Social Media Red Flags to Look for When Going on a Date

Social media plays an immense role in our lives today. Billions of people use it for everything from keeping up with their friends to reading the news. Social media also has an impact on how we date. If you meet someone in person, or even on an online dating app, and agree to a date, there is a good chance you will check them out on social media beforehand.

This can help you learn their interests, their hobbies and generally give you a better understanding of who they are. Also, in addition to using it to learn about people you’ve met, it can also be used to meet people in the first place. For example, you can check out this step-by-step guide for dating on TikTok to learn more about how to use it to meet new people.

While checking out the social media profile of someone before a date can help you learn a little more about them, this won’t always be a good thing. You may discover some red flags that may have you reconsidering the date. But what are some red flags you should watch out for? Well, this article is going to look at a few of them.

Constantly Posting About Their Ex

This is truly the red flag of red flags. If your potential date is constantly posting about their ex and how terrible they are, or that all men are trash, it’s generally a sign of trouble. It can come off as very childish and immature too.

People that post these kinds of things will generally blame others for issues in their lives, instead of looking inside of themselves. While some exes certainly deserve the bad press, many of the people making these posts are just doing so to be vindictive and turn people against an individual. It is often better to avoid this drama and ensure you aren’t the next ex that they post about.

Also, if everything they post is negative in nature, they might not seem like the type of person you want to attempt to have a fun date with.

Every Picture is Heavily Edited

When browsing social media like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, you are bound to see some edited photos or videos on some profiles. This in itself isn’t a red flag, as maybe they simply enjoy editing photos or videos and took the time to learn about a TikTok video editor.

But if all of their selfies and photos are almost unrecognizably edited, this could be something to look out for. It could mean they are attempting to hide how they really look. While looks aren’t the only thing that matters, you don’t want to be catfished by someone who looks nothing in person like they do in their photos or videos.

They Have No Online Presence

Another potential red flag is that someone doesn’t have an online presence at all. In this day and age, for someone to have zero digital presence on any social media platform is generally a little strange. It could mean they are trying to hide something, or that they gave you a fake name and backstory that doesn’t exist. 

While it’s fine for someone to not like social media, you will likely be able to find at least some tidbit of information on just about anyone online. On the other side of things, someone being too active on social media could also be a red flag. This may often mean they don’t put a lot of time, thought, or effort into their real-life relationships or responsibilities.

Your Potential Date Appears to Have a Boyfriend

While cheating on someone is one of the most unsavory things you can do, millions of people still do it every day. Just because you hit it off with someone in person or on an app and agreed to go on a date doesn’t always mean they’re single. This is especially true if their profile is riddled with pictures of them with the same person and a lot of romantic comments or captions.

Of course, someone may just not have updated their relationship status or might not have deleted old pictures with their ex. However, if someone looks like they aren’t single on their profile, it’s generally a good idea to flat out ask them to see and make sure they are indeed single.

They Support Things That Don’t Align With Your Views or Values

If a person’s social media page is full of reposts or retweets about things you don’t agree with, this could be another red flag. You want to at least share similar interests, views, and values with the person you are dating in most cases.

Of course, there are varying levels to this. For example, you can almost certainly see past them liking a different sports team or movie franchise. But if they disagree with you on larger topics like racism or LGBT rights, these are not things that can be overlooked in most cases.

While you and your potential date don’t need to agree on everything, huge gaps in what you support or what interests you might mean that you are not a good match.

In conclusion, we hope that this article was able to show you some social media red flags to look out for when going on a date. Of course, social media won’t be able to tell you everything, but can be worthwhile to check out.

The Girls’ Guide to Booty Call Texting

These days, technology can take you wherever you want to go. Plane tickets are booked online and GPS can help you get across the country with the touch of a button. Of course, your mobile phone can take you wherever you want to go, too. You don’t need a travel agent — a well-written text can be your one-way ticket to the bedroom.

But sending a text for a booty call takes finesse. Go too far, and you could crash and burn, turning your crush off and embarrassing yourself in the process. Play it safe and you may never leave the ground, while the super-confident chick with the overactive iPhone racks up the frequent flier miles with your man. Here are some navigational tips from our friends from Bentleysoflondon:

First, book your seat ahead of time. At 9 PM, you may still be doing your make-up, but realize that two cocktails from now, you’re going to want someone to be doing you. The earlier you can text, the better. You’ll make him feel like he’s your first choice, and it’s good to be on his mind before he’s committed to a location for the whole night. Plus, knowing you have someone waiting to get naked with you later will make your whole evening more fun and carefree. Always hit send before 1 AM — after that, he may be too tired or too drunk.

If it’s someone you don’t know very well or haven’t hooked up with yet, the early text is crucial. You don’t how much hassle he’ll give you. It’s like going through airport security. You need that extra time.

Speaking of airport security, try to follow the no-liquids rule. Sure, a few glasses of wine are going to give you the courage to text something naughty, but when you start slurring your texts, that’s what we call turbulence. If you must text when wasted, don’t openly state that you’re wasted! Girls think this is a quick way to turn a guy on and land a booty call. Ready and willing turns a guy on. About to pass out in a pool of your own vomit … not so much.

Comment on the scenery. If you’re at a bar or club, text him that you’re stuck talking to boring douchebags. And let him know that you’re in a really fun mood. Wink face.

Learn the local language and get his attention with some key words and phrases. If it’s a new thing: fun, feeling, thinking, see you, want, get, play, hot, cold, bored. If it’s a sure thing: you, me, horny, naked, touch, come, want to, on top, f***, my bed … you get the idea.

Do not use any of the words in the latter category if you aren’t sure this person is a booty call yet. You want to be direct, but if they don’t know you too well, toss in an “lol” to cover yourself.

If it’s someone you’ve hooked up with before, take the shortest route possible. See what he’s up to and then remind him, “We always have so much fun when we’re together.” Use a few key words and you’re golden. No one wants a layover when they’re trying to get their lay over.

If he seems resistant (responses like “I don’t know” or “I’m kinda tired”), don’t read this as “Please get more explicit.” Make a safe exit and back off immediately. When a guy’s not interested, it’s best to not whip out the camera phone.

The later it gets, the more shameless you will look. If you’re just intent on getting off the ground, a better strategy is to text several guys early in the night and hold out hope for your first choice. If you get him, it’s like a free upgrade to First Class! And if you end up with an ex, well, they still give out snacks in Coach, don’t they?

When it comes to booty calls, texting is the ticket. If you’re too drunk, too shy, or too desperate, it’ll be “May Day!” But keep your cool and be up front, and you’re sure to get your passport stamped.

7 Proven Tips To Last Longer In Bed

how to increase sexual stamina

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Hey, it’s Craig, Gotham Club’s founder…

Math sucks.  😉

I hated it as a kid, and I hate it now.  

But the one thing about numbers that I like: they don’t lie.

Your girl can lie, when she’s looking bored after sex, and you ask her if it rocked her world…

But these numbers…

Like more than 1 in 3 guys (ages 18-59) has suffered from premature ejaculation.

And the average woman (average, so some of them take even longer…) needs 13 ½ minutes of sex to orgasm.  (It only took Meg Ryan about 50 seconds in When Harry Met Sally… Can we clone her?)

So, no wonder one of the top two questions I get from guys is how to last longer in bed…

(The other question I get the most is: Does size matter? Does it? Find out here…) 

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Like with most things… I went to the best expert I could find… and in this case, that took me to the adult film industry:

Wayne Siren, voyeur, exhibitionist and husband of hotwife and pornstar Dee Siren.  Together they own and run Siren XXX Studios.

I asked him:

Do you have any tricks, other than thinking about baseball or watching less porn, that a guy could use to last a little bit longer? 

And he gave me 7 of his best “last longer in bed” tips. They’re “road tested” and they really work.

And when you use them tonight, there’s no way she’ll be bored after sex.  She’ll be exhausted… wrung out… and begging to see you again, soon…

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Wayne Siren:    “C*ck rings. We’ve had guys wear c*ck rings before. Apparently those work…

I personally have no experience in them, but they definitely work, so try that out. 

Different medications will work. Now, there’s so much stuff over the counter, but I’m not naming anything because no one should name things. 

Especially since the main one is now no longer under patent, you can get a lot of stuff. Of course, do your research. Don’t go to the corner store and not know what you’re putting in your body and give yourself a heart attack. 

But there’s definitely medications that will help you with your erection and that also will help you last longer too. 

(Discover the all-natural pornstar secret to last all night in bed.)

Trying to think of things. Like you said, baseball… or boring things.

Just pull out. Pull out for a second. Do something else… Eat her out. Eat out the woman. Make out with her. 

Rub on her. Rub on her body. Give her a massage. Rub on her legs. 

increase sexual stamina

Personally, I love my wife and I love everything about her. After 20 something years, I still love just rubbing on her body and things like that that turn her on. 

That way, even if I do come a little bit quicker… Sometimes you just can’t help it. 

With that being the case, make sure she’s satisfied also.

As guys know, once you do come, it’s hard to stay in that mode afterwards. It’s best to try not to until she’s satisfied… 

Then if you know you’re a quicker comer, then all right boom, boom, boom. It could be one of those things. 

Maybe he’s not eating right. There’s no secret food, but if you’re in healthy shape, you are just going to be able to control your body better. 

That’s the difference. If you can control your body in other ways, you can control that too. That’s just a lifestyle. 

One more thing you can control is the position you have sex in… and that can make a big difference too…

sexual stamina
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Now You’re Able To Last All Night.… Use These 3 “Deep Penetration” Positions To Make Sure She’s Totally Satisfied

I love these 3 brand-new (and pretty adventurous) sex positions.

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They’ll also allow you to last quite a bit longer as well.

Plus, let’s be honest, most girls get bored of always having sex with the same guy.

But that’s because they use the same positions over and over: missionary, doggy, and occasionally girl-on-top…

Switching it up won’t just make it easier to get deeper inside of her…

But they’ll also make her completely addicted to sleeping with you because you’re an exciting lover. 

(Plus you can go deep enough to hit a spot inside of her that few girls even know they have. This spot has only recently been discovered, and gives women multiple orgasms.)

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PS: I think my personal favorite (and my partner’s, haha!) is the “Shoulder Holder.” What do you think?

Get Her To Text Back Fast With These 3 Proven Tips

You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is To Get Her to Text Back…

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What if I could boil all the dating advice you’ve ever been given into one simple sentence?

Seriously, there’s only one thing you need to know, one thing you need to have.

Even if she thinks she wants money, or a buff gym rat, or to be chased, or for you to fall at her feet, worshipping her, and offering her things…

That’s all a lie.

She might want it in the moment, but none of that will keep her happy past a date or two.

Here’s all you need to know:

Never lose your self respect.

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She might be playing games, or acting hard to get. And you might be thinking, “She’s so f’ing hot.  I should tell her how much I like her.  I should send her flowers.  I should offer her my heart on a plate…”

You should not do any of those things.

You should keep your self respect.

In this video below, I’m going to tell you exactly how you should act (what you should say, do and even text her) to make her drop that act… and her panties…:

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

So this morning, I had a very interesting conversation with one of my clients…

This guy was interested in a woman. He’d been trying to get her to come on a date by sending her messages, but she would ignore him and wouldn’t get back to him until days later. 

Sometimes she would disappear, then come back to just keep it going on and on and on… 

This guy was trying so hard. 

get her to text back
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He would send her jokes and love messages. He would let her know how much he cares about her and how much he wants to see her because he thought he needed to show sincerity. 

He thought by doing all of this he would prove to her that he really does care for her and he is not just some player that wants to sleep with her. 

He’s someone who is genuinely interested in her and wants to build a romantic, lasting relationship with her.

Tired Of Being Ghosted? These 3 Tricks Make HER Chase YOU

Well, That Didn’t Work.  This Did…

Well, here’s the thing:

When a woman is playing hard to get, and you try to convince her, the only thing you’re showing her is that you’re needy, you’re desperate, you’re putting way too much value in her. 

That doesn’t work. 

That doesn’t work for anyone on this planet. 

I tell you one thing, and this one thing you should really remember, not just in the area of dating, but in everything you do in your life:

Don’t  sacrifice your self respect for anyone or anything.

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There is no person, no job, no money, no car, no position, no power, nothing on this planet that’s worth sacrificing your self respect. 

And never be with someone who does not want you as much as you want them. 

get her to text back

That’s the very first rule of a relationship. 

Let’s say you persist, you chase after this woman, you convince her to be with you. 

Well guess what’s going to happen? This theme is going to continue for the rest of your life… 

You’re going to first have to convince her to come out on a date, then you’re going to have to convince to have sex. You’re going to have to convince her to get into a committed relationship or marry you…

It’s just going to go on and on and on… 

Sometimes You Just Gotta Take a Break…

The more you chase her, the more you will lose respect in her eyes. The more she would see you as less, the less likely you both will actually end up together. 

If you want a relationship with someone, they should want you as much as you want them, if not want you more than you want them. That’s very, very important. 

So when you see a woman is giving you a hard time, the first thing you need to do is take some time off. 

(Discover how to attract women online easily with this proven data.)

I’m not being vindictive. I’m not being an asshole. All I’m saying is, the first thing you need to do is defend your self respect. 

If she doesn’t have time for you then she doesn’t want to be with you. No problem. 

Don’t get angry. Don’t send her nasty messages. Don’t call her anything mean. Don’t show anger, don’t show any emotions. Just cut her off. 

Here’s Where You Trap Her…

If she sends you a message down the road, ignore it, maybe respond after a day or two. 

Here’s something that happens when you ignore a woman: women can’t handle that.

Now she wonders what happened? Why are you not chasing her? She thought you were going to chase her and what often happens is, no matter how good you are, women oftentimes get this wrong message in their head…

You might be the most confident guy out there. You might be the best guy for her. She feels amazing around you, but sometimes she still doesn’t know if you are right for her. 

She might think: Is he being honest? Is he being real? 

And all those feelings can make them build this defensive wall. 

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Once they do that they’re trying to test the relationship. They’re trying to see if this is real. If you are real, is this really happening…

So they consciously and subconsciously play this game. 

And if you take part in that game, and if you start chasing her and you start convincing her, logically it should work… 


We are all emotional beings, and that does not work for her. 

So instead, when you take a step back, she starts to see, wow, this guy doesn’t care for me. He’s not chasing me. 

And that makes her want to come after you more. 

Tired Of Being Ghosted? These 3 Tricks Make HER Chase YOU

Now, She’s Going to Chase YOU

At that point, you can engage her again, but this time she has learned her lesson that if she needs to be with you, she needs to do it on equal terms. 

And this is very important that when a woman is not interested you take a step back. Then if she comes back to you, you lead her. 

So she respects you as an equal…

And she will, when you remember these 3 words…

get her to text back
Get her to text back and chase you with this final tip…

He Didn’t Think He Had a Chance With Her. Days After I Gave My Student THIS Advice…She Raced To His Apartment For Sex

I said 3 little words:

“Give her space.”

So when my student gave this woman space for a couple of days, guess what?

She was texting him, saying things like, “Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while, how are you?” and “Are you OK???”

(He only went silent for 2 days before she reached out to him…)

This was great… I knew this was a sure-fire sign he was extremely close to banging her.

That’s when I showed him these 3 “Turn The Tables” techniques, which can often get a girl who seems “wishy washy,” “flaky,” or just not that interested in you…

…to chase you to the bedroom like a hungry lioness chasing a gazelle.

and when he used those techniques, she started making sexual jokes…

and practically invited herself over to his place…

While most women would still “play the game” and act a little aloof when they come over (they don’t want to come off too “sl*tty”)…

She showed up at his doorstep wearing a hoodie… and nothing underneath.

How sexy is that???

I don’t have to tell you what happened next… 😉

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The Best Sex Positions For Back Pain & More Pleasurable Sex

sex positions for back pain

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Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes for missing work?

And in fact, experts say that 80% of people will feel back pain at some point in their lives?

So if you have back pain, and it’s putting a literal cramp in your sex life–just know that you’re not alone.

But what can you do about it?

Well, there’s medication for that–but in the heat of the moment, that isn’t always going to help.

So we scoured the internet, and our team of experts, for the best tips & tricks to ease back pain during sex…

And here are the best 5 we could find:

1) Try This Pain-Relieving Position

Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride… because that’s exactly what you’ll get to do here!

If you have back pain, sometimes it can be relieving to lie back.

So that’s why girl-on-top is a perfect pain-relieving position.

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If you aren’t already familiar with this position, all you have to do is lay down and have her straddle you–she can control the movement, so you don’t have to work any of your back muscles at all if you don’t want to.

Plus, this position makes it more likely that she’ll have an orgasm. 😉

And of course, it’ll feel great for you too!

But if laying down doesn’t relieve enough of your back pain… then just try this next trick:

Got Back Pain? 5 Tricks for More Pleasurable & Pain-Free Sex

2) Use Support

If you still feel back pain when you lie down, then try supporting your back with soft items.

You can use pillows…


There are even specialized body pillows designed to relieve pain and make you more comfortable!

I know it might not sound super “sexy,” but you can keep them by the bed for easy grabbing if things get too caught up in the moment.

Plus, it’s a lot sexier than having sex with back pain, right?

3) What To Do When You’re On Top

Sometimes, the woman you’re with might reeeeally want you to be on top. Or perhaps it’s your personal preference in bed.

If that’s the case, just make sure to keep your upper body supported with both of your hands evenly below your shoulders (that is if you’re doing missionary-style sex).

This way, you distribute your weight evenly throughout your back and won’t put too much of a strain on your muscles.

It might also help to have the woman you’re with lift up her hips and gyrate during the deed.

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That way, you don’t have to do as much work, and you can get deeper inside her more easily as well.

Got Back Pain? 5 Tricks for More Pleasurable & Pain-Free Sex

4) Prepare Your Muscles

If you’re particularly concerned about your back acting up on a night when sex is on the table, here’s one of the best things you can possibly do:

Stretch beforehand!

It takes less than 5 minutes, and it’ll help you gain more body awareness and realize what’s going to feel best once you’re in bed with this girl.

Here are some basic go-to stretches you can try before you meet up with her:

Lie down, and hug one knee to your chest–then the other. This stretches your lower back and upper glutes without putting too much of a strain on your muscles.

If you can handle a little bending, you can also do “cat/cow” stretches.

To do this, place both your palms on the floor below your shoulders, and place your knees on the ground below your hips.

Then tuck your toes, drop your belly and look as far up as you can. This is a great stretch for your spine–but wait, you’re not done yet!

Once you do this, untuck your toes, then arch your back and look toward your stomach (sort of like a cat).

This helps to stretch all of your vertebrae in a way that most people don’t get to do in their day-to-day life. And it can be a great way to relieve back pain prior to sex. 😉

Which brings me to my final tip to have amazing sex, even if you have debilitating back pain — and it’s a good one:

sex positions for back pain

5) The Fastest Way to Give a Woman Multiple Orgasms (From ANY Position)…

Even if your back pain makes sex seem impossible… there’s still a way you can give a woman multiple orgasms very fast.

It’s a fingering move… BUT… it goes way beyond “stick 2 fingers in her and make a ‘come hither’ motion.”

It’s called 5-Finger Tantra, and here’s how it works:

Get into the position that feels most comfortable for you (sitting up, laying down, on your side, whatever)…

… and then position your fingers like this inside of her.

This will already make her feel very, very good (trust me, I’m a girl, I would know lol)…

… which is why you only have to move your fingers a little bit to take her over the edge, and give her waves of EXPLOSIVE orgasms… usually in less than 45 seconds.

(Plus, if you do it right, chances are she’ll want to return the favor with some oral! ;-))

I’ll admit the motion is a little hard to describe though…

So you can see exactly how it’s done right here, in this short, free video:

Discover The 5-Finger Tantra Move That Gives Her EXPLOSIVE Multiple Orgasms (From Any Position)…

Massive Study Reveals The #1 Quality Women Desire Most in a Man Today (And It’s Definitely Not What You Think!)

what women find attractive

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Let’s face it… landing the love of your life is not easy.

Heck, sometimes it seems impossible to land one decent date.

Whether you’re back in the dating game after a long time or have been playing the field for years, this new science I’m about to share with you is bound to help you score.

The things women value in a man now are pretty different from the things they valued decades in the past.

This might surprise you since, after all, we’re all only human.

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But as humans, we respond to our culture a lot. We might not be as in control of our preferences and plans as we think we are.

So what’s that got to do with understanding women and landing the lady of your dreams?

Well, if you’ve ever gotten dating advice from—er—an older gentleman, or someone from a different generation, you may have noticed something.

It ain’t your grandfather’s dating scene out there these days, that’s for sure.

What am I talking about?

According to this massive study, women’s wants and needs have changed a lot when it comes to men.

I’m here to share with you the top 20 characteristics today’s women value in a man—and to fill you in on how different the scene has become, since 1938!

So, what do women these days value in a man?

These Are the Top 10 Traits Women Are Looking For Today…

10) Ambition/Industriousness

The tenth most important trait that women seek in a mate is ambition and industriousness.

This is no big shock and hasn’t changed radically since the survey was first carried out in 1938.

No big surprise there—women still like a man who can work!

Massive Study Reveals The #1 Quality Women Desire Most in a Man Today (And It’s Definitely Not What You Think!)

9) Good Looks

You might be shocked to see this as number nine, and not number one.

Women today might be a little more shallow, though, since women in 1938 ranked looks number 14 in importance.

8) Good Health

It’s true–she values your cholesterol levels more than your jawline.

Yep, women today value good health more than good looks and even more than ambition—good news if you have a membership at your local gym!  

Surprisingly, women in 1938 valued good health even more than women today.

7) Desire For Home/Children & Sociability (2-Way Tie)

Two traits tie for these positions: a domestic urge, and good social skills.

I mean, it makes sense that these two would be equally important to today’s women—who wants to raise kids with The Grinch?

Interestingly, both of these traits were less important to women in 1938. What in the world were those women up to?

(A likely explanation is that women assumed most men already had a desire for home and children–it was valued a lot more as part of the familial structure 70 years ago.)

5) Pleasing Disposition

Clocking in as fifth most important: being a nice guy.

This was even more important to women in 1938, ranking third. Hmm… are women today more likely to tolerate jerky behavior?

Well, not necessarily.

But at least being nice is still more important than your looks.

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4) Education/Intelligence

Wow, women today care about your brains a lot more than their moms or grandmas did in 1938!

Clocking in at number four, how smart you are, OR how educated you are (not necessarily the same thing), is super important to women.

Back in 1938, this trait was only #11.

3) Emotional Stability/Maturity

Not too much of a shock here—but women of yester-year cared about emotional stability even more, ranking this super important characteristic as #2!

2) Dependable Character

Okay, ladies of 2008 and 1938 alike were not big fans of being stood up at dinner.

Women in 1938 placed this as number one, while women in 2008 logged it in second place.

Being a stand-up guy she can count on goes miles in any decade!

Massive Study Reveals The #1 Quality Women Desire Most in a Man Today (And It’s Definitely Not What You Think!)

And The Most Important Trait to Women Today Is (Drumroll Please)…

The most important trait to women today is: mutual attraction!

Basically, this means you’re both super into each other.

Ok, this seems sort of obvious. I mean, who would want to date someone they weren’t attracted to, or vice versa?

But women of 1938 placed mutual attraction as number four in importance.

Maybe a woman of the past was willing to put other things—like financial stability—over the number of butterflies spinning around in her stomach when she looks at you.

Why the changes?

One big reason might be:

Women have more independence.

Multiple wars and economic ups and downs have launched women firmly into politics and all areas of the workforce.

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As a result, society allows them to take care of themselves, and they no longer need to think of a partner as, first and foremost, a breadwinner.

This can be good news for relationships—a well-rounded guy doesn’t need to be raking it in for a woman to be all about him.

Of course, it also leaves less up to economics and more up to love—that fickle beast, which no one really understands.

Overall, though, it’s good news that you can focus on being an awesome guy, and can expect the right lady to appreciate you for it.

The key is to use this data to your best advantage once you’re going out on dates and meeting women.

Here’s an example:

what women find attractive

How Can You Use This Data to Get Laid More?

All this research will help you naturally attract more women, and score more dates with really hot girls…

But there’s ONE big question I haven’t answered:

When you’re on a date with a woman… how can you use this data to make sure the night ends in sex?

Because as you probably already know, just because a woman goes out with you, does not mean she’ll hookup on date #1.

And in reality there are MUCH bigger studies out there…

With a LOT more data about what women want… and what causes a hot girl to eagerly jump into bed with you on the first date (or sooner)…

… than the study I showed you above.

For example:

It was recently discovered that there are 3 crucial things you must do, if you want to get some action on the first date.

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Core Values in a Relationship

One would think that landing a relationship is the hard part and that from there on in, it’s smooth sailing. I imagine the happy couple, clad in their matching sailing gear with nothing but blue skies ahead. Both with hopeful eyes; scrutinize the scene. Often is the case, but in many relationships these days, becoming “official” is just the beginning! From there you find out each day/week/month/year new things about your partner. You will find out their pet peeves, favorite things, common habits and more importantly their core values. One or none, or all of these may in fact steer you into favorable territory, while others… well, they might just lead you to dangerous waters and dark skies. Cue the lightning bolt.

Core values in a relationship are not something people usually dive right into during the preliminary rounds of dating, or as I would say, swimming for beginners. You may agree to skim the surface, but no one really goes so far beneath where they may go in over their head. However, many adults act childish and could easily forget the importance of safety. I warn all you starry eyed fish now; that it might not be a bad idea to dip your toes in before you dive in headfirst.

Question: Why would I do that? Would I really want to sabotage my new relationship before it even unfolds? I answer this by saying, of course you would not want to purposely ruin something potentially great, but it is important to qualify it as ‘potentially great’. Repetition sounds, but distinguishing whether or not a relationship can be fruitful is so crucial when not just your own, but someone else’s time, efforts and heartstrings are attached.

The problem with waiting to figure all of these things out is that feelings start to get involved and the longer people put things off, the more that complications start to surface, not to mention one may not learn where the line divides unless one waits it out a bit. One should not wait too long, but should not cut off something sooner than necessary. It may seem like a fuzzy grey line, but I believe that the grey line will become black as nightfall and will signify when it is time to call it quits. It is very clear after a certain point in time, the values and future plans that ultimately will separate a couple. For those who do want a budding relationship to blossom, re-assessing or least putting these core values and long-term life plans into focus is recommended. People who are looking for love are so quick to accept a new relationship into their lives, but may not see the portrait thru a larger lens; one that might just show a bleak overall picture.

The good news! I end today’s post by also adding that having different core values may actually work to a couple’s advantage. There is hope on the horizon yet! Countless successful relationships thrive on a balancing act of life views and ideals. Opposites do attract, sometimes it just takes a little cooperation and understanding to find where a couple can simultaneously exist. A strong foundation and true connection would allow for any couple to take on the storm, not just to tread… but to swim.

Being Single: The Difficulty in Ridding the Ex

Why is it obscenely hard to “get rid” of the ex from your mind? Most everyone I know has a certain ‘someone’ that will always get the best of them during their worst of times. A familiar scent, a terrible song, a type of forgotten food or even an old ragged piece of clothing that you cherish; all these can spark memories that make us smile and squint in the same sequence. Perhaps it is the great amounts of love we have felt; those unfiltered moments of happiness in a world so carefree that you thought it would last forever. Valid reasons or not, the ex is no longer someone to fall back on, for you will find yourself broken, stagnant and alone.

Certainly not a foe (well I should hope), but definitely no longer a friend; this person has deteriorated to the recesses of your memory– to a place so undefined; many of us choose to ignore. However, a lot of us can’t help but think the tiresome “What If’s”. It is incredibly easy to think you can change something to make everything all better, but in actuality the real truth comes from applying it to real time. Like a light switch to shed clarity on the gloomy landscape, we give wide-eyed hope to starting anew, hands clapsed at our hearts… but this cannot always be done and can be damaging in efforts to go forward– leaving nothing but a headache, insomnia and white eyes in the austere darkness.

Comfort levels are tested when it comes to ex-relationships, especially long-term ones. You enter a battleground when it comes to your passage into being single. With streaks on your cheeks, hard hat, you have little protection and certainly don’t come bearing sharp ammo. Your senses are shattered in the passing wind and your heart, in pieces; automatically chooses to follow. On the other hand, a lot of people can be civil and stay ‘friends’ with their ex’s. This is very admirable, yet personally hasn’t been something I hav experienced. It just doesn’t work like that always. I think the relationships that cut the deepest usually end up with the two going their own ways, when ones that don’t mean as much seem to leave room for the friend option. Mostly it hurts the most when you fall so hard and the other person hasn’t budged, which usually comes with being naive or young in age.

So, keep in mind the reason why you are no longer with this person and use it your benefit. Starting over can bring so many amazing opportunities. It is easy to get lost in the memories and look back on only the good times. Who wants to remember the terrible parts? Not I! It’s no way to live. Fondly recalling a moment or a random deja vu is fine, but good lord, lose the ex-talk! Instead of wishing upon a lone star out your window about that time when ______________ and wondering if you could ever be adamant about moving on based on such close connections– why not just get up and go? Use this as your best weapon and go forth knowing no matter what, things will be OK; with out without a relationship. Your ex can make you stronger becoming your newest X factor. Part of that person will always stay with you inside, but only you can make the choice on its negative impact. Nothing good comes from dwelling on the past and it certainly won’t change your future in any good way. Trust. Falling in love is allowed, losing yourself in another is not.

Being thankful is always the route to take when you’re feeling at a crossroads. Find all of the things you are grateful for and don’t fret. Look around and use your senses. Cute lil’ babies in onesies; a cloudless sky; the warm breeze of a new day… See? The end of a relationship isn’t the end of life. Stay focused and know bigger things are meant to happen and this will steer you to happiness. Inquire within and always aim to bring *your* truth!

When Making Room Can Help

MUCH! Finding that happy medium can be hard, as everyone wants extra time with their men/women. It should be said that some relationships could be ruined by this “spending all waking hours and minutes together”. Eventually times wears on you and either one person or both become unknowingly irritated, and in turn; frustrated.

Loving one another makes this touchy subject of Time difficult to tame, because wild as the beast may be (Love), she wants what she wants. Just as in every other aspect of life, a lil’ moderation will do you good. This applies to time spent with a loved one. By forcing this time and these moments on someone, the time together may not be as exciting and certainly not as enjoyable. That doesn’t mean being in a relationship will always be perfect, but making at least a fuzzy line between ‘healthy’ and ‘potentially damaging’ is crucial to lasting success.

My three best:

Space: This is important because both partners need to have a time for themselves, whether they know it or not. It could be an hour a day or a day a week or reversed (1-2 days with their partner and the rest alone), depending on the person. Constantly knowing where the other is; texting; calling; IM’ing; emailing; is really no bueno. This shaves off some of the lacquer that trust has set and will chip not only at that, but at your nerves!

Consideration: This of course if vital. No one likes a grumpy witch! It’s always nice to have someone to comfort you, hug you, console you, but then again, consideration comes in many forms and that could be telling frankly and truthfully your feelings and emotions (good and bad), stating the truths of your realities and more– all of which will benefit the relationship down the road. Little or big, all types of consideration are encouraged.

Effort: Hellooo, is everyone with me? Effort is really what it will boil down to. Different lives, interests, upbringings, etc. Nobody said life would be too easy. And it shouldn’t be. There is greatness in pursuit, whether it is mind-numbing or magnificent. These are common things that make a relationship one to work at/for. Constant shifting in efforts I believe, make for a connection that grows in closeness and strength. Space and consideration, along with effort create a sound and peaceful chord.

Be careful always, “caution” I say once again. Knowing your limits and selves is the main goal. Maybe you do want to spend more time with someone, maybe less. It doesn’t have to be cast-mold. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It evens itself out in due course so you must give it time. Give Time, time… (?!). Laugh not though, because like a wise friend did say “Give me room to breath, cause if I don’t have room to breath I’ll make room to run!” Point taken.

Have You Ever Done “The Fake Reach”?

To me, there is nothing less appealing than a guy who expects me to pay for a date.  I know, I know, Susan B. Anthony is probably rolling around in her grave as I type, but it’s my honest opinion.  No, this is not 1955 and, no, girls do not need guys to pay — but most of them sure as hell want them to.  When someone asks me out on a date, I don’t plan on spending my hard-earned cash.  Why?  Because he asked me

If a girl asks a guy out, well, then the topic can be delved into a little further.  Same goes with long-term relationships, because that’s more of a 50/50 situation. But right now I’m focusing on all the times I have been asked to dinner, a movie, a show.  Did I plan on breaking the bank?  Of course not! However, I don’t want to look rude or seem unappreciative, because I’m neither. I just hold myself to certain standards.  This brings me to my next point:  The Fake Reach.

Every girl I know has, in one time or another, done the infamous Fake Reach.  Why?  Because it makes you look like you’re a really generous person when, in reality, the guy and I both know that my hand is fishing around through air in my bag, and is not going to come back up holding a Coach wallet.  99% of the time he’s going to put on his macho I-Secretly-Wanted-To-Be-In-The-Movie-Casino voice and say, “Your money’s no good here” or “Don’t embarrass me, I’d never let you pay!”  And I’ll say “Come on, I have a job, too, you know.  Let me at least put in my half of the bill.”

This will go on for a few more minutes, and I’ll offer to pay the tip.  Here’s where the situation could get ugly.  Some guys feel that if they pay the check, it’s okay for a girl to leave the tip.  These guys, however, are sadly mistaken.  We’ll smile and say, “Thank you” in a huff, like we’re sooo excited to contribute.  What we’re really thinking?  I cannot believe you just let me take money out of this purse.  Fat chance of getting a second date with me, buddy.

I’ll never forget the time a friend of mine and I met a really gorgeous guy while we were abroad in London.  He looked so much like Prince William that it was uncanny.  (We totally would have talked to him even if he didn’t resemble a gorgeous prince, because everyone knows that British accent knocks everyone up a few points.)  Anyway, he wasn’t exactly a “prince” after all.  This jerk shared a cab with us, never even offered his share of the fare, let alone ours, had us buy him a drink, and never put his hand in his pocket once.  He never even did the guy-version of The Fake Reach!  Needless to say, we never spoke to that guy again. 

The flip-side of this quandary is pretty funny.  Considering I have two older brothers, and am constantly around them and their friends, in addition to a bunch of guy friends, I hear what guys talk about after a date.  I know for a fact that there are many guys out there who test their dates.  That’s right, test.  Who knew guys could be as sly as girls?  We’re thinking, Should I do The Fake Reach?  Should I just sit here and smile, and not acknowledge the check?  Should I actually pull money out and offer it to him?

And he’s thinking, “Is this girl actually not going to offer to give me any money?  Bad pick, bad pick.” I know of many situations when guys drop a girl for not passing their little check test.  And, all of these men assure me that they would rather die than ever actually make a date pay, but the fact that she doesn’t offer speaks volumes about her personality.

My point?  The Fake Reach is a win/win for all.  I’ve even asked some of those guys what they thought about The Fake Reach, and they unanimously answered that it was still “something” and so it was, therefore, accepted. Girls, it will never hurt.  Worst case scenario?  The guy has no date etiquette and takes you up on your offer.  Just remember to carry some cash, because if you’re stuck washing dishes your anger will turn to embarrassment real quick!

What do you think about The Fake Reach?  Have you ever done it?  How do you feel about who should pay for a date?