s sex life—and it’s nobody’s fault.

Plastics and hormones in your food and water can contribute to lower testosterone.

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Modern lifestyles that require a lot of sitting are also to blame.

So are unhealthy diets full of processed foods. Even though fast food is constantly advertised to you, that doesn’t mean it’s good for your love life!

So what’s a guy to do?

After all, you’ve got to live in today’s world.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Really Worth The Hassle?

If you’re seeking solutions to sex problems or low energy, you might have heard of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Lots of guys are trying TRT. In fact, according to this study, between 2003 and 2013 the number of TRT prescriptions QUADRUPLED.

And that wasn’t only for older men who have a natural dip in testosterone.

These prescriptions were for guys between the ages of 18 to 45—in other words, young dudes who should have been in their sexual prime.

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So, did all of these pill-popping guys stumble on the holy grail?

Is TRT the solution you’ve been looking for to help you with low energy and disappointing erections?

TRT might seem like an easy solution, but before you go running to the pharmacy there’s a lot you should know.

1) You Have to Get a BUNCH Of Tests Beforehand

I’m guessing you don’t want to be among the one-quarter of men on TRT, who get a prescription without getting adequate tests.

Maybe you just think  you have low testosterone.

But really, you need a medical professional to test your testosterone levels to really know.

If you jump the gun and get the pills, and it turns out your testosterone levels are not low enough to need medication… you could actually prevent your body from producing testosterone naturally.

Experts recommend that you get tested by a doctor, when you’re feeling well, after fasting, in the morning, when your testosterone levels are highest.

They also recommend repeating the test at least once to make sure you really need TRT.

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Scientists also recommend that you consider other possible causes before hopping on the pill.

For example, could a boost in exercise boost your testosterone without a harmful prescription?

Quite likely! Experts say that a healthy 40-year-old who eats well and exercises usually has the testosterone levels of a 20-year-old.

For example, if an overweight man loses 7% of his body weight, his testosterone level could go up by 10-15%—pill free!

So before you start TRT, consider whether a lifestyle upgrade can fix your problem.

2) No Results For 4-6 Months (Minimum)

After all, TRT isn’t a fast fix. It’s not a miracle pill. You won’t even start to see results for 4-6 months.

And the side effects can be serious.

Another reason to think carefully before starting TRT: future generations.

That’s right:

Men who want children should avoid TRT, experts say. It can interfere with the pituitary gland in your brain and can stop your body from making enough sperm.

3) It Can Make You More Susceptible to Other Problems *Down There*

There are other problems that come along with TRT. These include a higher risk for pesky conditions like prostate cancer, sleep apnea, and blood clots. No fun, to say the least.

If you’re seriously suffering from low testosterone and your doctor tests you several times and confirms, you could consider TRT.

Sometimes, TRT can improve your sexual activity, energy levels, and overall physical condition.

But the side effects make TRT something that you probably don’t want to approach casually.

Working on a healthier lifestyle can improve your testosterone, and make you happier and healthier all-around.

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If low testosterone is your problem and you’re having a hard time landing a lady, picking up new activities, like biking or running, could make you feel better and also help you meet some hotties.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying for a healthier life. If you still have testosterone problems, then you can consider next steps with your doctor.

However, there is one more alternative option I haven’t mentioned yet…

It can boost your performance in the bedroom naturally, and doesn’t require any real lifestyle changes or a trip to the doctor:testosterone replacement

Here’s The Safer Alternative…

In a culture where everyone wants a quick fix, people often just try to slap a band-aid on the issue… and don’t often address the root cause.

I’m not going to lie… despite the health risks, TRT can show you some amazing results.

But do you really want to put your health at risk like that?

TRT is a band-aid fix… and the reality is, there is a much safer (and smarter) option:

Simply introduce foods into your diet that help promote healthy blood flow.

Many health experts have called proper and healthy blood flow the “Secret Fountain Of Youth.”

And that’s because when your blood is flowing like it’s supposed to, you’re not just getting more oxygen to your muscles and organs…

But you’re also getting a higher concentration of hormones (including testosterone)

Plus more amino acids (which boost muscle growth, repair, and endurance)…

Which means more energy… a much bigger sex drive.. and yeah, even harder boners since blood can get *down there* easier! 😉

There are 5 plant-based foods in particular that have been shown to promote extremely healthy blood flow:

Click here to see what they are.

3 X-Rated Sexual Fantasies She’s Dying For You To Fulfill (And How to Make Her Your Kinky Little Sl*t Tonight!)

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Hey, I’m Ruwando with Gotham Club, and this is another episode of Ask Ruwando.

This question comes from Paul, and Paul writes:

“What are some kinky things that I don’t know about that girls are secretly into?”

Well Paul, I’m not a woman, as you know, so I’ll throw some ideas at you based on my experience.

I will say that women tend to have fantasies that are beyond what most men imagine they’d be into at least… right?

So let’s dive right into it.

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

A lot of women, because of culture, or maybe it’s just how women are–I do think a lot of it’s cultural–they kind of hide their inner sl*t for various reasons:

Fear of shaming, sl*t-shaming, all that stuff.

But if you create a safe environment for women to share what’s on their mind, you’ll be surprised by how much crazy stuff most women are willing to try.

They’re into some seriously wild taboos.

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I’m not the one to answer those things though, I’d go out and ask women.

However, there are some great books you can read.

There’s a compilation called My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday.

It goes through a bunch of women’s fantasies–and some of them are what you expect, but some of them are very far out.

If you really want to know what’s on women’s minds, I’d read that book because some of the far out fantasies in that book… well, I’ve asked women about them…

And more often than not, they’re into these really extreme sexual fantasies.

I’ll throw a few at you that maybe you didn’t know, that maybe a lot of guys aren’t aware of that are very taboo, but somewhat common.

1) The Daddy-Daughter Fantasy

One is the daddy-daughter fantasy (I’ve mentioned this in a different video).

It’s particularly common and it’s not just with women who have daddy issues, although I think that’s pretty common. I think most people have parental issues.

It’s something that touches on a person’s childhood development, and if there’s any pain from childhood, this is what a daddy issue is.

If there’s pain from childhood related to your development, or related to a parent, we tend to eroticize these things.

Because eroticizing a past pain is a way we can kind of reclaim it.

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That’s one reason why the daddy-daughter fantasy is so common.

It’s true even for women who don’t have daddy issues necessarily, but it’s common.

Side note: I just want to say that I’m not trying to shame the concept of daddy issues.

Most people have some sort of parental issue because we’ve all had parents, and we’ve all had past pain–but this fantasy is something that’s pretty common for women.

2) THIS Controversial “Abduction” Fantasy…

Another one that’s common is the “rape” fantasy.

And I’ve found this is true with many women, especially if they’ve had some sort of rape trauma in their life.

But even women who haven’t, also have the rape fantasy, I found.

This is of course not all women, but this is a common one, so I’m sharing this.

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Again, it’s probably the most taboo thing to be raped.

A lot of these fantasies are kind of a way of reclaiming a fear or reclaiming a past pain.

3) Total Domination

A lot of women like the idea of being dominated or being taken.

Not that they actually want to be raped, but that they like the idea of being submissive.

I mean, in my experience a lot of women like to say “no” during sex, not because they don’t actually want it… but because it IS so taboo.

This is a good thing to communicate that you, as the man, understand these things and don’t judge her for her desires.

Because if you start judging her–if you start thinking it’s weird, or if you start being weird about her expression of her desires–one, she might not want to sleep with you anymore, because it’s not comfortable to be judged like that.

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And two, even if she does still have a relationship with you, she’s not going to want to share her real self with you, right?

Just like you probably have some taboo desires or rude stuff that you want to share, you don’t want them to be judged.

If you can learn how to be a judgment-free, you will exponentially increase the pleasure available in your sex life, because she’ll be able to let out more of herself.

And ultimately, this will get her to do a LOT more wild things with you in bed.

Here’s how:

her sexual fantasy

So How Do You Get A Woman To Act Out Her Fantasies With You?

With a lot of things sex-related, there needs to be a buildup.

For example, one of my ex-girlfriends was REALLY into the daddy-daughter stuff, and getting spanked hard… like so hard I left handprints on her a**…

But I had NO idea she was into that… until one night after a few glasses of wine, we were getting hot & heavy on the couch… I grabbed her butt, and she said:

“Daddy I need a spanking…”

This was a girl who had never even said one thing to me during sex, not even, “Oh yeah” or “I like that.”

And it made me realize something…

Most women ARE pretty f**king kinky, but as a man it’s your job to bring her kinky side out.

And you can easily do this using a few simple rough s*x moves, enjoyed by the majority of women around the world…

… including the one my ex used to go WILD for, the “S&M Spank.”

(Click here to see how it’s done)

Unfortunately, I’ve come across many men who are too afraid to try these moves… because yeah, they are a bit rough in nature…

Don’t be.

Women desperately want men to be rough and take control in the bedroom.

And once you can get her to open up, and feel comfortable letting you dominate her…

She’s going to come back for more and more, because men like that are just too rare to pass up on:

Click here to see 3 rough sex moves that will get almost any woman to show you her kinkier side.

P.S. If you REALLY want to show her who’s boss in the bedroom… choke her like THIS.

Can People Date After Violence?

The statistics on people in abusive relationships is practically jaw dropping. As if this isn’t already horrible to the adults going through it, according to Fruzo.com recent study over 3 million children witness the abuse in just a single year. Some of the children have already made this a permanent part of their daily life; they see it as being normal. When going through this ordeal as an adult, it is hard to recognize the damage children also endure. Both the parent and child go through emotional trauma that can last a lifetime. Serious illnesses can occur from the abuse that may not be limited to just cuts, broken bones and bruises in moderate abusive relationships.

Emotional Damages May Include:

  • Low self esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Anger and rage
  • Loss of jobs/reduced grades
  • Feelings of Isolation
  • Guilt
  • Loss of family and friends

In more severe cases, self mutilation, suicide or hurting others are very common for both the child and adult that are victims to the abuse. Many people will generalize that weak women are the victims. They can understand a child going through it because they are small and cannot advocate for themselves. A woman going through it is easily thought of as the same type of victim. But, this is so far from the truth, it doesn’t even relate to telling a half truth. Strong women who may be intelligent, business tycoons, muscle bound and even men are subject to domestic abuse.

What Is Considered Abuse

People may not leave a relationship even for the sake of their child if they are unclear on what abuse really is. She may say, “I am not being hit and I don’t have bruises”. Therefore, they are not victims. He may say, “I am a man”. Therefore, it is not possible he is a victim. Another voice of both genders may say, “They don’t hit my child”. Therefore, emotional abuse doesn’t really seem real to them. It isn’t that they don’t want to protect their child, they just may not understand what domestic abuse really is. When abuse is happening, it can be the most terrifying thing that has ever happened in your life. Walking or running away may not seem like a solution.

Types Of Abuse

Physical Abuse: Any time someone physically touches you without you saying they can, it is physical abuse. People do not have to have wounds, red marks, bruises, lacerations or visible signs to make this real. Some people have reported being spit on, tripped, pushed or poked by a finger. This may seem small and insignificant, but more times than not it is just the beginning to something much worse. I do not want to take away from those acts. Just because they seem harmless, it is still against our will.

Emotional Abuse: When someone breaks your things, keeps you from family and friends, yells or argues with you in public, threatens to hurt you or themselves when you try to leave or has a negative effect on your self image and worth, you may be going through emotional abuse.

Verbal Abuse: Talking down to another person, not letting someone finish their statements, calling names and insulting a person is verbal abuse. Even if the abuser doesn’t have the intention of damaging another person with their words, it is still abuse.

Financial Abuse: Controlling someone’s money out of anger or spite is considered financial abuse. Abusers may withhold money so their partner cannot leave them.
Sexual abuse: This type of abuse is the easiest to define. It is any type of sexual advance against your will. Even patting on the bottom without your permission is sexual abuse. Just because a person is married does not give them the right to take what they want.

Reasons For Abuse

Thousands of excuses are used to pardon abuse. It all comes down to one reason though; control. People have said they were abused when they were growing up and this is why they do it. They do not see anything wrong with it. This is actually partially true. People who have been molested, sexually, physically, emotionally and verbally are more likely to repeat this behavior. However, if you are wondering how to stop feeling sorry for them, ask yourself one question. Why do most abusers only yell in public and not hit? (With the exception of a few and when intoxicated) Because they know better. They DO know right from wrong. It all comes down to controlling another person. Do not kid yourself into thinking these people are complete victims.

Get Out and Get Out NOW

Abuse victims have built their life around fearing this person.

The person they loved.

The person they think loves them.

I hear people say, “that isn’t real love” when trying to wrap their minds around why abusers do it. I do not believe this. I believe they may love the person they are hurting all the way to the moon in some cases. However, I do believe they are damaged and broken. It is a mental disorder. I am not a doctor. I have, however, lived through this first-hand. I have seen many people go through it and know several abusers, even now. This does not invoke compassion in me. When people are broken, they usually know it. They become comfortable with it. After time, you don’t even get, “I’m sorry”. They go on to tell you how YOU made THEM do it! I got so sick of hearing it will only get worse. Ironic part is, it did. My children are damaged, I am damaged. Call a crisis center in your area if you are going through it. The national number is 1−800−799−7233 and 1−800−787−3224. Even if you are still in the marriage, you can take this step to find out alternatives. You may not be ready to end it all for you or your children, but even making the call or going to a support group online can give you strength and courage you didn’t know you had.

Why You Should Not Immediately Date

This may sound like a celibate death sentence to some. After all, you go through abuse for a short or long time and live through Hell. Now what do you get? To be alone. Yay. What a prize you have won. However, it is needed for several reasons, especially if kids went through it with you, it will take time to become healthy again. Your kids will need vast amounts of your time to rebuild their lives back to normality.

You will need time to sort out how you feel. The emotional roller coaster may seem endless. You will be lonely in most cases and the desire to sustain your pain with another person may be strong. What about the damage to the new person? You are not healthy yet. You are bringing all this to their doorstep and by default, pulling them into a field booby trapped with landmines. How fair is that? It is hard enough to be emotionally stable for you and your kids. Now you are asking another person to take on all that weight.

Try and remember how heavy the pain and burden of the abuse was. Then apply it to another person who will be emotionally responsible for you in the future. Do not date until you have had a long period of real recovery. No one said it was going to be easy. You went through pain, now you have to go through more to heal. Being alone until you are stronger has it’s benefits. You get to figure out who you are and learn to fall in love with yourself and kids again. That is a relationship worth spending time and energy on until it is appropriate to be with another.

Conceal that Teeny-Bopper Side | Loveawake.com blog

Guys ask you out on a date because they find you attractive. This is basically the reason why they want to know more about you. However, if you want more than adoration and you wish to be taken seriously by men, you have to exhibit respectable traits. If the man is aware of your past and he decided to ask you out, he expects a sense of maturity from you. He’s probably attracted to more experienced women and he prefers to be with someone whose wavelength is the same as his. Displaying your fully developed mental and emotional faculty on your date should be a major consideration as it signifies proper demeanor. Here are some reasons why you have to conceal your teeny bopper side on a date.

Childishness is a turn-off.

Of course, you have infantile behavior like everybody does. But revealing this on your first date should not be an option. You have to be as modest as you can to impose that you are educated and you conform to recognized standards of manners. Childishness is a major turn-off for guys. While having dinner in a romantic place, you must act like a classy lady and not a silly teeny bopper. Speak sensibly and do not make unnecessary gestures.

He might think you’re not his match.

Men have greater tendency to behave immaturely. But despite this notion, they still prefer someone who is matured enough to understand them when they go juvenile and someone who can muddle through their opinions and behavior when they get serious. If the guy you are with sees your childishness right away, he might throw out the thought of pursuing you.

Your sense of responsibility will be questioned.

As a single parent, people expect you to exhibit ripeness all the time. It’s really not easy to raise kids. One needs patience and determination to have this done fruitfully. But you won’t be able to realize this if your mindset is as raw as that of a teenager. Being responsible and living life maturely always go hand in hand. If you do not want the way you handle your obligations to be questioned, you have to be well-aware of your duties and be responsive to it. You have to think of your kids first in any given circumstance. If you demonstrate your happy-go-lucky side too much, the guy will not think of you as his dream partner anymore.

You can still have fun on your date without having to act like a child. There’s a right venue for teeny bopping but while in the stage of dating, you should make an effort to conceal it.

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Alex Wise served over 5 years as relationship expert helping women from around the world figure out the men in their love lives from an honest, male perspective. Alex is one of the contributors and editors for Loveawake.com dating website. He is passionate about thought leadership writing, and regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and online dating communities.

Summer is for Ice Cream

There are lots of reasons to love ice cream – it’s sweet, it’s cold, it’s portable, and you can have it any time. It also happens to be a dessert deeply connected with some of the best times in our lives. Whether you realize it or not, ice cream has been there as a marker for childhood, and a common element that brings people together. But it’s much more than something that kids enjoy every summer. You can also use the wholesome nature and delicious flavor of ice cream to create a romantic experience for you and your sweetie. It’s the perfect mix of innocence with a touch of decadence when you’re spending time with the person you love. Let’s take a look at how ice cream can play a role in enhancing the romance in your life.

A Walk on the Beach

There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll on the beach, and ice cream can make it even better. Pick a warm summer day and head to the beach just when the sun is about to set. There’s bound to be a concession stand somewhere where you can pick up some ice cream. Chances are they’ll still have flavors you remember from when you were a kid. With your hands held and ice cream at your side, you can enjoy the gorgeous sunset and warm ocean air.

Cuddled on the Couch

Who says you have to do something exciting to enjoy time together? A couple who cuddles together stays together, and you can strengthen that bond even more with a big bowl of ice cream. Grab your favorite blanket, pop the latest movie into your DVD player, and get two spoons to go with your ice cream.

After a Fight

Every couple fights, but sometimes making up is the funniest part. After you have said your sorrys and you’re back to being on kissing terms, share a bowl of your favorite flavor. Or if your partner is still mad at you for some reason, there’s no better way to break the ice (no pun intended) than with ice cream. It’s such a sweet treat that no one can stay mad when they’re eating it.

A Banana Split

If there’s one thing that certain about banana splits, it’s that they aren’t meant to eat alone. So if you’re looking for something to do, bring your sweetie to the local ice cream parlor for a great banana split. They are made for sharing, and you can get them loaded up with all kinds of goodies. Go crazy with the whip cream, sprinkles, syrup, and chunks of cookies. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it yourself because there’s someone right there to help you do it.

After a Date

You’ve taken your date to a great restaurant and had a wonderful meal. There’s no better way to top off than with an ice cream dessert from the menu. This is a great way to go whether you’ve had a heavy meal or something light. Rather than getting something filling like cheesecake, ice cream is the perfect thing to share after a fancy dinner. Best of all, it’s probably one of the more affordable items on the menu.

Make it Together

Making this delicious treat can be a lot of fun. It’s even better when you and your sweetie put it together with a fun recipe. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself laughing and enjoying the process from the very beginning. Neither of you has to be a professional chef in order to pull it off. All you need is an ice cream maker, the right ingredients, and about an hour before you have a yummy final product. And when you’re done, dim the lights, set out a few candles, and enjoy your ice cream together.

It might seem too good to be true, but ice cream really is one of the easiest desserts to make. Basic recipes are simple to follow, and you can make adjustments for different flavors. You can visit icecreamakers.com for great recipe ideas and product reviews for the best makers on the market. Being able to produce ice cream whenever you want is a great thing to have in your culinary repertoire whether you’re cooking for your family or your spouse.

Realize Your Startup Dreams | Loveawake.com blog

Single parents have the best reasons to become entrepreneurs—their children. Without a supporting spouse, single parents must juggle household responsibilities and earn a respectable income. They need a flexible schedule that allows them to meet their children’s physical and emotional needs. While being your own boss can seem intimidating, many careers offer outstanding benefits and rewards for single parents.

Find Your Niche

Everyone has talents and skills. Before opening your new business, list your strengths. Do your neighbors rave about your homemade cupcakes? Are you a trained cosmetician? Could you work online as a freelance writer? Ask your trusted friends to suggest career options. If necessary, attend a local community college or job-training program to enhance or update your skills.

When choosing a work-at-home career, use your imagination. Find a career that meets a need in your community. Any of the following careers transition well from an office setting to a work from home business.

  • Beauty product salesperson
  • Business consultant
  • Craft creation and sales
  • Caterer
  • Computer repair
  • Contractor
  • Day care provider
  • Gardener or landscaper
  • Health and fitness expert
  • Nutrition counselor
  • Tutor
  • Website designer

If you’ve never run a business it’s natural to have questions on how things should work. Consider hiring an accountant with experience in small business ownership.

Your municipality may require special permits, and you’ll need additional liability insurance. Contact your local chamber of commerce or the Small Business Administration for assistance in determining the licenses or tax paperwork you need.

Investigating financial resources available to single parents is a good idea too. The Small Business Association or your local unemployment office may have additional funding resources for your endeavor.

You’ll need to purchase the items required to perform the services or make the products you plan to sell. Look for online deals or in the newspaper’s classified ads for inexpensive supplies. You can find great deals on desks and office supplies.

If you’re moving into something food-related, considering a commercial refrigerator to keep your supplies fresh and away from your family’s food. While it may be a great idea to make icing in advance for your cupcake business, it’s not so great once your toddler decides to finger paint with the strawberry flavor.

Market your new business

Print business cards and other advertising tools. If possible, barter services with a friend. Your friend can print your business cards in exchange for your services.

Organize your home office

Ideally, your office will include a door, but not every single parent has the luxury of extra space. For your first few months, you may need to designate a corner of your bedroom for business-related paperwork, your contact list and financial records.

Balance your Home and Work

Your parenthood responsibilities often threaten to overwhelm you. Without a partner to provide babysitting or cook meals, you may question the sanity of starting your own business. You will need to exercise creativity in order to create balance.

Work while your children attend school or sleep. Exchange babysitting with a friend or neighbor. Being an entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to be home with your children while meeting your family’s financial needs. This motivational tool lights a fire under your feet and pushes you to find creative ways to balance your home and work responsibilities.

Single parents can become successful entrepreneurs. Home-based business options remain limitless for a creative and motivated single parent. Make the most of your resources when you enter the world of small business ownership as a single parent entrepreneur.

Dating? Beware the Man-Child! | Loveawake.com blog

Dating for me is a means to an end. I want to find THE guy, the right guy, but he’s probably not going to materialize on my front porch with a bouquet of daisies and a ring (sigh). Inevitably I am going to have to weed through a bunch of toads, tadpoles and other assorted amphibians to find my man. So I fight the good fight: dating websites, blind dates, meeting guys around town. I’m not desperate or anything, I just want to meet a nice guy with a great sense of humor and some integrity. Pretty reasonable right?

After a few rounds of lousy first dates and zero chemistry I started a list of things that I don’t find attractive in a man. That list is a biopsy of the Man-child; also described as having the “Peter Pan syndrome”, these guys are undate-able. As a public service I will publish my findings here. Maybe some of these guys will take note and grow up so that I (or any woman worth her salt) can date them.

1)The Man-child lives with his momma.

The only exception to this would be if a man was caring for his parent(s) due to illness or old-age (which would make him compassionate, responsible and date-able). But in all other cases, any man over 25 that sleeps in the same room as when he was 8 is a classic Man-child. Cut the cord already!

2)The Man-child likes to play games.

I’m too old to play any of the following mind games: mixed-signals, crazy jealousy, and cheating. It’s exhausting and I was over that in high school. If you can’t be real and honest then you aren’t tall enough to ride the ride.

3)The Man-child is not socially graceful.

He is likely to be rude to the waitress, my friends and, eventually, to me. Included here is toilet humor, which is funny to my 5 year old son but not funny on a first date. (really guys)

4)The Man-child has no plans.

He is happy to float through life passively, never thinking of the future or learning from the past. This isn’t a money thing for me. It’s about responsibility, living life with passion and having a dream. I don’t care if the guy drives a garbage truck, as long as he loves it and is passionate about being the best garbage-truck-driver he can be.

5)The Man-child is jealous of my other children.

He has no interest in my kids or the fact that I’m a mom but he resents the time I spend with them. It really is like sibling rivalry. Please don’t ask me who I love more because you will lose that contest all day, every day.

Bottom line?

I have three kids at home and I’m not looking to adopt a frat boy with a bald spot. (Bald MEN, however, are sexy) Grow up boys, and you just might get that second date.

It Only Takes 15 Minutes To Get Naked

There are currently 328,099,480 in the USA. There are 65 million people with STDs.

As taboo as the subject of sexual partners and STD is, it is mind boggling to really know the facts and who is at risk. Everyone seems to be ready for relationships when they are finally over a divorce or out of one that didn’t work out, but most people refuse to discuss possible infections as a result of sexual contact. Would you consider 4 relationships in a year promiscuous behavior? Even if he or she was faithful to each partner? Most people who divorce are heard at some point say, “I am just having fun right now and doing ‘me’”. Doing you could cause some serious unwanted conversations before and after sexual contact.

One Out of Four Are at Risk

Even if you were to date a person exclusively once every 4 months, you just opened yourself up for a higher percentage rate of being infected with an STD.

One out of every four people, especially younger people, have an STD. Marinade on that for a moment.

Most people think someone has to be ‘loose’ if they are a carrier a particular disease caused by sex. This isn’t true. Say the woman/man just got unlucky enough to hit the one of every four people infected and they were very careful about partners. You cannot really call this person promiscuous when in fact; they are rarely sexually active. The United States is a breeding ground for this situation. There are currently 328,099,480 people in the U.S.A. including babies and elderly. You have to take into account that some of these age ranges are not sexually active. Out of the ones that are, there are 65 million people with STDs.

You may think you are being safe for many different reasons that may include the following:

  • They look healthy and have weight on them
  • They do not show any open wounds
  • They said they get tested or give blood regularly
  • They just got out of a relationship or marriage
  • They have had few sexual partners in their lifetime
  • They claim to be faithful
  • I always use condoms and will now
  • We can just have oral sex, you won’t catch anything that way

My Knowledge Trumps Your Excuse

It is crazy how much the words, “I would never cheat” gets men and women into bed even when their brain tells them they should know better. It is like a huge weight being pushed off your chest when you or them pull out a condom. Great! You just reduced your risk, but you didn’t completely protect yourself. Herpes is contracted with the use of condoms and so is every other disease if it breaks. Alcohol can, does and will hinder your ability to use it wisely.

Pregnancy is also the other factor to worry about. If you are not for alternate methods as opposed to having a child, you will find yourself thinking the unthinkable for your personality type without taking steps to prevent accidents.

A Personal Account of HIV

Of course you have heard this all before. You are a grown adult and this isn’t your first rodeo. However, I am about to tell you something that goes beyond startling. It is down right painful and a violation of any humans rights.

My stepmother is the 18th longest living HIV case in America. She dated a man she fell for in the early 1980’s. She loved him so much, she married him. She had recently split with my father and thought that life on earth in pure hell was over. He was not a ‘great guy’ or anything that resembled it. She wasn’t promiscuous and didn’t believe in dating around. She married him and lived with the man for 10 years.

One day at work she gets a call from the hospital. She shows up and asks what is wrong with her man. They started speaking of his T cell count and immunity to fight off the infection. There was a lot of technical jargon being used she didn’t understand. They spoke to her this way because she was his wife of ten years. They ‘assumed’ she knew and was also positive. He had developed full blown A.I.D.S. and was about to take a turn he wasn’t coming back from. She had NO CLUE. He was always healthy until right before being admitted. He was even portly in body shape.

She got tested and it was positive. Her husband had literally killed her on purpose. He knew and had been getting treated behind her back. The most startling part is his whole family knew it too! They never breathed a word before, at or after the wedding. They had ‘assumed’ she knew and was positive already. My mother passed long ago and she is my mother to me. She works for a government agency and has for the last 40 years. She is about to retire and her health is failing. She flies all over the world and performs education on STDs and HIV. She is very active and not ashamed of her disease.

I cannot express to you the amount of shear respect I have for her. My children are around her and yes, they drink after her. Most people would gasp at this until they become educated enough to know the risks of a task like that. I love my mother and my children. I also love myself to know a couple of steps to keep me from ever having to endure her pain.

15 Minutes and We Can Get Naked!

The local Health Department located in EVERY CITY has daily walk ins for STD checks. AIDS and a few other disorders are the scariest ones right?

It takes 15 minutes to get the results of an HIV test. I have taken future partners with me to get tested before I had intercourse with them. The cons of being ‘semi’ cautious is oral sex and condoms. You shouldn’t perform oral sex without a condom with a partner who hasn’t been tested. The teeth are a huge risk in accidents and let’s face it; it tastes pretty disgusting!

So many men and women make their future partners ‘work for it’ so they feel assured a relationship will last or the person knows they are not a ‘slut/manwhore’. If we go through all of that just to make ourselves feel like we are living life in a safe and moral manner, why not stop by a local Health Department? I for one am pretty adventurous in the sack and detest having limits set on my behavior. Of all the embarrassing moments if said out loud I enjoy are done, I cannot understand why someone would feel awkward or embarrassed to take their future partner to get tested. Remember, 1 out of 4 sexual encounters and you’re it!

Duck, Duck, Goose, STD!

As much as people tell you, “I am clean, I promise. I don’t have symptoms, sores or pain”, don’t fall for it. They come in all sizes, colors and ages. Most men don’t even show symptoms of diseases such as Chlamydia and Bacterial Vaginosis. The majority of people infected with HIV don’t have symptoms for years and Herpes which is ever rising in count may not show outbreaks for half their lifetime! That they can see anyway. Even a minute ‘thought it was an ingrown hair’ or not visible sore can infect you the first time you have sex with them.

Question Yourself

I am speaking to singles with and without kids, but mainly to parents of divorce or miserable relationships with kids. These are the ones that usually cheat or get cheated on and others who are thinking of new partners more often. You are a role model for your children. What would you tell them? Don’t do it isn’t going to work. They will eventually venture into that avenue. You are playing roulette with yourself and your kids every time you don’t make that 15 minute stop. I sit longer in traffic jams daily! Don’t let your kids turn into me either. I adore my mother and I am grateful for outspoken she is about education on this subject. She has changed into an amazing person since her younger years because of it. I just wish it didn’t take this to open her eyes, my eyes and possibly yours.

Is Online or Offline Dating Best for You?

There will always be a debate around whether online or offline dating is better. And, both types of dating come with their own pros and cons. Many people feel that dating offline is better for expressing feelings and emotions while being their authentic safe, while online dating can be beneficial for those who are pressed for time and are not always able to get out there and meet new people on a regular basis. So, which kind of dating is best for you?

What’s Good About Online Dating?

There are many benefits of online dating to consider. You can read more about the pros and cons of online vs offline dating here. For many people, online dating is ideal because dating sites and apps use matchmaking algorithms that will help you find more compatible matches and improve your chance of meeting a potential date who is going to be a good fit for you. In addition, online dating is easy to use and gives you the chance to meet up with people who you may have never crossed paths with in real life.

What’s Good About Offline Dating?

Dating offline is often harder than online dating, but it can still work well for some people. And, in many situations, offline dating often happens out of the blue when you meet somebody that you are attracted to, perhaps at a time or in a place where you were not looking for love, such as work. You can read more here about the rules for engaging with women at work if you’re looking to start a workplace romance.

Choosing the Right Dating Site:

Of course, people can sign up to online dating sites while hoping to meet somebody to date offline at the same time; there are no rules to stick to. Knowing what you are looking for is important if you want to try online dating, and going online can also help you make it easier to find somebody who is looking for the same things as you in a partnership, since you can often set preferences to make sure that you only see potential matches that align with your requirements – something that you can’t do in real life.

Improve Your Chance of Meeting People Offline:

There are several things that you can do if you want to boost your chance of meeting potential dates out in the real world. Whether you are doing this alongside online dating or want something to happen naturally without using a dating app or site, putting yourself out there and getting involved in as many social events as possible is the best way to improve your chance of meeting somebody new. Join local groups and clubs to meet people who share similar interests to you, and ask your friends to introduce you to people in their lives that they think you might get on with as a potential date.

When it comes to dating, you can go online or look for somebody offline – there is no right or wrong way. Which type of dating is best for you?

“It Makes Sex Feel Better, Gives You More Confidence & Eliminates Performance Anxiety” New Study Says About THIS Little-Known “Mind Trick”…

how to have the best sex

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Okay, maybe you’re not a big fan of yoga, meditation, and zen rock gardens.

That’s ok!

Yep, you better believe it, and the experts back me up. Your hippie neighbors with the weird flags hanging off their patio just might be able to revolutionize your sex life.

What am I talking about?

One word, gentlemen: mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

It’s very simple, really. Mindfulness means paying attention.

You don’t need patchouli. You don’t need essential oils or bonsai trees or perfect form in downward dog. (Although a good downward dog never hurt anyone.)

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All you need to do to achieve mindfulness is focus. And this applies to sex in ways I’m guessing you never thought about before.

If you think you’ve learned anything about sex from porn, mindfulness might not seem like a factor.

I mean, who wants to slow down and pay attention, right? Isn’t everyone supposed to be screaming with passion, tearing clothes, and throwing the pillows out the window?

While it can be fun to upset the neighbors, there’s more than one way to skin the cat. (If you’ll pardon the expression.)

New scientific research reveals that slowing down and paying attention during sex can actually make for a better experience.

In a nutshell, mindfulness could lead to sex that blows your mind.

Here’s how:

The Surprising Science Behind Why Simply Paying Attention Makes Sex Feel Better…

Scientists got up close and personal with 200 folks.

All of these research subjects were married, part of opposite-sex couples, and between age 36 and 60.

The researchers wanted to figure out how closely these folks paid attention to what was going on while having sex.

In other words, researchers wanted to gauge their mindfulness.

So they asked them to rank themselves while thinking about these questions:

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“I pay attention to what my body is feeling during sex” and “I pay attention to how I’m feeling emotionally during sex.”

They asked these people:

How much do you engage with your experience during sex?

On the other hand, how much if it is “mechanic”… almost like you’re a machine of some kind?

The study revealed that the people who paid the most attention to sensations (both physical and emotional) during sex had—you guessed it—better sex.

3 Huge Benefits of Mindful Sex (And Why It Makes Women Feel Frisky More Often)…

These mindful folks felt more satisfied by the sex they were having, had better relationships, and had better self-esteem.

The scientists decided that being mindful can get rid of some of the anxiety, or pressure to perform, that can make you enjoy sex less.

But mindful sex might not seem all that simple to achieve.

Let’s face it. Sex itself isn’t very complicated. Physically, I mean. It’s hard to get it wrong in the most basic way.

But having mindful sex can seem intimidating!

If you aren’t used to doing mindful activities, how are you supposed to start?

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Start by paying attention and making your actions deliberate. Is there a part of your partner’s body that you don’t often touch? Give it some love.

Or maybe you’re not used to paying attention to your partner’s face during sex. Try watching carefully for signs that she’s really enjoying something, and do more of that!

It can seem scary to make eye contact or communicate during sex if you’re used to just banging it out and getting the job done.

But slowing down, being mindful, and paying attention to your partner’s reactions can lead you to amazing new places.

How To Practice True “Mindfulness” During Sex For MAX Pleasure…

One simple place to start is breathing.

Maybe try breathing in time with your partner. Breathing is an incredibly important thing we do all day every day, often without realizing it.

Once you begin paying attention to your breathing during sex, you can begin paying attention to other parts of the process.

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And once you’re aware of your breathing, you’ll likely be more aware of everything else you’re feeling. Maybe your partner rubs your neck, and it feels amazing, but if your mind was wandering you would have missed it altogether.

Being mindful can help you focus on little moments that will make your sex better and bring you closer together.

So what are you waiting for? Light some incense, put on some lute music… or don’t. You don’t need to become a flower child to get the benefits of mindful sex.

In fact, you don’t need mindfulness to have amazing sex… it’s just one of those things that can really enhance the experience for some people.

But you know what you DO need for good sex?

how to have the best sex

When Mindfulness Just Isn’t Enough…

Sometimes being more mindful isn’t going to solve all your problems.

For example…

Does it really matter how mindful you are, if your wife or girlfriend is begging to get railed… but you’re as soft as a soggy strand of spaghetti?

It happens to a lot of men, and it can happen for a variety of reasons.

It happened to one of our community members, Brian.

He tried EVERYTHING to get better in bed… including meditation and mindfulness… plus more extreme measures like pills, prescriptions and injections…

But he just couldn’t perform.

It was driving a wedge in his relationship, which caused a lot of arguing… and MANY sleepless angry nights.

That is, until he found this little-known “Blue Zone Secret,” that gave him wood like a majestic giant redwood, and made him come like a fireman’s hose. 😉

Soon enough he and his girlfriend went from doing it on holidays and birthdays…

To going at it twice a week.

And these days they’re going 4-5 times a week strong, like a pair of horny college teenagers who don’t have anything better to do than relentlessly hump like rabbits:

Here’s what the “Blue Zone Secret” is and how you can use it to get harder than you ever thought possible, no meditation necessary!