11 Easy Ways to Make Sex on the First Date More Likely

You’re Going To Discover…

The 3 most important “Interest Signals” that a girl will send you (often subconsciously) when she likes you and exactly what to do when you see each of these signals…

How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl…

Why 99% of men completely miss these signals and let cool, attractive women walk out of their lives every week, without even knowing it…

The four “magic words” you can tell a girl once you know she likes you, that will increase her interest in you and make sure things go the way you want…

And whole ‘lot more!

Do THIS…Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

what is edging

What Is Edging? And  How You Can Use It To Go All Night Long…

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FACT: to make her want you, you have to be the man that gives her an orgasm.  (Like, at least one!)

Because, the better the sex, the more she’ll come back to you…

More facts:  

It takes the average woman 13.46 minutes to climax.

It takes the average man 5.4 minutes to climax.  

So… something’s gotta bridge that gap…

So today, I want to talk about the female orgasm, and why (on average) it takes women longer to climax.

AND I want to tell you about three ways to make sure the woman you’re with ALWAYS has an orgasm.  Or two.  Or three… 

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First, there is a sex practice that can make you last longer, and I’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial…

Next, I’ll share some tricks that make her orgasm faster…

And finally, there are a few positions that make her Os way more intense… (trust me!)

Because that’s the ultimate goal…

The guy that can give me an intense, toe curling, bed shaking orgasm is the guy I remember, fantasize about, and tell my friends about…

And call the next time I get that 2 am itch…

So let’s get started:

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If It Feels Like You’re Always Waiting for a Woman… You’re Right

As I mentioned, according to a study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average time it takes for a woman to orgasm is 13.46 minutes.

This study was pretty exhaustive: it  took place over the course of eight weeks with 646 women from 20 different countries.

The results of the study were recorded with the women timing themselves with a stopwatch every time they got busy with their partner.

what is edging

The results may have been different if women included their solo orgasms… since women are so familiar with their own bodies, some can make themselves orgasm in seconds.  

This is important to remember, because it’s a reminder that she’s not having sex with you ONLY to have an orgasm.  

She could do that on her own…

she’s there because she wants to be with you…

AND have an orgasm.

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

An Earth Shaking Climax Isn’t an Exact Science

While this study could tell us exactly how long it takes women to hit the high spot —  orgasms aren’t an exact science. Some women may take longer than others. 

And for some lucky guys, their women take no time at all.

This could be for a number of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with how much she wants you

It has nothing to do with your size down there, or your skills in the bedroom.

For example, if a woman is stressed, it may take her longer to orgasm or it may prevent her from getting there at all. Stress affects the body in many ways and sometimes when her mind can’t shut down, her body can’t turn on. 

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Women who are under the influence of alcohol may also have difficulty getting to the point of climax. Alcohol numbs your body and your brain, making it harder to feel physical touch.

So, how can you last long enough to give a woman the time she needs to climax?

That’s where edging comes in…

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

The Secret to Lasting Revealed… What Is Edging?

One technique to make yourself last as long as possible is called ‘edging.’ Edging is simply putting off your orgasm until you can’t possibly take it anymore.   But there’s nothing simple about it…

This not only helps you to hold out for her sake, but it also results in more powerful orgasms… 70% of women who have experienced this delayed gratification say it leads to more intense orgasms.

what is edging

There are 3 main methods to use to postpone your orgasm:

1)The Squeeze

The first method is called the squeeze. You can even practice this one by yourself.

As soon as you feel like you’re about to have a powerful orgasm, squeeze the area of skin right below the tip of the penis. 

Hold that for about 10 seconds, or until you feel the desire to explode subside a little. This small action stops the ejaculation so that you can jump back into the game and work on getting her closer to her own explosion… 

2)The Semans Maneuver

The Semans Maneuver is more commonly known as the stop/start technique. This is one of the most widely used methods to use while practicing edging.

Basically, you are just taking breaks during sex. When you feel that the climax is about to happen, pull out in order to stop it in its tracks. 

But, don’t stop completely…

You should still be giving your woman attention… while you are recovering, you can get her closer to her own orgasm.

For example, consider going down on her or fingering her and kissing her breasts. This will keep her happy and stimulated until you’re ready to go again… 

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3) Practice

The last method is pretty self-explanatory. It’s called practice. After all, practice makes perfect…

And while you’re practicing, here’s some interesting things to keep in mind (literally).

More than 96% of surveyed men have said they’ve tried to delay ejaculating during sex, and one of the most common things they do (while using the edging techniques listed above) is try thinking of something else.

Hey, it’s a classic for a reason…

These are the most common things guys think about to hold off an orgasm:

  • Work
  • Sports
  • Someone unattractive
  • Math
  • Inanimate objects
  • Parents or Grandparents (!)

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

Here’s How You Cut Down Those 13 Minutes… 

Now remember, women don’t need their whole sexual play to be penetrative sex.  In fact, according to studies, many women never achieve orgasm from penetration.

One recent study surveyed women to determine how long they wanted to spend having sex.  The average amount of desired time is actually 30 minutes — and that’s including all sex play, from foreplay to orgasm.

That same study found that foreplay and oral sex are women’s two favorite activities, before you even start penetrative sex… so you can have a lot of fun (and she can even have a couple of orgasms) without you having to last very long at all…

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

So Now That You Know Pretty Much EVERYTHING There Is To Know About Lasting Longer…

NOW you need to know how to make her come harder, faster, and multiple times, so you’ll be the greatest lover she’s ever had.

Use these simple techniques to give her HUGE orgasms on command, and she’ll be sexually addicted to you in no time…

Click here and find out how to give her the kind of screaming, toe curling orgasms she fantasizes about… (even if you’re not the biggest guy “down there”…)

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Advice to Follow And Completely Ignore

You’re Going To Discover…

The 3 most important “Interest Signals” that a girl will send you (often subconsciously) when she likes you and exactly what to do when you see each of these signals…

How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl…

Why 99% of men completely miss these signals and let cool, attractive women walk out of their lives every week, without even knowing it…

The four “magic words” you can tell a girl once you know she likes you, that will increase her interest in you and make sure things go the way you want…

And whole ‘lot more!

11 Easy Ways to Make Sex on the First Date More Likely

You’re Going To Discover…

The 3 most important “Interest Signals” that a girl will send you (often subconsciously) when she likes you and exactly what to do when you see each of these signals…

How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl…

Why 99% of men completely miss these signals and let cool, attractive women walk out of their lives every week, without even knowing it…

The four “magic words” you can tell a girl once you know she likes you, that will increase her interest in you and make sure things go the way you want…

And whole ‘lot more!

Advice to Follow And Completely Ignore

You’re Going To Discover…

The 3 most important “Interest Signals” that a girl will send you (often subconsciously) when she likes you and exactly what to do when you see each of these signals…

How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl…

Why 99% of men completely miss these signals and let cool, attractive women walk out of their lives every week, without even knowing it…

The four “magic words” you can tell a girl once you know she likes you, that will increase her interest in you and make sure things go the way you want…

And whole ‘lot more!

7 “Last Longer In Bed” Sex Positions For Raging Bull Stamina

sex positions to last longer
Keep reading for the best sex positions to last longer

Discover The Best New Sex Positions to Last Longer In Bed (And Keep Her Coming Back For More)…

“I Thought My D**k Would Never Work Again… Until I Tried THIS All-Natural Stamina Secret” (Click Here to See What It Is)…

OK, so you’re seeing a woman, and you’re looking forward to getting some action.

Whether it’s a one-time thing, a fling, or a steady partner, you’re probably hoping for a “happy ending.”

But sometimes that ending can sneak up on you.

Finishing the race quickly is totally normal. It means you’re having a great time in bed.

It can even be flattering to your partner!

Still, you want to be in control of your bedroom marathon.

What’s a guy to do?

How can you last longer, help her climax, and master your performance?

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I’ve got some tried-and-true methods any guy can put to use right now.

We asked all our top sex experts for the best sex positions to help you last longer in bed–and here are the 7 best we could find.

These are positions you can use tonight, and they will instantly help you last longer. No crazy tricks, prescriptions, or difficult techniques–just you and the woman you’re with, having an amazing time.

Plus, studies show that women prefer to sleep with men who mix things up in bed, so she’s more likely to come back for more… see what else you’ve got…

Try these positions next time you want to go the extra mile. 😉

1) Face-To-Face


Both of you lie on your sides—you guessed it—face-to-face.

She lifts her leg and puts it around your waist. Simple!


This move is all about closeness and eye contact.

You won’t be able to get extremely deep penetration.

Sometimes that’s a good thing!

Shallow penetration will help you slow down, focus on her, and last longer.

2) The Spoon


Both you and your lady lie on your sides. You’re the “big spoon,” she’s the “little spoon.” In other words, you’re behind her.

She scoots against you, with her butt pushing against your groin.

Since you won’t be able to see where you’re going, you might need to feel your way and guide yourself with your fingers.

Once you’re in position, try grinding, instead of thrusting.


This might be the absolute best position for guys who want to last longer.

Just like Face-to-Face, you won’t be overwhelmed by deep penetration.

Shallow penetration means more stimulus in her clitoral region, so she’s sure to enjoy this one too. 🙂

3) The Twist


This is another version of The Spoon.

Lie front-to-back in the spoon position.

Instead of keeping her legs together, your lady opens her legs like a pair of scissors.

Now shift on top of her, as if you were doing missionary position.

Keep in mind, she stays on her side.

Your stomach and chest should press against her.

(Support yourself with your arms—try not to squish her!)

Now grind away.


Try mixing up The Spoon with this position.

You can go back and forth between The Spoon and The Twist if The Twist puts too much pressure on your arms, or is uncomfortable for the woman.

You’ll both get to enjoy some variety with this one too.

Plus, changing your position will help you last longer naturally.

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4) Missionary Grind


You’ve probably noticed: it’s darn hard to last in missionary.

And that’s because quick thrusting overwhelms you with sensation.

But with just a little adjustment, you can do a missionary marathon.

Instead of thrusting, try grinding.

Move with a gentle, circular motion—as if you were dancing.


Less fast thrusting = more control.

Which means more pleasure for her…

And more endurance for you.

Pro tip: Move your body slightly higher—closer to her head—than you would for normal missionary.

Next, ask your lady to spread her legs a little wider.

This will give her extra clitoral stimulation, making this position excellent for both of you.

You may even reach the finish line at the same time! 😉

5) Missionary Outercourse


Here’s another new take on an old favorite.

One thing makes this move different.

Believe it or not, there’s no penetration.

Get in the missionary position and place yourself between her labia.

Now, grind (very gently) against her clitoris.


This is a very generous move—it’s all about her, but I can promise you’ll enjoy it too.

No penetration means you won’t have to struggle with too much stimulus.

You get a new sensation, plus lots of great body and eye contact.

6) Lotus


Like Missionary Outercourse, this one’s original.

You will get penetration, but you won’t use any thrusting.

Sit up with your legs crossed.

Your lady lowers herself into your lap. You should be facing each other.

She wraps her legs behind your back.

Once you’re in position, it’s time to grind.


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Deep penetration + grinding = amazing sensations.

Plus, by taking the thrust out of the equation, you get extra control.

Pro tip: Use this position if you’re getting close and need to “cool off” for a minute.

It can buy you time without killing the mood!

7) Lying Doggy


OK, the name might make you question my wisdom, but hang on.

I know doggy-style is often a finisher—the last move in a session!

It can be really hard to last long in this position.

But I bet you’ve never tried it this way…

First, get in regular doggy-style.

Instead of staying up on her knees, your lady lies flat on her stomach.

You lie on top of her, gently, with your belly on her back.

This is basically the same as missionary, only she’s on her stomach.

Make sense? Now grind and thrust slowly.

If you have trouble staying in, your lady can raise her rear a little and arch her back.


Lying Doggy has all the best parts of doggy style:

A great angle and a great view.

But it also helps you stay in control.

You’ll be in charge of pace and penetration.

It’s up to you how long you go.

And if you really want to last longer in bed…

For MAX Lasting Power, No Matter What Position You Choose: 

sex positions to last longer

How The World’s Oldest Male Pornstar Stays Hard Without Pills…

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These 5 foods are the only thing Dave (his full name is Dave Cummings) uses to get hard “on-command”…

Stay hard for a REALLY long time… (for hours-long shoots where he has to bang multiple hot, younger female actresses)…

And even though he’s not really “in shape” (maybe potato-shaped?) and doesn’t watch his diet much otherwise…

These 5 foods are what he’s come to rely on for an absolute rock-hard erection (and raging bull libido)… well into his 70’s!

Click here now to discover what these five foods are, and how they can help keep you as hard as a diamond, for hours on end.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on June 28, 2020.]

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5 Unexpected Reasons She Might Say “No” (And What You Can Do About It)

fear of rejection
Overcome your fear of rejection with these simple tips…

If You’ve Ever Felt a Fear of Rejection, Then You’re Not Alone–Here’s How to Prevent It From Happening To You…

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What does it mean when a woman says “no”?

Of course, I’m not talking about the half-hearted “no” that a woman might say flirtatiously.

I’m talking about the “no” she uses after you ask her out, or invite her back to your place.

Usually, it means she’s not interested–but there are a variety of reasons why she may have lost interest.

But before I jump into the less obvious reasons a woman might say “no,” I have a little disclaimer:

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You should take any “no” that she says as a final no. There is no way in this medium that I can tell you that “no” means “yes,” because it doesn’t.

However, a “no” doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t like you. So today, I’m going to share 5 little-known reasons why she might say “no”…

And exactly what you can do about it.

1) She Feels Danger

If a woman wants to feel safe, then any possibility of danger triggers an instant “no” response.

This includes talking about dangerous things.

One guy once said to me:

I met these two goth girls, and I kept joking about taking them into the woods, and axes, hahaha!! They were loving it! They kept looking at each other like, ‘this guy is fun!’ It’s about reading the person you’re with and . . . “


The truth is, for every girl who loves jokes about getting slashed in the woods, there are 99 who are totally put off by it.

Add to that, a large percentage of the girls who are into this kind of humor are still frightened when a guy they just met starts talking about it.

And even if they are inwardly excited, they’ll probably make the sensible decision to stay in a well-lit public space until they can make an excuse to jump in a cab.

It’s sort of like sloppy clothing or body odor–it’s not impossible to “seal the deal” if you do this, but it greatly reduced your odds of sexual success.

So don’t make her feel danger, and your odds of getting a “yes” response go way up.

2) You Disagree With Her

Sometimes, it seems like I advocate disagreement. Women–particularly women who have experience turning heads–respond well to a man who stands up to them.

In fact, women are so attracted to a man who challenges them that they often believe that being argumentative (“sassy,” or “fiery”) makes them more attractive to men.

However, this kind of disagreement and challenging, in general, is advanced behavior.

IS IT TRUE? Does This “Magic Formula” Really Make Girls H*rny?

It’s not as simple as saying “no,” since someone needs to seduce her, and if you are disagreeing with her, seducing her becomes trickier.

In fact, you’ll get further–especially if you can’t back up a resistant frame–agreeing while you disagree, like this:

Her: “I can’t go home with you!”
Me: “I know. I can’t send you home at this hour!”
Her: “…But I have to work in the morning.”
Me: “I know! That’s why I want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.”

That was an actual conversation, and I’ll let you guess where she ended up spending the night. 😉

3) She Feels Embarrassed

When do you go for the first kiss?

I have a friend who is extremely good-looking. Women love him.

One of his great moves is to lift the girl up while they’re dancing and, holding her up, make out with her in the middle of the dance floor.

It’s very showy, and her friends are almost always jealous. Very sexy.

It has a low closing rate, though, because once it’s over, the excitement and adrenaline and lust suddenly transform into embarrassment.

Everyone’s watching, and she’s on the dance floor with this guy who’s clearly getting ready to take her home and have sex with her.

That’s probably a good thing… but maybe not while everyone’s watching.

Who knows what goes through her mind, except that at this moment, with everyone watching, she is suddenly faced with a decision.

“What do I want to do now?”

This decision point could work in your favor, although it’s also likely to take her out of the present moment and put her into the past or future. And that can very easily cause her to say “no.”

4) She’s Worried About What Her Friends Will Think

The especially problematic part of her future-thinking is social.

Women are extremely social, and whether it influences her or not, she will certainly consider how her friends will react to her choice.

This is especially true if she has a moment to reflect, and her social group is visible to her (or vice versa).

While she may consider that her friends will be impressed (and if you’ve made out with her on the dance floor, maybe they are already impressed), she also may just not know.

You may have heard the saying, “The confused mind says ‘no’.” And it’s absolutely true.

Which brings me to the final unexpected reason she might say “no”…

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5) There’s Too Much Uncertainty

A lot of the time, a woman might like you… but she also may have some uncertainty lurking in the back of her mind.

She might not know what’s going to happen if she goes home with you…

If she’s going to like you…

Or if you’ll still like her after you sleep together…

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And ultimately, she might just not know enough about you to say “Yes.”

Which sucks, because it’s possible that she might really like you! But if she feels that uncertainty, then it could cause her “maybe I like him” to transform into a “not tonight.”

Ultimately, there’s no real way to prevent a woman from saying “no.”

However, there is a way you can spot the women who are most likely to say “yes.”

How? I’ll show you:

fear of rejection
This final tip is proven to help with a fear of rejection…

The Easiest Way to Avoid Rejection…

…is to take the girls who are most likely to say “no” out of the equation… and only talk to the girls who you know are interested in you.

What do I mean by this? How can you “know” if a girl is interested… before ever talking to her???

Well, I won’t sit here and tell you there’s some magic way you can “read her mind”… but there is something else you can read:

Her body language.

I’m not just talking about “basic” body language, though… not the obvious, “I wanna f**k you” eyes… these are subtler signals she’ll send you.

For example, a woman will make this kind of eye contact when she’s feeling attracted to you…

…and many women do this with their feet when they’re turned on, and want to get to know you better.

The truth is, there are dozens of these subtle signs a woman gives off… and when you see them… you’ll know she’s way more likely to say “yes” when you ask for her #, or invite her back to your place at the end of the night. 😉

Of course, if she has a boyfriend, or maybe she’s in some kind of bad mood… then there’s no guarantee she’ll come home with you…

…though many guys in our community know that these signs have made the difference between getting one, or maybe two #’s a month… and getting consistent same night sex:

Discover the Subtle Signs She Wants to Go Home With You (And Avoid Embarrassing Rejection)…

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on June 29, 2020.]

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Uncommon Tips to Impress Smart Beautiful Women

Listen up.

When it comes to beautiful, intelligent women – one of the easiest ways to shoot yourself in the foot is to try to impress her with smooth lines, fancy cars or other techniques to try to convince her to like you.

So what should you do instead?

First of all, we’re assuming that you want to make dating beautiful women as simple and stress-free as possible. That’s what this advice is designed to help you do.

Learn to resist the urge to impress the top-class girls and you will be well on your way to meeting, dating and relating with extremely high quality women without ever having to convince them to like you.

A Case Study on Smart Beautiful Women

Bill meets a girl. She’s great. Gorgeous. Incredible job. Smart. Exciting. She’s even funny! And to top it all off, she seems into him!

‘She’s amazing!’ He thinks.

Just like the last case study, Bill puts on his best performance. He really wants to impress her. He tells her all about his great lifestyle and all the cool stuff going for him. He doesn’t meet many girls like this so he really wants to make her feel a connection. He even starts making plans with her to go on future dates and telling her how unique, cool and different she is from all the other girls out there.

He pulls out every trick in the book to try to convince her that he is the right man for her. This woman is exactly the reason why he wanted to get better at persuasion and “getting the girl.”

Success! They go on a couple dates and he spares no expense. “I better do things right” he thinks. Things are going smoothly. They seem to have such a great connection after he’s shared so much of his past with her. He even sends her frequent messages to let her know about the cool things going on in his life and to let her know that he likes her for more than just her body.

And then … she’s gone. She stops returning his phone calls and messages with anything more than “I’m busy.” Meanwhile, Bill is frantically planning out how he can “get her” to like him again. But all his pushing and persistence leads to nothing because she is already gone and he’s left
scratching his head.

The next time he goes out to meet more women he tries even harder to persuade girls to like him, under the false assumption that “if it didn’t work with her then I need to improve my persuasion skills.”

In the end, Bill goes right back into the cycle of persuading every girl he meets to like him.

Have you ever done this?

Symptom: You feel disappointed and let-down when girls you really like leave you or stop returning your phone calls.

Cause: Feeling like you need to convince and persuade girls if you want them to stay with you for the long-run.

“Boo Hoo! If only I could have done a better job making her like me I could have kept her!”

Analysis: The thing about persuasion is that even if a guy can convince a girl to do something she didn’t originally want, the minute he stops persuading her, she leaves.

An interaction that starts with persuasion can only keep moving forward with persuasion. This puts many guys in the (usually unnoticed) cycle of trying to persuade and convince her as long as he wants her in his life or else he risks losing her when he turns off the persuading tactics.

Persuading a girl to stay with him is almost impossible for a man to do for an extended period of time. The constant internal stress of feeling the need to persuade and convince girls to like him ends up interfering with his overall happiness and ability to meet really great women. The worst part is, for the really great women like the one above, persuasion simply doesn’t cut it. She can have any man she wants. Why would she stay with a guy who has to convince her to stay when she could just as easily get one she already knows is the kind of man she wants?

The Underlying Problem Behind Feeling the Need to Impress Smart Beautiful Women (and a Solution!)

Lack of a way to meet women that can actually lead to a relationship where you are both mutually and extraordinarily happy rather than one where you are in a constant struggle to persuade her to stay with you.

What is the solution? Learn to be the kind of man that great women want to be with so that you don’t have to worry about how to persuade her to stay with you.

Have You Ever Felt Intimidated by Beautiful Women?

What if you knew the underlying problem behind feeling intimidated by beautiful women? Approaching a girl would become simply a matter of daily life. Read more to find out about how to move beyond being scared to approach women.

Are You Intimidated by Beautiful Women?

Have you ever felt intimidated by beautiful women?

You know, you’re out walking around and then you see a drop-dead gorgeous woman nearby. You want to approach but you’re mind is filled with all kinds of excuses why you shouldn’t?

First we’re going to give you a short case study that highlights a big problem for men when it comes to approaching a girl they find attractive.

A Case Study On Approaching a Girl When You’re Intimidated by Beautiful Women

Frankie is going about his day when he sees a gorgeous woman walking his way. Long legs, great body, sexy style. An intimidating beauty.

He starts running through his mind.

“What can I say?”
“What should I do?”
“I should talk to her! But how?”
“What if I mess up?”
“How can I make her like me?”

He gets stuck on thinking of the perfect thing to say so that this beautiful girl likes him. His mind races, playing all the possibilities over and over. And before he knows it, it is over.

“I should talk to her! I should talk to her! Bah! I should have talked to her!”

She’s already passed him by and he missed his chance because he got stuck in his head instead of taking action.

Once again, Frankie is left feeling like he doesn’t have what it takes to approach gorgeous women.

Scared to Approach Women?

Ever felt that way?

You see a stunningly attractive woman and your body tightens with an anxiety

Symptom: You feel nervous or anxious about approaching beautiful women.

Cause: Thinking that if you don’t make a great approach then you’ll have a tough time convincing her to like you.

“Oh no! If I’m not good at convincing her to like me with my approach then I can’t get her!”

Analysis: Most guys who struggle with women feel pressured to ‘say X’ or ‘do Y’ in order to convince each girl to like them. When it comes to meeting more women, the pressure of trying to convince each girl to like him comes out as anxiety and nervousness. Since the pressure gets worse the more a guy is attracted to a girl, these guys often end up hesitating and missing out on approaching the kind of women they really want.

This kind of guy is afraid that if he makes a mistake the girl will walk out of his life forever. It’s as if he sees girls as a special combination lock and thinks that if he doesn’t have the exact right code he can’t unlock her.

Talk about pressure!

The Underlying Problem Behind Being Scared to Approach Women Is …

Feeling the need to persuade and convince women to like you. This comes from a lack of understanding and knowledge (followed up by experience) on how to meet women without any tricks to convince and persuade her at all.

5 Ways To Suck At Meeting Beautiful Women

Want to NOT suck at meeting beautiful women? Well you’ll want to avoid these 5 common mistakes guys make when it it comes to meeting women. We’ve seen too many guys do these. Avoid them at all costs.

Try to meet beautiful women where there aren’t any women.

When it comes to meeting beautiful women, we like to meet lots of women. We like to meet really hot women. And we like to meet lots of hot women quickly. We’ve found that this is, hands-down, the most simple, fastest path to building an abundant dating life full of attractive women who really like you. Since this is our strategy, it kind of sucks when there aren’t any hot women, or even any women at all around to talk to. There’s an old saying: “Don’t go fishing in the Sahara.” There are major metropolitan cities all over the world bristling and overflowing with single, attractive women. Your job is to set up your life in such a way that you have easy access to be able to meet lots of women. If you want to suck at meeting women, then try fishing in the Sahara.

Passively read dating advice and never take action.

Another way to suck severely at meeting beautiful women is to read tons and tons of ‘pickup’ material and/or pop psychology dating advice without ever taking any action. Some people refer to this as keyboard jockeying. It’s when a guy knows everything there is to know about all sorts of hypnotic patterns, magic tricks, games and gambit, social rules and funny one-liners, yet since they never leave the house, then they never end up actually meeting any women, despite all of the seemingly useful knowledge that they’ve learned. Any pattern, trick, game, gambit, rule or one-liner that any guy knows is actually worthless until he gets up, get outs and starts talking to lots of women every single day. If you want to suck at meeting women, try reading endless tomes of Dating Advice / Pop-psychology.

Rely on your friends and ‘wingmen’ as crutches.

While we all enjoy a good fun night out with ‘da bros,’ using them as a crutch and/or an excuse to head out to talk to girls is not only inefficient, but hurts guys in the long run when it comes to meeting beautiful women. The biggest problem is that it trains you to rely on other guys in order to take action on your dating life. What happens when you see a pretty girl you’d like to meet and you’re by yourself? Heading out with the guys also brings the problem of guys stepping on each other’s egos as they go about trying to talk to girls. Meeting women goes from searching for a high quality, living breathing beautiful woman to relate with and moves towards competing with other guys to see who has the biggest… skillset. The result is lower quality women for everyone. Also, there’s the issue of the dudes we hang out with being actually, genuinely more interesting and fun to talk to than any women at the given venue… This leads to endless circle-jerk chode-crystal tribing without anyone putting their balls on the line to go meet new women. If you want to suck at meeting women, rely on your other male friends and only meet women when you’re together in a frat pack.

Become dependent on certain situations/locations for meeting beautiful women.

A problem that’s kind of like a better, evolved version of ‘fishing in the Sahara’ is get stuck only being able to approach women in one environment. For example, a guy might only feel comfortable talking to women in a bar because he’ll tell himself the excuse that “Women come here to meet guys.” And while he might actually be great at meeting women in bars all around town, he gets lead-feet when he see a hottie walking down the aisle at a grocery store. Some guys are okay with this because they can satisfy all their goals with dating and women simply with one type of environment. The problem comes in when they get stuck and dissatisfied with their women and are unwilling to step outside their literal comfort zone. If you want to suck at meeting women, stay trapped in the little bubble where you know meeting beautiful women is safe and happy.

Let your excuses prevent you from meeting beautiful women.

Probably the best way to suck at meeting women, however, is developing the bad habit of consistently letting any number of BS excuses stop you from approaching women. We’ve all done it at some point or another, so we all know what it sounds like. “I’m too busy reading the ingredient list on this soda pop can to go and talk to her,” or “She’s absolutely stunning, but she’s walking so fast I would have to run to catch up with her,” or “She smiled at me, but I think it’s because I’m having a bad hair day… So I’m not gonna go talk to her.” If you want to suck at meeting women, then make ridiculous, hilarious excuses to not go and talk to any given woman that you find attractive.