Would You Date a Guy Who Had Already Dumped You Once?

“Look, it’s uh…” he says, “It’s, well, it was like…. when we first kissed, I had just been dumped by my girlfriend literally only twenty hours beforehand.”

“Uh-huh,” I say. A guy friend, and former guy-whom-I-once-dated, is sitting across from me at a fast food restaurant. He was in town and had asked me out for coffee. “Seriously, she had just dumped me over the phone. So I was all despondent and got drunk and went to bed feeling foul; then I went hiking the next day and still felt crappy and well, you know…”

“Yeah, yeah,” I say.

“So after we met at that bar the next day I was kinda in a dangerous frame of mind, y’know?” he said. “Like, ‘I gotta get laid. I gotta just tear the band-aid off and get over her now. Just do it.’ Like, I wasn’t thinking about relationships or anything. I just wanted to get the hurt and anger out of my head.”

“Yeah, I know how that feels like,” I say.

“So, you know, we hooked up and like, you know… I was thinking ‘Oh, this is wrong. I’m just rebounding on this girl. I’m just using her. It’s too soon. I can’t do this….’


“So, uh,” my guy friend says, “Um, that’s why I, well, that’s why I said I wasn’t ready for a relationship with you.”


“So….” he continues, “Uh, maybe that was a mistake? Um. I dunno. Do you, uh, you know… wanna try that again?”

I don’t know either. On the one hand, I sort of believe my friend when he says that he had just not been in a good position for starting a new relationship at the time when he broke it off with me. On the other hand, I still remember the fresh pain when again, for no reason, a guy suddenly dumped me after seeming to have a good time with me. I remember sitting there, wounded, in his dorm room as he murmured, “So you’re not mad, right?”

“No, I’m not mad,” I said, which was technically the truth. I still kept my face turned away from him so he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of seeing how much the dumping hurt me, how much power he had had over me. Please! Let the bastard think that I too didn’t give a damn about him!

My gorgeous roommate, Gina, arrived in the dorm room at that exact moment, all giggles and long legs. She was slightly baked from the hash cigarette she’s holding between her fingers. “You haaaave to come downstairs!” she said, laughing, “Eric has the stupidest-looking bong I’ve seen in my liiiife! Looks like a penis!”

“Sure, sure, great!” I said, sliding off the bed and racing downstairs. Hash was probably just the sort of thing I needed at that moment. Unfortunately, after a half-hour of throat-burning dissatisfaction later, I woozed back up to the dorm room to tell Gina that I’m going home. When I reached the room, I saw Gina and my now eboyfriend talking happily, flirtatiously and sexily. My guy friend looked so happy to be with Gina, so happy to be free of me.

Three years later, after college, my ex is back and he’s talking about getting back together. I don’t want to. Surely if we get back together he’ll just remember all the reasons why he dumped me in the first place and history will repeat itself. Right? Or can the story have a happy ending?

What do you think, Loveawake readers? Would you date a guy who had dumped you in the past? 

Intercultural Relationships and the Ultimate Faux Pas

For some reason I’m not entirely sure of, I tend to be attracted to people from a different culture than my own. I’ve never dated two people from the same country, I’ve made out with people from three different continents, and I haven’t had a crush on someone from my own country since 2005. (Although I’m sure living overseas since 2007 has something to do with that last part.)

I’m not quite sure what it is about intercultural dating relationships that I find appealing. Maybe it’s the idea that the other person will see life from a very different perspective than I do, and that’s fascinating to me.

Maybe it’s because I feel like a lot of men from my own culture have been told all their lives not to show their emotions, and I want to be with a man who openly shows his, and this is more acceptable in some places than others.

Or maybe it’s because accents turn me on. I really don’t know. And from the experiences I have had, it’s always been an eye-opening, exciting, interesting experience. 

Yes, there are problems. Like how sometimes communication is difficult when you don’t have the same native language. You can speak a language for years and still not know all the little expressions. Sometimes, expectations are difficult to figure out. You don’t always know what you’ll end up having wildly different opinions on. But for the most part, I’ve been able to deal with those.

However, I think I may have finally had a misunderstanding with consequences I have no clue how to deal with. Long story short: I met someone really cool. The whole “tall, dark and handsome” thing, treats me like a princess, and of course, an amazing musician. (That’s important to me!)

One night, we both got drunk and made out. Afterwards, he said something that I thought meant, “I like you as a person, I’m just not romantically interested.” I was pretty bummed, but I tried my best to hide it. I just said, “That’s ok. I just want to be friends.” I was trying to save face.

That was four months ago. Since then, I’ve had to put up with watching him in his on-again/off-again relationship with this girl I thoroughly dislike. We are in a band together, so I can’t exactly avoid him, nor do I particularly want to. He recently broke up with her… and got back together with her again two weeks later. I just found that out today.

I was venting to a friend of mine who happens to be from the same culture he is. I told her what had happened that night four months ago, including what he had said. She told me that in their language, what he said is actually a way for an interested man to gauge a woman’s interest, not a way of telling her he’s not interested!

Of course, now, I feel like a total idiot. I still really like him, and it’s hard enough knowing he’d choose a girl I can barely tolerate over me, but knowing I turned him down when he was trying to gauge my interest really puts salt in the wound.

Now, I have no idea what to do. He has given me a few signals that he likes me, but he’s never outright made a move. And I’ve given signals that I’m interested, but like I said, I have yet to be asked out. And now that he’s with this other girl yet again, that complicates things.

I’ve been wanting to tell him how I feel, and to tell him I only said what I said that night because I was embarrassed and wanted to save face. I just don’t know how to do it without looking like a total fool and possibly breaking up my band.

Have you ever had a potential relationship ruined over a misunderstanding like that? What would you do in my position?

7 Ways Looking Like A Hobo Can Actually Get You Women

Men can learn a valued lesson from a hobo when it comes to actually getting women. Ever chalk up the hobo as a hardship with a poor fashion sense? Kill that idea. Here are seven styles, fashions, and unique set of reasons why looking like a hobo could get you women.

Hobo hair is hot.

When a camera’s eye captured the incredibly messy hair of Robert Pattinson as he revamps his “Twilight”, girls gone wild! When “Man in the Iron Mask” released the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio had the helmet removed from his long tangled web of hair, girls gone wild! And when the Beatles first stepped on stage with their hairy attraction, girls gone wild! Since the dawn of time, girls gone wild for that bushy hobo look of all lengths. To achieve this hobo hairstyle simply wash your hair less and use your fingers as a comb. Consider it the cheapest way to maintain the untamable.

The tank is always in season.

Low-cut tank tops are huge hobo hits. You don’t have to reach Fabio status to look good in one either. A pair of baggy pants and a tank top marks the jagged relaxed approach. Which can be appealing to many women.

A nice summer hobo look comes with the right gear.

A loose fitting thin long sleeve button down shirt with a pair of scissors is all you need to cut the sleeves. The buttons should sway at half staff. Meaning, button only half way down. Or go with no buttons buttoned—fully open. A comfortable hobo color to work with is slate or a nice faded pattern. Not many hobo-esque looks come in bright colors.

Baggy pants from a glance.

Sure, you’d think the baggy look went out with the turn of the millennium, but guess again. The hobo may be getting a little more action than you these days because even a hobo knows that loose fitting pants are a favorite to some women. Baggy pants makes anyone appear comfortable— all the way around—and to be around.

The hobo style backpack.

The backpack screams “Freedom!” and fills the mind with that mysteriously independent edge. Pack the items you need and watch the ladies admire your preparation. With the right feel and the perfect low-key appeal, this trend can result in new phone numbers. Just don’t forget to pack the pen and paper.

Hobo hats and the hoodie!

A hobo is usually seen in some form of head cover whether knitted cap, baseball hat, visor or anything else to shelter from the weather.  The difference between a rich man and a hobo, when it comes to hats, is that the rich purchase new hats and the hobo settles. Flashy hats deliver the “look at me, look at me” message. Low key hats deliver the casual appeal. Hobo hats, such as the one in the above photo, are so cool snowmen wear them. And a hoodie delivers that cool playful side.

Converse with Converse.

When women walk by, after seeing your Converse sneakers, they may stop and admire your vintage taste. The seventies wouldn’t have been the same without them. Not only are they comfortable, they can be affordable. They do come in multiple colors.

7 Things That Will Help You Meet Women On Facebook

As one of the top websites, Facebook can offer more than just a simple reciprocated greeting. Facebook users who set the tone right can trigger bigger and better things. When you know how to attract more eyes to your profile, you can cross over from social networking to romantic networking. Change your “likes” to “love” with this list of seven things that help you meet women on Facebook.

Clean jokes, interesting photos, the women magnet.

Travel around Facebook and you will note that women love clean jokes over dirty punch lines. Post a funny yet not-so-childish joke and see what happens. Humorous things will help you meet women on Facebook. If you’re not the funniest guy ever, then try using some classy, even interesting photos. Beautiful photos can capture many beautiful eyes, and they make good conversation starters!

Have Something Interesting To Say.

It’s not enough to simply throw a link or a picture out there. So what if you’ve linked to an article on Facebook? You need to back it up with a post. You need to have a perspective on these topics. Don’t be afraid to show off your more thoughtful side in order to help create a more personal connection between you and the people viewing you. Hopefully this will include some like-minded females who will join in with your discussion.

Open a Facebook opportunity.

First, make sure your relationship status is set on “single” before even trying to meet women on Facebook. You may have forgotten to change the relationship status when things did not work out in the past relationship. Married men looking to meet women on Facebook can even click on “single” (even though they are sleaze buckets). Facebook does not discriminate. Just come correct before you get too far ahead of yourself.

Get the message?

Patience dear boy. You’ll chase her away. Show women spacious respect by giving them respected space. Rule #1?  Don’t message women unless you are introducing yourself in response to her friend add, sending her a nice compliment (in one message), or if she opens the message door by sending you a Facebook message first. And you know if women message you it is only polite to reciprocate. Just don’t go over the edge, should she contact you, or you could be dubbed a Facebook stalker.

I Fell For My Boyfriend’s Best Friend

A few years ago, I was dating what I thought was my dream guy. Unlike the boyfriend before him (who was my first boyfriend and broke my in-puppy-love little heart, I might add), he was gorgeous, he had great style and, something that was very important to me in my high-school eyes, he had cool friends.

Yes, this guy, Joey, was the best remedy for a broken heart. After all, they say, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Except, I was in high school, so instead of under, it was more like a really snug make-out session.

Anyway, I thought Joey was hot stuff. I went from being in a post-breakup depression, eating an entire bag of Nestle’s Crunch with Caramel, to hanging out with my new boyfriend, and combining our groups of friends (which was easy, because a friend of mine introduced us to begin with).

Everything was going great with Joey and yet, Chris, his best friend, intrigued me. He seemed to move to the beat of his own drum. He was deeper than Joey, just as good-looking, and had a completely different style. He was funny and made me laugh, and was really, genuinely nice. There was something about him that I liked, I knew that much. And it was something that Joey didn‘t have – I knew that, too.

Chris and I started off slowly chatting online here and there. Then that became talking online every day. Then I went online specifically to talk to him. Then we exchanged phone numbers, and we texted. We texted throughout the entire schoolday, and then afterwards. Because of him, I learned how to text without looking at my Nokia (old school, I know).

We called each other “friends.” I felt terrible because I knew Joey liked me, but more importantly, I knew he loved his best friend, Chris. I may have felt bad, but I continued to do it.

I would hang up with Joey and immediately call Chris. Even though it was clear who I was actually having a relationship with, I was still in denial. I couldn’t break up with Joey. Who knows, maybe I secretly liked the fact that two guys liked me. When Chris reached the point of having all-night phone conversations, I knew I had to break it off with my boyfriend and trade him in for someone I clearly liked so much more, but how?…

I called Joey up one day and told him I couldn’t take being in a relationship where I felt neglected. I stressed the fact that he was always with or talking to his friends, instead of shedding light on the fact that I was always talking to his friend.

The break-up went pretty smoothly – until, of course, I got the expected phone call when he found out about me and Chris. Joey was incredulous. He couldn’t believe that we would do such a thing to him. He completely ignored the fact that he had welcomed our break-up, and now focused on how shocked and hurt he was. He called me names I had never heard of before, and spread false rumors about me to his friends at school. It was horrible. 

Luckily for me I had my new boyfriend’s shoulder to lean on.

By the way, for all inquiring minds: I did not completely break up a friendship. They did end up becoming friends again (never as close, of course, but what are you gonna do?)

Have you ever liked your boyfriend’s friend more than him? Did you break up with your boyfriend, or try to suppress your feelings for his friend?

How to Enjoy Platonic Dates

It is natural to feel attracted to your friend and be okay with it. A man and a woman may enjoy each other’s company, go on dates, shopping, have dinner, share their dreams, finances and discuss life goals together but may never get in a sexual relationship.

Although some people prefer to hire escorts to go on normal dates for several reasons, most enjoy platonic friendships because of the benefits that it brings along. Platonic love boosts self-confidence and mental health because it shares a deep bond that reduces anxiety and stress. It is a relationship that can be intense and deep, thus becoming one of the best relationships. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy your platonic dates.

  1. Be honest with each other

He or she is your friend, ‘right’? Why are you hiding under the table without letting them know who you are? After all, the truth will come out sooner or later. If you have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or if you’re married, let your friend know about it.

Respect your significant other too. Let your spouse know that you have a platonic friend to avoid misunderstandings. Avoid talking about your friend all the time, and never let them feel jealous, threatened, or taken for granted. Understand that most of our significant others don’t like the idea of us having that friend.

  1. Draw your boundaries

You have planned a date and met. It’s okay because you are friends. How do you maintain boundaries? Always discuss anything to do with your scheduled dates. By that, I mean where you should meet, when, activities to engage in, etc. Despite being friends, it is okay to find yourself in an awkward position, and at times, it may arouse romantic temptations. But once you have put everything on the table and agreed, you will always enjoy your time together.

Discuss your friendship at length. Avoid touching and behaving like a couple in love. Have a mutual agreement and agree on how to behave with each other whether you are around people or not.

  1. Always engage in healthy conversations

Nothing beats the power of a healthy conversation. Words can be demeaning if not chosen carefully and can lead to intense wounds. When you are in that relationship, it is right to talk about anything and everything, but it’s not okay to vomit words without thinking about what the other person will feel.

Women mainly take words very seriously. Even if she is your platonic friend, don’t crack sick jokes around her. It can get emotional and create tension. The same case for the ladies, avoid things that make him feel uncomfortable.

  1. Avoid talking about sex

Easier said than done, I know, but that’s the naked truth. Don’t prioritize sex topics in your day-to-day conversation or when out for dates. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share how your sex experiences with your partner were, how you enjoy doing this or that, and so forth.  When you start such a conversation, you might meet yourselves in compromised situations.

  1. Respect each other’s opinion

Every person loves to be heard without being judged. My opinion might differ from yours but having a listening ear is very important. Even when you don’t agree with each other, always analyze things in a more loving and understanding view. After all, why are you friends? To listen, to care, and to support one another.

  1. Show up even when you don’t feel like 

Your friend calls in the middle of nowhere, and you don’t feel like meeting up. It happens but don’t forget that he or she called because it is crucial. Dress up and show up to offer moral support. At times all that person wants is to talk to someone who cares, and the fact that they chose you means you are special.

  1. Don’t hope for anything

I said this because, at times, men enter into a platonic relationship hoping that it might turn out to be something else like a romantic relationship. There is nothing wrong with that but always keep it real. When you feel overwhelmed about your feelings, talk about them so that you can clear things up.

  1. If you can’t zip up, meet in groups

It is as simple as that. If you feel that meeting up will arouse sexual feelings, always meet around people. You can make mutual friends and decide to be hanging around together. You can also choose to engage in group-focused activities. When you organize your dates or plan to have fun together, you can always meet in public places.

  1. Alcohol should never be in your dictionary

Alcohol blurs your memory and makes you see things that are not there. It can lead to terrible situations, especially when you are out on a private date. Never include it in your menu whenever you are going out. You can choose to have non-alcoholic drinks if you must drink.

You can enjoy your platonic dates together and have fun without necessarily engaging in weird activities. All that is needed is to understand more about your relationship and keep it trustworthy.

5 Creative Ways to Turn Your Photos Into Memories

Photographs capture a moment in time. They’re poignant reminders of the people we love, the places we’ve seen, and the memories we’ve made. They also help us document those seemingly mundane everyday moments. 

The years pass in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, your photographs are the only thing you have left to remember those precious times. So, why not immortalize them into beautiful works of art? Forget about dusty old photo albums and check out these five creative ways to turn your photos into memories.

Transform a Photo Into a Painting

If there’s that one photo you absolutely adore, why not turn it into a real-life painting? It’s a lovely way to honor the memory of a loved one or commemorate a special occasion. You could also give it to your significant other as a unique gift. 

There are countless apps and software programs that apply artistic effects to a photo with digital tools. Still, it’s not the same as a real painting. 

If you want a hand-crafted recreation of your photograph, you can commission an artist to do so. As suggested on Instapainting, a photo-turned-painting works well for photo-realism, landscapes, portraits, and customized pieces. 

Keep a Photo Journal

Journaling is an expressive way to record events, feelings, and finer details that you might’ve otherwise forgotten. Combine it with pictures, and you’ve got yourself a magical time machine. 

With a photo journal, you’ll eternalize special memories and take a trip down memory lane whenever you like. It’s also a fantastic way to preserve your family history. You can do it the old-fashioned way by printing pictures regularly and updating your photo journal with memorabilia and jotted-down thoughts.

If you’re more tech-savvy, try using a scrapbooking app or software and turn your digital albums into a hardcover book. Most companies will also let you add your own text.

Make a Slideshow Video

You can use an online program or get an expert to create a slideshow from your favorite albums. A video is a fantastic way to condense a large number of photos into a single montage. Plus, it gives you the creative freedom to add artistic effects, a special song, or other forms of media. You can even put a story-telling twist to it, so it’s more of a mini-movie than a slideshow. 

Get Photo-Printed Items

If you prefer something more sentimental that also compliments your home, then think photo-printed decor. A picture on a throw cushion can be a fun, tongue-in-cheek reminder of a special person or an artistic expression of love. 

A lampshade or lantern covered in a selection of your favorite images is another gorgeous way to preserve memories. You could do this with various other items, but use discernment as some things could just end up looking cheesy.

Create a Collage

If you have a bare wall, why not frame pictures in various sizes to create a statement piece collage? It’s a fun and creative way to preserve moments, but it’ll also compliment your decor.

You could try a central larger picture with smaller ones surrounding or a collection of same-sized portrait and landscape shots for a more geometric look. You can also leverage the color of the wall and frames to create a cohesive work of art. Alternatively, you can use a collage-maker program or app and have it professionally printed on canvas.

Now You Know

Turning your photographs into exquisite memories is a beautiful way to remember the special people and moments in your life. You can transform an image into a painting, keep a photo journal, or make a slideshow. Photo-printed items and a statement piece collage are also lovely options.

Inside the Secret World of a Dominatrix…(You Won’t Believe It)

Inside the Secret World of a Dominatrix...

What Does a Dominatrix Do? Go Behind the Scenes of BDSM… 

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When you hear the word “dominatrix,” what do you see?

A girl dressed in a leather catsuit…?

Maybe she’s holding a whip…?

Or some handcuffs…?

It’s normal to think that being a dominatrix is all about whips, chains, and pain…but this isn’t the whole story!

what does a dominatrix do

Meet the Pornstar And Ex-Dominatrix Who’s Baring It All for You…

I’m Lyra Law, pornstar and ex-Dom…and today I’m gonna show you what being a dominatrix is REALLY like. 😉  (Maybe you read my last article on here about my favorite oral sex technique.)

As a pornstar, I have all different kinds of sex…so I’m no stranger to BDSM. In fact, I first got my start in the industry as a dominatrix!

You might say I jumped into it “head-first”…and I absolutely fell in love with it. And while I’m not a Dom anymore…I still think about it from time to time.

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And what I’ve realized is that most people have NO idea what really goes on in the world of Doms, Subs, and BDSM.

So I want to share with you the 4 biggest misconceptions guys have about what being a dominatrix is really like.

Ready to get started?

Beginning with myth #1:

Myth #1: Men Are Always Doms And Women Are Always Subs

A lot of people assume that men are always the more “dominant” sexual force…this is so not true!

As an ex-Dom, I know firsthand how many women absolutely love being Doms…and how many men only want to be a Sub.

Personally, I love being in control in the bedroom…it makes me feel powerful, which is a huge turn-on.

On top of that, a lot of men are used to being in control of every aspect of their lives…so being a Sub is sort of a “release” for them. It allows them to let everything go, and let someone else (like me) take the reigns for once.

So if you’ve ever fantasized about being completely dominated by a woman…you’re not alone. It’s actually quite common. 🙂

Which brings me to the next common misconception about the world of BDSM…

Myth #2: It’s All About Whips, Chains, And Pain

I won’t lie…whips and chains are absolutely a part of being a dominatrix. So is pain.

But that’s not all there is to it! It’s much more nuanced than that.

As a dominatrix, my job is to pleasure you…but you have to relinquish control before I can do that.

While some guys see whips and chains as the easiest way to relinquish this control…there are other ways.

For example, some guys get off on being my “pet.” They get on all fours and I “walk” them.

I’ve also dressed up as Hitler’s mistress…

Played “doctor…

Used catheters and injections…

And if you think that’s weird, that’s just the tip of the iceberg: One guy even asked to smell my farts once.

Do you see how “relinquishing control” can mean very different things to different people?

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Speaking of people, a lot of guys think that only “weirdos” would go see a dominatrix.

In reality, 99% of my clients are normal, working-class straight men. They’re just looking for a little something “extra.”

They treat women with respect and are 100% sane…I just give them the release they’re looking for. 😉

Myth #3 – The Dom Is In Control

Dominatrix = dominating…right?

OK, yes. But that’s not the whole story.

The Dom and the Sub have a very special relationship — the Dom’s job is ultimately to give the Sub an orgasm, so in reality, the Sub has the power.

While the Dom does handle most of the “action” in bed, the Sub usually calls the shots.

The Sub sets the boundaries and limits — like a safe word — and the Dom can only do what the Sub will allow.

For example, if you see a video of a Dom dripping candle wax onto a Sub, this is something the Sub previously requested. It’s what the Sub wants.

And this relationship requires a lot of trust on both ends. The Sub trusts that the Dom won’t overstep her (or his) boundaries…

And the Dom trusts that the Sub is relinquishing 100% of his (or her) control…not 95%. Not 97%. 100%.

This kind of agreement allows the Dom to take the Sub to a new headspace…I call it the “Sub space.” It’s here where the fun can finally begin. 

Myth #4: You’re Either A Dom Or A Sub…Not Both

I’ve done a lot of work as a Dominatrix…and don’t get me wrong, I f’in love being in charge…

But I also loooove being a Sub.

People who enjoy both roles — being a Dom and a Sub — are what we in the industry call a “Switch.”

A Switch is someone who can “switch” between the two roles, depending on how they’re feeling and the circumstances.

For example, if a guy can’t dominate me in bed every once in a while, I’ll be missing something from my sex life…I need the give and take to be balanced in order to be completely satisfied.

What turns me on most in a guy is someone who’s comfortable with both being in control and relinquishing control…in my personal life, I need somebody who can do both.

So what does a Dom/Sub relationship really look like in the bedroom?

It looks however you want it to look!

What’s great about these roles is that you and your partner can define them any way you please.

If you’re a Dom who’s into bondage, then introduce a short crop (a kind of whip) or maybe a blindfold in the bedroom…start small, and gradually increase the pain.

While I’ll admit I enjoy the more “extreme” sex acts, the Dom/Sub relationship isn’t all about pain.

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There’s a gray area between “vanilla” sex and full-on BDSM…it’s whatever you want it to be. 🙂

Beyond the world of BDSM, there is one more “industry secret” I have to share with you…

It’s about the kind of sex that drives girls like me f’in nuts…the kind of sex she’ll never forget…the kind that gets her borderline “addicted” to you…

Although “addicted” isn’t quite the right word…us girls in the industry call it “c**k drunk.”

Inside the Secret World of a Dominatrix...

How to Get Her “C**K Drunk” on YOU…

“Sounds like someone’s gone c**k drunk!” My co-star Edyn told me…

I had spent the last hour telling her all about my f–k buddy “Burt”…how “full” he felt inside me…how I went down on him for half an hour that morning…mmm, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it…

But “c**k drunk”?? That’s a first. “What the hell does THAT mean?” I asked her…

She gave me a pouty frown…”You didn’t watch my video, did you?”

She had sent it to me that morning…but I was “working”… 😉

She pulled out her phone…”Here, just watch,” she said, pressing play:

The video said:

“If a guy can give me the pleasure I crave…if he can turn me on the way I want…well, I’ll keep coming back to him day after day…and for one reason only: I want his c**k inside me. It’s what I call being ‘c**k drunk’.”

So I WASN’T crazy! All those urges…how I needed his manhood 24/7…thinking about him during EVERY scene at work…the sheet-soaking “night orgasms”…I was just c**k drunk.

I never knew how to put it into words…but you can watch Edyn show you, step-by-step, how to do it here:

Pornstar Edyn Blair: “How to Get Me C**K Drunk on YOU” (Warning: NSFW!)

If You Want to Experiment With “Rough” Sex Or Get Her to Unleash Her Kinkier Side…

… then I’ve got good news:

Universally, almost all women like sex to be at least a LITTLE rough (myself included)…

And there are some rough moves, which are on the safer side, that give women extraordinary pleasure… without really risking going too far.

Deep down, almost all women CRAVE these rough sex moves…

… though because we don’t want to be “judged” or come off as a “sl*t”

… we usually won’t open up about it, until the man takes the initiative and gets a little rough with us first. 😉

Just click the move you want to know more about below:

1) The Dominant Hand-Hold

2) The S&M Spank

3) The Goldilocks Choke

P.S. This is embarrassing to admit, but I came in like 2 minutes the last time a guy did this to me lol… would you try it?

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on February 24, 2021.]

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Hot Pornstar Reveals The 6-Word Question That Unleashes ANY Woman’s “Secret Freak” In Bed…

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I love men. 

You guys just want to make us women happy in bed…

Give us the kind of orgasms we’ve only dreamed about. The toe curling, world shattering, multiples that start the minute you touch us.

Since I’m a sexologist, men talk with me about sex all the time.  And one question that I hear from a lot of guys is: “Is there something I am doing wrong, in bed?” 

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So today, I went to Dee Siren, a prolific star in the industry.  She describes herself as “a Real Shared Wife, MILF and slut that loves big c*cks.”  

In other words… she’s had a lot of sex.  With a lot of men.

She knows what men do right in bed… (or in a bar bathroom… or back alley…) and what mistakes they’ve made.

Once you know the # tricks she’s about to show you… women will think: “How did he know exactly how to make me come so hard?  And when can I see him again?” 

I asked her: 

“What are some of the biggest mistakes that guys have made in bed with you in the past?”

Here’s what she said… 

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Dee Siren: Biggest mistakes? 

That they aren’t hard! 

That would end it… 

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Definitely aggressive, if they’re aggressive, that’s bad.

Not talking, no communication is bad. 

If they don’t listen, if they don’t communicate wants or needs or something… then there’s just nothing there. 

They just don’t pay attention. 

They’re too into their own needs. 

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Other than that, the biggest thing is if they just make sure that you, as a girl, express what you like and what you don’t like before you even go there.

You can’t expect a guy to know if you like something or you don’t without telling him in the first place. 

A guy should always ask a girl, “Is there anything you don’t like?” 

I mean, don’t be like weird about it and be like, “Hey, I like anal sex, do you,” the first time you meet a girl. 

But if you ask what she doesn’t like, she’ll know you’re a safe guy to experiment with… and you might find out she’s down for some pretty freaky things…

As long as you stay hard long enough to do them…

freak in bed
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How To Address The “Hardness Problem”…

Now, like Dee said, one of the biggest mistakes a guy can make in bed is not being hard enough.

Which sucks, because if it just isn’t happening, it’s not like you can just snap your fingers and instantly be hard as a steel beam…

HOWEVER… there are things you can do to ensure you get as hard as humanly possible, every single time. 😉

For example?

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Why Women Act Hot And Cold (& How To Turn It All Around)

Why Women Act Hot and Cold… It’s Not You (And How to Change Their Behavior to Hot and Hot)

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I think almost every guy has experienced this:

(I know I have — too many times to count unfortunately lol.)

You meet a hot girl and it seems like it’s going great… and then she slams the brakes.

She’s texting you back flirty texts… and then she goes totally silent for days.  

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Steamy hot and then icy cold.  

Yes, yes yes… and then hell no.

What is going on with her? Is she crazy?

Here’s what I’ve learned…  the whole thing of going hot and then cold is normal behavior for women. 

It’s not you.  

And instead of hating it or resenting it… you should welcome it., you should welcome it…

In this video, I’ll let you in on WHY women behave this way, WHY it’s actually a good thing, and exactly how to turn that behavior around:

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

In today’s video, I want to speak about women going hot and cold. 

It’s a question I get a lot from guys. I think it’s something that frustrates a lot of men, because men typically don’t think in this way or behave in this way. 

However, the whole thing of going hot and then cold and hot and cold is kind of a normal occurrence in female behavior. 

There’s various reasons for that…

Women tend to be more in touch with their feelings, their feelings are also affected by their hormone cycle. 

It’s really important to understand that this is not something wrong with women, it’s not an error in their design. 

And in fact, if you want to connect with women, it’s something that you need to learn how to approve of and engage with. 

How to Get Past the Cycle of Hot and Then Cold

Obviously, women have this on different levels, such as in initial interactions, early dates or when you’re meeting a woman for the first time. 

You know, where at first they seem interested and then they’re totally not interested. 

I’m going to share with you how to overcome that and progress things naturally, instinctively, towards physical intimacy. 

why women act hot and cold
Keep scrolling to find out exactly why women act hot and cold…

I actually discussed this with one of my clients recently, and he provides a great example:

He was with a woman who is more attractive than he’s used to interacting with, and it was going well.

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In an effort to escalate things sexually, he invited her back to his place. He felt that this was the right time and this is what he was feeling. 

However it was pretty early on in their interaction, and I think her mind probably was like, “Whoa, Like, this guy’s invited me back to his place already… like this is kind of weird.” 

So she simply teased him and then pulled back.

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But Because He Knew What to Do, the Night Didn’t End There…

When you make a bold move like that, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable for rejection. 

You’re leaving yourself vulnerable for her making fun of you. 

And the thing that my client did really well, is that he did not get affected. 

He was like, okay, and he carried on. 

A lot of guys, when they get rejected, or they experience coldness from a woman that they’re with, they will make it about them. 

They’ll get butthurt if they think they completely ruined the entire interaction…

They run away. 

They think: “Oh, she didn’t respond positively, I must have done something wrong. I made a wrong move and this interaction is totally ruined.”

That’s not true with women. 

why women act hot and cold

In fact, this is part of the dance in the human mating ritual.

Especially with high self esteem women, women who’ve been hit on a ton since they were young.

Women who are constantly getting attention from men have developed this as a defense mechanism. 

They’re not going to welcome every bit of sexual attention, because they don’t know what the guy is going to do when they let them in. 

They don’t necessarily want to be vulnerable with everyone. 

In Order to Score, You Gotta Take a Shot

In the beginning guys are typically the ones putting themselves out there in a vulnerable situation. 

They can get rejected, they can get hurt or whatever. 

But… everything after she opens up and says she likes him or sleeps with him or puts herself in an emotionally vulnerable situation…

Everything after that is harder for the woman.  Because when she puts herself in a vulnerable situation, she could get physically hurt, as well as emotionally.

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So that going cold sometimes is a very important mechanism for her safety. 

The most important thing when you’re dealing with a woman who is going hot and cold, is to make sure you remember what’s actually happening.

This is what we mean by being grounded. On a mental level, you need to stay grounded in the face of challenge and adversity. 

So check your reality: I am okay. She’s okay. The situation’s okay. 

Just because I made this sexual invitation and it wasn’t met with the outcome that I preferred doesn’t mean anything is ruined. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong. 

It’s totally okay. 

Remember: The Game Isn’t Over (In Fact, It’s Just Getting Started)

Let’s keep the sports analogy going: 

Just because the other team scores (she went cold) doesn’t mean the game is over. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to feel hurt. 

It doesn’t mean that you quit. 

It’s just something that happened. 

You didn’t do anything wrong. 

Maybe this wasn’t the thing she wanted to do at that moment. 

But you can’t be ashamed, because that’s one of the worst things you can do, if what you say isn’t met positively.

You can’t be ashamed of your desire. 

Just because you have a desire doesn’t mean that she has the same desire at the same time. 

But, you should never feel bad about expressing your desire as long as you’re ok with the answer and are not violating any boundaries. 

why women act hot and cold

Hot/Cold Is Good.  Lukewarm/Cold Is Bad.

Women can be hard to read. She’s acting hot. Does she want you? For something to become sexual at some point, somebody has to make an explicit move. 

It could be literally making a statement of intention like, “Hey, I find you attractive,” or “Hey, I want to kiss you.”

Or it might be a physical action that makes it undeniable that that’s your intention: You lean in for a kiss or you touch her in a way that platonic friends don’t touch each other. 

That barrier has to be broken at some point. 

And if she’s going hot and cold and hot and cold, maybe she’s unsure or whatever. 

But it’s important to note, is she actually hot as if she is actually actively engaging back with me? 

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Or is she just tolerating me, because if that’s the case, it might not be hot/cold, it might be lukewarm/cold, in which case, you’re probably in the friendzone. 

But remember, you’re ok, and it’s going to be ok.  You just need to decide how to act next…  

Follow Her Lead… All the Way to the Bedroom

One principle to remember is that if she’s feeling cold, or she’s pulling away… don’t pull at her. 

You’re gonna come off as needy. 

If she’s acting hot again, and you pull away, because you’re trying to make some power game, she’s gonna be like, what the hell? 

Why is this guy punishing me for giving him attention?

She’s gonna lose interest. 

So you always want to be going in the direction that she’s going: 

If she’s hot, make things even hotter. 

If she’s cold, make things a little colder. 

By doing this, you are leading her in the direction that she already wants to go, which shows you’re really paying attention to her feelings. 

It also makes the interaction speed up a little bit because now she’s not the only one driving it.

When she comes in, you’re actually making it come in more. And when she goes out, you’re actually giving her even more space than she needed. 

And that way she always will feel safe, and it’s also a more engaging and interesting way to interact with people. 

Here’s Why Hot & Cold Is Actually a GOOD Thing…

Hot/cold behavior is something that many guys experience with women because it’s totally normal behavior for women. 

There are many reasons why a woman might give you this hot and cold behavior, partly because she’s doing this to protect herself, partly because women are emotionally driven. 

But as a man who dates women, it’s really important to understand this. 

Remember to stay grounded, not go on the ride of going back and forth yourself.

Maintain the reality in your mind that things are okay: I’m just stating my desire, I’m engaging.

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The thing that will make her feel even more comfortable and happy and safe and able to surrender is that when she’s hot, make things even hotter, when she’s cold, make things even colder. 

If you ever go against the grain, she’s just gonna throw things off. 

You want to make sure you’re always leading her in the direction that she’s going because that’s what’s going to lead to physical intimacy.

Don’t forget: Hot & cold is good, because if she wasn’t interested in you at all, she’d be cold & cold and walk away.

The next thing you want, is for her to spend MORE time hot than cold…

why women act hot and cold

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